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  1. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Been last chance saloon for the team for about the last 3 months but tommorow really is last chance to get 3 points on the table to make it at least a bit interesting...many things been said about all things Whitehill but all said and done it's about 11/14 players having the grit and determination to go and win a football match and look in the mirror ona Sunday morning and think fken yes we can do this ...I have my doubts we have any that think this way but will be ecstatic to be proved wrong.....
  2. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    f**k me pal there's hundreds of team's you you could latch onto with your news story's...we've had a quota of unhinged for the season...thanks for the intrest tho
  3. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    More chance of staying in lowland league next year than an eos prem
  4. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Yeh but with all due respect.i would imagine sticking it out at Kelty is not the worst place to be sticking it out in football both in terms of sucsess and financial rewards..and fair play s village that gets behind it's team is very commendable...rosewell has never supported Whitehill...
  5. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    So you don't know,but you know there was money to run out... if your a fan of Whitehill like my self can you see any difference in any season why there would be a good budget for years then suddenly virally none, has there been anything to your knowledge that has happened off the park that would suggest a major difference in playing budgets, I can't see what happened in the opening lowland league seasons that differs so much now
  6. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Programmes, I've never mentioned programmes or have any real intrest in programme,from what I've seen the lad that did the programmes did a superb job but in the context of budgets I've no real idea on there relevance, the club have had a tiny fan base since the 70s, I'm well aware that Whitehills level won't be lowland league in fact I've been one of the biggest advocates of team's finding there correct level within the new pyramid..my main point is from the start of the lowland league there's nothing that stands out in 5 season's why the budgets should change so dramatically,the old commitee whilst hard working were hardly ground-breaking in finance raising and the new comitee again hard working but working within the same constraints will struggle to raise money..I just don't see where the well that run dry was overflowing in the first place so much so we've gone from good budget to bad budget
  7. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Why what happened in the first 3 lowland league seasons that were different to the last two that budget has gone from big to small...
  8. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Listen 90% of people on here post about Whitehill as fans there's a clue in the name, a fans forum, they post as how they see things people can agree or disagree it's the nature of the beast, to drop hints that you know facts about finances and facts to belittle other people's thoughts is a bit shitty,if your in a position to know these things it's not very professional to be kicking about here using it to score points against fans. The bottom line is any football team in the world would be open to criticism after the last 18 months of Whitehill performances whatever the budget is, your sniping at the last commitee is wearing a bit thin, you seem to miss the point of I would imagine that Whitehills budget is not the overriding budget problem it's the fact we are now in a league where the opposition teams are bigger,stronger, and substantially able to create finance revenues that Whitehill can only dream about,I'm not saying the previous commitee were good bad or ugly but as a fan looking in I can't imagine the budgets from every season in lowland league will be substantially up or down as one poster said earlier it looks like ours has been spent very poorly....
  9. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    I remember the discussion Oct/Nov with countless guys in here about how bad the manager was, I said it then and I'm sorry to be proved wrong but the players give or take a couple are no where near lowland league standard..if that's the budget fair enough but the last 2 summer transfer windows have been horrific in terms of getting a squad together...not nice but that's reality imo
  10. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Absolutely brutal
  11. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    The chapel
  12. Whitehill Welfare Football Thread

    Wallets empty...booked in for liposuction the week I've had in here
  13. Whitehill Welfare Football Thread

    An early goal and your difference will shoot up...still the small band of fans will have a few...
  14. Whitehill Welfare Football Thread

    What price Kelty-2 newky...
  15. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Ffs....work productivity dropping like a stone me finks