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  1. I doubt anyone would slag Chris Donnelly if wearing a pink strip!
  2. Away and start another teams thread 😛
  3. I agree. No room for cups this year. Players will be hard-pressed at our level as it is.
  4. I thought from your last post you were maybe Charlie in disguise, dumbing down. Now I see that I was wrong, I am sure Charlie would not come out with this tripe. If you read carefully it asks for volunteers, not just one person. So, I am sure there are several fans who would love to get closer to the club and help it progress. How can it be "online begging" when it is social media roles that are required? Where else to advertise? Perhaps Farmers weekly by your logic. Bigging up the Junior team is what smacks of desperation. They used mainly local players last season and finished at the wrong end of the table. Gribben, Lemetti & Daramola to name but 3 are hardly local. I don't know how many of their games you attended last season but the majority of the small crowds were regular BU fans. You are right on one count. He still has followers due to creatures of habit. However, if his site does not have up to the minute news, that he can't copy, his watering hole will dry up and those creatures of habit will wander to the correct oasis.
  5. It could be argued that Bo'ness, as you put it, have for the most part been in a higher tier. Bo'ness were a senior side right up to 1939 and all the wee rose had was a junior team. Then when the BU Juniors started, the wee rose didn't appear until 1949
  6. Looking forward to the season ahead and many new things await us. A total of 13 of the 16 have never played us in a competitive game at their park, so lots of new grounds to visit, although Alloa & Falkirk Stadium wont be new to many of us. What differences are others looking forward to?
  7. In the past, Musselburgh used to be my nearest junior club and I used to work with an old player of yours, Jonny Bain. So I would love it if you could gain promotion next season. There is always an electric atmosphere at Olive Bank for Bo'ness games.
  8. A call out to P'n'B. You have not yet included us in the list of Lowland League clubs for the season ahead. You've already 'relegated' Hearts to the Championship forum, Is it because a certain moderator is in the cream puff? 😉
  9. You are 100% correct. How someone, intelligent enough to run a website, is so void of common sense beats me. I don't know the guy personally, so have no axe to grind there. Where I get angered is that he is using his ego to potentially damage the club I support. Why he feels the need to continue the charade just underlines his character.
  10. The first game under our lights was a decisive game, looking back. Having lost to you in the Alex Jack a month earlier, things could have gone off the rails but our late smash n' grab highlighted the determination shown for 90 (and more) mins every game.
  11. Three down is maybe too much, unless you accept the inevitable that the SoS team promoted would most likely go back down again.
  12. Horrible to hear of people passing at such a relatively young age. I remember David from his time at Tynecastle and he was a gentleman. As you say he only played a handful of games for the BU's but he went out on a high, his final appearance being in a 4-1 win over the wee rose. RIP
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