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  1. That was the figure decided at last AGM. We also have an extra game this season, so is working out at about three free games for fans, if they buy one.
  2. Ryan is definitely a signed player.
  3. As long as Douglas Argent isn't next
  4. No. Hopefully Jamboness or someone else in the know will post an update. Mitchell had an injury to the hip and Raith Rovers physio rightly said he required rest, to recover. Would love to see him return for cup semi-final but I sincerely doubt it.
  5. If we have 11 players available, we have a small chance at Peffermill
  6. So much material here https://www.chelseafc.com/en/history/more-history/former-players/jack-cock
  7. Do you have trust in this league? To think I thought my club would at least be escaping the clutches of Tom Johnston, only to find the 'professional' league was being run equally as bad.
  8. League have not stated a limit to number of guest teams, so even if Hearts get a place, you can be sure both the old firm will too. After all, how can an arse operate with only one cheek?
  9. We have a small squad of players, sometimes work shifts dictate late changes in availability. Injuries are usually only 100% confirmed when players arrive for a match. Do you want the club to go all out on media platforms advising what the team is hours or days before a game? I always love the phrase "reliable sources". So reliable that they can't be mentioned, or more likely, shouldn't be mentioned as their info must be coming from someone with an ego, looking for attention. Your stated 'rumour' is, pardon the expression, bollocks! Yes, we did vote against guest teams, not just OF. We had also voted to increase promotion/relegation but lost on that one too.
  10. Today summed up the BU's luck with injuries this season. Before the game, McLeod was ruled out with COVID, Grant had a heavy cold and Jamie McCormack, though he turned up and was in the line-up, was clearly in no state to play for the same reason. Jamie's replacement Hawkins, injured his calf in the warm-up. The game saw Smith dislocate a knee-cap and his sub Johnston had a terrible head gash that also concussed him. The young trialist also had to go off with a groin strain.
  11. Petershill CONFIRMED as home match on March23rd. Matches the following two midweeks have been added. 30th March - EOS Qualifying Cup - Home v University of Stirling. April 6th - Lowland League - Away v East Stirlingshire.
  12. Undoubtedly. Now shitting myself for match v Gretna at end of month
  13. We forced several corners in the short time the game lasted. Each time, Nicky Locke had the ball a wee bit further forward along the line. Had the game lasted, he would have been taking them from the edge of the penalty box.
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