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  1. If you look at our stats pal you will see why there is worries...no-one connected with ww is nieve about money,standings etc, but our recird on the pitch is truly appalling and in football,results are the be all and end all...
  2. The statement that nobody got credit for the floodlights is up there with one of the biggest lies i have ever seen on here...
  3. I've never been in a committee in my life ir have any real desire too..any work or financial input has been done by me being a supporter of the club, i am hiwer a football fan and the football team appear to be in a disappointing place, for quite a period as well
  4. Will a couple of new committee members improve an absolute horrific run on the pitch...
  5. Did the sfa not sort a deal to take over hampden
  6. Don't let the committee see you posting stuff like this..you will get in deep water...
  7. What age are you not allowed to travel to games,if this is the case it is surely a mockery of competition if this is the case
  8. Looks like the usual...sending off..id be surprised if there is a team in scotland that have had more red cards than whitehill in the last 3 years
  9. Long season ahead..we're used to them now
  10. Money talks..no matter how many players produced that is the reality
  11. No updates from amyone,club or fans ?...players or floodlights owt to spark the juices....
  12. First game will be under the new floodlights...absolute fken scenage
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