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  1. Actually I drove.. But great to see the butchirs aprin get an airing from the ethnic nat clowns like you.. Can see how you are hurting.. Just makes the win even better. Very very pleasing.
  2. A trip to Belgium in November might be quite good.. I'm a bit torn to be honest now whether I'd rather be home or away. Tickets for the final might be problematic mind you if Belgium win.
  3. What an embarrassment of a contribution.. Can't you crawl back under your rock and leave this thread to survive without your hideous brand of shite banter.
  4. Slow clay in Belgium could be troublesome.. goffin is very good. Quite difficult to make indoor clay courts really slow though. . But we'd still be very strong favourites to win.. Just need to keep Murray wrapped in cotton wool..
  5. The ethnic Nats being so utterly seething about this win makes it just that bit sweeter... Beautiful...
  6. Absolutely amazing achievement! Still remember the brilliant wins Evans and Ward produced to drag us up from the abyss... Can't believe we've come this far. Sensational for British tennis.. Bring on the final !!
  7. I'm here today.. Couldn't get a ticket for Fri or Sat...
  8. Tomic has absolutely chucked this.. Spineless. Its over !!!!
  9. Disappointing lack of butchirs aprin .. Must try harder..
  10. Emotionally more than physically. Doubles isn't that tiring physically. I think he might start a bit sluggishly today .. Maybe go a break down before he gets back into it..
  11. Why are you thankful for that? Surely if he was as magnificent as you claim and certain to win the PM job it would be better having him lead the country not just a small region of it?
  12. He's a No supporter. Ripping the piss out of the ethnic nationalist types on here who tried to split the vote by nationality. Whoosh I'm afraid.
  13. The Lambie character's screechings just become more desperate by the week. Utterly tragic.
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