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  1. Not quite what their own website states and if you want exceptional, I think you currently have it. Deadline date for applications is 31 March 2020 and ONLY IN VERY EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THIS BE EXTENDED.
  2. As "Newton" doesn't have a team, I wont argue with you there. However, on a serious note, just look at the decision...…..scrapping from the third non-league level downwards. If that were to be the case here, the first level 'saved' is Lowland League/Highland League. The next saved is EOS/SOS. So not yet game over.
  3. You mean 2002/03? Definitely no Scott in that squad.
  4. I think this was the season that I really started going to watch the BU every week. I can remember everyone else but struggling with Scott - anyone got anything that might light a spark in my memory? This was Ronnie Scott. We signed him from Camelon in September 1996.
  5. That cup final was played in 97/98 season. If your programme is the League game that season, it was a 1-1 draw on 14/04/98 with Jimmy Burns scoring for the BU's. The team was N Binnie, Yates, Inglis, Grant, Cullie, Todd (Crainie), Scott, Drew, Hallford, Burns, McKinlay
  6. Anybody at all worrying about the impact on fans' wages? Many wont get paid if not working and it would be galling if football players at this level were to get special payments when the fans might not.
  7. I can see YouTube taking a hit, if anyone wants some football action!
  8. Hear that's you now confined to the house. 😉
  9. Stuck in the hoose !! , you're a lucky cnut 8mile.....I got dragged around the shops by the wife. ^^^^^^^^^ Bog roll bandit! ^^^^^^^^^^
  10. Will clubs be able to freeze pies that long? 😀
  11. That is very true. No matter what happens, some will benefit and some will lose out but to cancel the season would be a cop-out. There has to be a way of clubs moving up or down this season. Had it been before the half-way mark, then fair enough, call a halt and scrub it but not now. My preference, which would benefit my own club, I know, would be to look at the maximum points achievable for every club and basing the titles, promotions & relegations on that. No doubt many would disagree.
  12. Little for fans to enthuse over today. Hunter had a horror show of a game but several others were little better. Need to regroup and not let this get us down. Musselburgh never an easy trip but we've gone there before needing a win and got it.
  13. Bit of credit to Kieran Anderson last night too, not just for his goals. Twice in the second half he set up Morgan who missed good chances. Looked a lot more aware of men around him than he used to. Once fully fit will be a major asset.
  14. That is the most accurate description I've ever read!
  15. It's funny this last few weeks, our best results have come when we've not been playing!
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