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  1. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Well done, for a non-BU fan too.
  2. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    If it's any clue at all, his former club was Stirling Albion.
  3. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Keep guessing
  4. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    I'll have a bash, Martin Mooney? May be too early for him though. Right season for Martin but not him
  5. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Tough teaser today, at least I think so. Back in 2002, the BU's secured a 1-0 win at Nitten. Who scored the winner on his debut?
  6. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    1946 saw the BU's travel to Whitburn, to face Armadale Thistle in the East of Scotland Cup semi-final and ran out deserved winners 2-1 Willie Miller scored the opener from 30 yards and after 'dale equalised, Jim McLean scored the winner. The team was: Bennie, Archibald, Brash, Gardner, Liddle, Gibb, McGowan, Pryde, McLean, Miller, O'Hagan
  7. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Now back to 1947 and the visitors in a League match were Dalkeith Thistle. A crowd of close on 3000 saw the BU's win 6-0 in the bright sunshine. Thistle 'keeper Muir dislocated a wrist when the score was 2-0. The BU's line-up was: Stanners, W. Mitchell, Brash, Paton, Stewart, McKie, McGowan, Dickson, Anderson, Pryde, McLean Goals came from John McGowan who netted two, one a penalty, a hat-trick from James Anderson and one from Jim McLean.
  8. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    The boys (and Carol) in the United Club could beat that lot.
  9. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    Put a muzzle on Chick Young and I'd think about it.
  10. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Teaser today. Back in '98 we faced Dalkeith Thistle at home in the Brown Cup. It ended 2-2. Who scored the goals for us and what was the penalty shoot-out score?
  11. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    We go to 1964 now and a replay of the East of Scotland Cup, third round, at home to Arniston Rangers. The BU's came out on top 5-3. The team that day was: Allan, Hynd, McCallum, Myles, W Campbell, Young, Ford, Cram, Gillespie, P Campbell, Plank The goals came from doubles by Kenny Gillespie & Ian Cram and one from Peter Campbell.
  12. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Okay, remembering that totals are not definite, due to missing line-ups through the years, Here is the Top Ten appearance makers to the end of last season. I have to stress that, as Chris Donnelly is just outside but will be in there by season's end. 1. Andy Dunleavie - 532 2. Ian McQueen - 419 3. 'Tiger' Mitchell - 402 4. Gavin Kirkwood - 392 5. James Burns - 378 6. Lex Shields - 353 7. Will Snowdon - 353 8. Neil Binnie - 323 9. George Allison - 317 10. Derek Yates - 289
  13. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    Only problem there is that some would be approximates as team-lines not available for a number of games but I'll have a wee look and get back with it soon.