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  1. And that should be reasons that results for about 4 years have been diabolical, 80% of teams at all levels prob need more money and need more help... some that do can get competitive teams together
  2. An utter catastrophe on.the pitch...if u have the baws to bring such questions up on social mefia,you get deleted,blocked or the best attacked by the hangers on....shame,they used to be my lifeblood whitehill...now unfortunately that love and intresrt has long gone.....
  3. Fk me dont come on with the rubbish aboutmaking jokes,your not on here acting on some morality crusade,your trolling,looking for bites, and in general looking for an argument
  4. Wrightly or wrongly some people have a clear agenda,i am bot getting into the issues with tansley, off the pitch some real impressive stuff have happened at whithill over the last 3 years, on the pitch iits been absolutely horrific, from player standard,discipline too player turnover,budget is obviously an issue but if thats gonna be the focal point constantly for failure reasons on the pitch whats the point...
  5. What an utter crew...after fort william there will not be a team with a worst set of results in the last 5 years, not a soul rises above the parapet to call out the mediocrity that has been festering for years...
  6. How many games were cancelled there last year...
  7. Was only fishing,didn't know if it was common knowledge
  8. Any rumours or info where hearts will be playing thier home games
  9. Had a wee chat with scott marshall on sat watching scotland, i played against him at u16s so that was the starting point,sound c**t tbf
  10. I could never understand the universal hatred off meadowbank stadium,granted the running track never helped the product but i always enjoyed visiting there likewise played a good few boys clubs 5 a side comps in the halls and always enjoyed the occasion.
  11. That looks even worse than the original stadium
  12. Any stattos have the number of red cards this season
  13. We have had a good length of time to prepare for the bottom of the pyramid, it will be bo shock and accepted meekly, the highs of the 80s and 90s will live long in the memories,the modern era is a period of dissapointing times..thats football for ya
  14. Relegation is what it is, the manner of it is staggering, we have gone a full 360 from winning virtually every week to losing virtually every week, at least the good times were unparalleled,
  15. Ah the days when city arrived in town,to receive thier annual beating...memories memories
  16. Id imagine the suspensions will be arriving like a train
  17. Another howking...absolute apathy when it xomes to results these days...tell me we cant get relegated to amateur level at some point
  18. Down to 10 men after 8 mins...if someone more capable than me would like to put our red card count this season i would be most grateful..i will have a rough guess at about 12...
  19. Fken pathetic footballers these days..one cross word with a team mate then its toys out pram and off somewhere else, the perception the the penglish premiership is full off egotistical players can be rivalled at every level of football these days...
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