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  1. No updates from amyone,club or fans ?...players or floodlights owt to spark the juices....
  2. First game will be under the new floodlights...absolute fken scenage
  3. Your team got screwed for promotion by a global disaster not by having a few home games cancelled because of rain..by all means have a rant and feel hard done by...but you will get very little support from your average football fan as everyone can clearly see the issues when trying to come to a conclusion...id take the way bonnyrigg dealt with the decisions made and move on.....
  4. Can ppg be regarded as fair if the proportion of home/away games is significantly different
  5. Get rid of league cup groups to start with
  6. Im not picking holes in the decision as its gonna be a nightmare whatever outcomes arrive..but is it not a bit off thinking about how the top team gets promoted whilst shutting the door on relegation
  7. How do you manage to keep the same squads for the game
  8. Its not really continually changing...id say in a few weeks we will be in exactly the same position when it comes to football
  9. Candles been burned in bonnyrigg tonight me thinks
  10. Thats forcing eos to follow there decision?
  11. I remembered the absolute ridicule the lowland league and its members took when the process first started...and i mean ridicule from all of non league football
  12. Just had a look at whitehills record.think we would go down with a points game outcome... im all for poor sides getting what they deserve and im not hiding behind the fact we have been poor but we have played 7 home games and 11 away games and at the moment we still have a little chink of light...obviously difficult times for the world but we could be down 2 season running by ultimately off feild matters.....
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