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  1. How many games were cancelled there last year...
  2. Was only fishing,didn't know if it was common knowledge
  3. Any rumours or info where hearts will be playing thier home games
  4. Had a wee chat with scott marshall on sat watching scotland, i played against him at u16s so that was the starting point,sound c**t tbf
  5. I could never understand the universal hatred off meadowbank stadium,granted the running track never helped the product but i always enjoyed visiting there likewise played a good few boys clubs 5 a side comps in the halls and always enjoyed the occasion.
  6. That looks even worse than the original stadium
  7. Any stattos have the number of red cards this season
  8. We have had a good length of time to prepare for the bottom of the pyramid, it will be bo shock and accepted meekly, the highs of the 80s and 90s will live long in the memories,the modern era is a period of dissapointing times..thats football for ya
  9. Relegation is what it is, the manner of it is staggering, we have gone a full 360 from winning virtually every week to losing virtually every week, at least the good times were unparalleled,
  10. Ah the days when city arrived in town,to receive thier annual beating...memories memories
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