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  1. Fibertson is some of the worst patter ever seen on this board. Congratulations.
  2. What's going on here? Can't follow the thread accurately, are posts being deleted all over the place?
  3. What the f**k kind of carrots are you eating?
  4. I’ve mentioned this before on here but he was an absolute gentleman. Working behind the scenes at Falkirk when he was assistant at Celtic and he would always stop to chat. The type of guy who actually waited to hear what you said in response to how you doing, rather than it just being a polite way of walking past you. Brilliant guy.
  5. Sheerin was, you not thinking of him rather than Holt?
  6. Arseholes (the majority of people) in airports infuriate me more than is healthy. I’ve said this before but it could be a thread of its own.
  7. Standing an inch from the baggage carousel as soon as they get there blocking access to people whose bags are available instead of standing a few feet back to let people in and move forward when your bag arrives. Wankers.
  8. How the f**k did I type the Eagles!? Of course I meant the Beatles.
  9. The. Eagles being good does not mean you can’t think Paul McCartney is a w**k. Because he is. A w**k of the highest order.
  10. I really like his interview style, I know he's quite dour but there's no flannel and plenty of honesty. Pity about the injury situation but got the vibes none were concerning long term.
  11. Minority obviously but i like all blue.
  12. The music chinese whispers thread?think it’s still in the music forum.
  13. Jamie Swinney saying on Twitter we would hope to do some more business in this window. It's bloody essential we do more business.
  14. The photoshoot is done already though. Also curious to see who our new sponsor is.
  15. Not a criticism, more of a wondering - given the new the kits have been photographed etc why are we waiting a week to launch? Presume awaiting them to be in stock but would like to see them asap even if not in stock at the shop yet.
  16. Probably two bits of fish too unlike those southern heathens.
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