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  1. Horrible news! Good luck getting things back on track buddy!
  2. Great Feeling! Well Done The Rovers! Players Management And Hard Working Commitee Making It All Worthwhile!
  3. First Division Heriot-Watt 2-1 Burntisland Wednesday 8th April First Division Hawick 2-2 Ormiston Saturday 11th April Premier Division Easthouses 3-2 Coldstream Leith Athletic 2-1 Craigroyston Lothian Thistle 2-2 Tynecastle Spartans 1-2 Civil Service First Division Duns 2-2 Burntisland Heriot-Watt 2-0 Eyemouth Ormiston 3-1 Kelso Peebles 2-0 Hawick
  4. 5/6 games to win from 10 should be enough! I think they need 19 points from current standing and on the basis ormiston don't drop more points. Hibeejibee best man for this.
  5. 1-1 after extra time Peebles won 4-3 on Pens Thanks Jambob????
  6. Colin your my hero! Screw Ross your the best player in LEAFA ????
  7. Well done to Peebles and Manager John O'Hara After victory over Hawick last night and with a cup game this weekend, Peebles Rovers are now going to be a full calender year unbeaten in the League. Played 21 Won 17 Drew 4 (Last Defeat 29/3/14 - Easthouses 3-0 Peebles) On top of that the last home defeat was the 16th November 2013, a 2-1 Defeat to Hibernian EOS. Is there any records of unbeaten teams previously ? I know people may come in and slate the standard or opposition and the league this year but in any league a year unbeaten is some fete and they can only play what's infront of them. Well done Lads #Statto
  8. Wed 25th King Cup Stirling 1-1 Craigroyston 3-4 (On Pens) First Div Heriot Watt 2-2 Duns Hawick 0-3 Peebles Sat 28th King Cup Stirling/Craigie 1-2 Heriot Watt Coldstream 1-4 Leith LTHV 1-2 Peebles Stirling 1-3 Tynecastle First Hawick 1-2 Ormiston Duns 3-1 Eyemouth Kelso 2-2 Burntisland
  9. Wed, 18 Mar. Hawick Royal Albert 1-3 Heriot Watt Univ Sat, 21 Mar. 15 Hawick Royal Albert 1-4 Ormiston Duns 3-2 Burntisland Shipyard Kelso United 3-3 Heriot Watt University Peebles Rovers 5-1 Eyemouth United Premier Division Coldstream 2-3 Civil Service Strollers Leith Athletic 3-1 Craigroyston Lothian Thistle HV 4-1 Spartans Stirling University 2-3 Tynecastle
  10. Image Printers Cup Whitehill 3 LTHV 2 King Cup Stirling 0 Craigroyston 1 Tynecastle 2 Css 3 League Cup Leith 4 Easthouses 1 Spartans 1 Coldstream 2 First Div Burntisland 4 Kelso 1 Duns 2 Ormiston 2 H Watt 3 Eyemouth 1 Peebles 2 Hawick 0
  11. Dickies a good guy really! Sounds like he was still caught in the heat of the moment from the game! But everyone knows what to expect when you play Easthouses and im sure the so called "gang" reputation will not bother Easthouses one bit if they go on to win the league!
  12. Maybe if you played for alba you would've got into the squad colinmc????that Jamie wale guy ain't happy is he.
  13. Fully believe it cones!! Rolling back the years! Could we'll be my last pez going out on a high and hopefully unbeaten ????
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