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  1. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    New season tickets out, all the pantwetters get aboard for the car crash your gagging on
  2. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    The absolute shite that's being spouted on here....Jedi for starters is ready to explode and were not even near pre-season yet, looks like we're box office again
  3. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    Where do you reckon Whitehill should be recruiting players from
  4. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    So you know what league Whitehill are in next year, pass on details to all please
  5. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    Cam.you imagine players moving to another club, whatever next
  6. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    Who's dalkeiths new signings pal
  7. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    If there's no team eligible for promotion then surely there is no relegation, or you end up with a scenario if relegated on the pitch and replace by off the pitch means....
  8. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    Then do Whitehill do something legal after bonnyrigg legal action
  9. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    The Whitehill keeper who finished the season wasn't 20
  10. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    Average keeper
  11. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    How were dalkeith last season....
  12. Club Licencing

    Why post if your not sure
  13. You don't really understand football do ya
  14. Whitehill welfare 2019/20

    Couple of halogen pir lights on the dug outs will get us thro....relax
  15. f**k all the negitivity, I'm hearing a few signings already secured, were on our way back....