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  1. Got this for Xmas and fired it on! First 3 games of season have been 7-1, 6-0, 7-3! Wtf?!?! I'll be headin back to FM 14, this is a bit ridiculous!
  2. Noticed somewhere that David Hutton has left Morton. Would be happy to see him back in a Queens shirt! Also, what's the deal with Steven Black not signing yet? Looking for first team football?
  3. Anyone on here able to give me some advice? Love throwing darts once or twice a week but have never taken flights and stems into consideration i.e. the difference they make to the flight of the darts. He was telling me how he uses a specific length of stem and style of flight for his 26g darts. I play with 22g darts and wondering if anyone knows what I should be using with them?
  4. Remember Jericho, he's much better than Anderson and certainly rivals Punk!
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