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  1. Pretty much the same as me. I dont think anyone who is comfortable with themselves will understand the issue completely. At the end of the day what a person is called has zero effect on anyone else so they should crack on with it and be called whatever they want.
  2. Apparently he was washing the vomit out of his mouth. As you do.
  3. Joozy, mythical creature, David w, Laura, captain sensible, st Sid, xbl, Stuart Dickson, johndo, Carlos, tormod, cheers Kev etc etc.
  4. People who call sausages sassij and sauce sass are FTW.
  5. Much like virginton, he was “normal” all those years ago.
  6. I don’t think it’s who you are referring to but swampy introduced himself to me by his username at one of the 5s. Made worse was the fact he was using the name nach0king at the time. The early 5s were fucking brilliant.
  7. Drying their baws after washing them in the sink
  8. @KnightswoodBear I had pleurisy a few years ago and the pain was all across my chest. It was sore to take any breath let alone a deep one and laughing just about killed me. Climbing stairs was almost impossible too. I thought I was having a heart attack. If it's just pain concentrated in one area and not shortness of breath it's unlikely to be pleurisy but worth getting it checked out.
  9. A 9 month old baby camping? Yeah, that doesn't sound at all like a recipe for utter disaster. Take your booze. They'll probably have fucked off home with the baby after about an hour.
  10. No idea. Not exclusively Edinburgh cyclists, to be fair.
  11. Dee Boy was an excellent poster. Think he was banned, can’t remember.
  12. I don't know I'm not learning Latin, amigo.
  13. Gowser was the epitome of a model pro when he was with us.
  14. It only happened on one of the most recent upgrades.
  15. Correct. 24 hour ban from the thread for @Shotgun a hummingburd feeder is by no stretch of the imagination an everyday object in the civilised world. We don't count Colorado.
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