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  1. Fken pathetic footballers these days..one cross word with a team mate then its toys out pram and off somewhere else, the perception the the penglish premiership is full off egotistical players can be rivalled at every level of football these days...
  2. His quote clearly shows one of the issues
  3. Fair play to newky, who keeps the faith and regularly posting updates,the apathy on social media outlets mirror on field results, its been a real run of brutal results for the last 2 or 3 years, funny enough i dont think anyone at any point go into too much detail about the team in general, i have no idea when things bottom out and you can see palpable results that show the team can be competitive on a consistent basis...
  4. Major result/moment in absolutely pissing the league and leaving behind the carnage that followed after...
  5. I genuinely cant remember not being bottom 4
  6. Season after season,week after week of poor performances, goals against at shocking levels, i wouldn't genuinely want to guess our performance levels when we go down for next season
  7. Sweet jesus. Either twitter was away home early or just decided its not worth tweeting now..does anyone know the red card count this season,id guess 8 maybe 10.....10 red cards and we are not even out of August is just beyond words, id go as far as to say it could be a scottish record,
  8. Whats the red card count, by middle of august 4?
  9. Probably the only stick to beat whitehill with in the 80s and 90s was a poor Scottish cup record..i genuinely think if they had held out in the Stranraer game it would have been a monkey iff the back and led to a few more results in the seasons that followed
  10. Funny you should say that..ive been thinking for a while that we were a team that didn't know how to lose to one that doesn't know how to win, a long period between them but thats just what we are now...
  11. 2 nil up in 87mins..and lost...unbelievable
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