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  1. As simple as understanding tbe difference between a congested league campaign and the opportunity to play friendly/training games
  2. You think the decision to null and void was taking with the risk of catching covid the only factor
  3. Playing friendlies/training games compared to a league campaign has no validity whatsoever
  4. Where the f**k did this rocket fall from...
  5. Why would people have multiple accounts and work in mischievous ways to avoid detection. Its full on confrontation and head on debate i love about football discussion .....
  6. No matter how unprecedented times are,rules that are made at the start of a season to cover the current climate should not be changed once a season starts, whilst unprecedented the covid footmap has auctully no changed significantly so to change rules that were made to cover it would be controversial imo
  7. Ferguson park won't be far of the tightest...
  8. What football is all about...the scenes in the clendrie after were unbelievable
  9. Quiz question..did we win a league game in 2020
  10. 1 all draw..no doubt that the latest managerial appointment has/will been one of the more successful in recent years, ive no doubt he has brought players in who have a bit more fight about them...my support of the club has gone to minimal levels after powers to be deemed it acceptable to pick and choose what can be posted on a fans social media page then shut page down...pretty pathetic but never mind...
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