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  1. Without being in the know would it not be better the pylons being further in the pitch rather than the corners say in line with the 18 yrd box..then your getting a bettet spread of light..im sure the enclosure could have a few lights installed on top of it which would be a relatively easy task that would also improve lux levels..im sure the contractor will know best...one if my concerns regarding floodlights was never auctully thevplaying feilds it was the surrounding area to Ferguson pk as its more or less pitch dark all round..lots of positives and some real hard work from the committee in recent times but unfortunately we are staring down the barrel of a doible relegation which at any level of football is brutal...the mindset needs to change on the pitch so things seem desperate..u find when teams run out of games and it becomes last chance saloon they throw everything at matches...ive a feeling that games are just gonna slip away and before we reslise it there will be very few left to dig ourselves out....
  2. Where as dunbar game apart( minds must have been on the newcastle) whitehill have at least been putting some good performances together...its absolutely paramount that whitehill stay up this season..in fairness i dont think the points total at the moment reflect the actual performances
  3. That was badly needed....looking at least in the mix now...well done lads
  4. Little twist to the licensing with the portable aspect....
  5. Dont know whats worse, results or intrest levels on here
  6. Holiday stops me putting in a jan molby esk performance....
  7. Would this be the 10 or so wee drunk diddies at the match, who canny hold their drink; not for the first time at away matches? I hope they're caught on camera and identities shared with all clubs so they can be excluded. TBF, I don't think this type of scenario is unique to BRFC. I think he was being sarcastic
  8. Champions elect suffer a shock defeat...can see a braveheart meltdown incoming
  9. Much needed 3 points today, christ i forget what thats like, hopefully a basr to build from, 2nd half against linlithgow aoart its been a steady start from the new management....
  10. Could really do with 3 points today, anything less and i can see a hard winter, good luck lads
  11. You could probably have made that statement for the last there years, hes the lowland league's craig levine....
  12. Its been like that for 40 years ( give or take a few during 90 mins) bit unlucky yesterday im led to believe, the clear difference between this year and last is this year the team are much better, so no panic yet but hard fast points are of the utmost need.....
  13. Think there away, dissapointed, could do with 3 points tommorow big time, i geniunlyforget the last 3 points
  14. Can you see the irony in your post, you turn a thread about the pyramid into a dig at Whitehill, then when someone responds your out and leaving it, sooner the better for many i would guess
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