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  1. Ah. Better known as the Pete Townshend defence.
  2. Oh my god! Were they really? Wow! Are they one of the ones who park shittily?
  3. Surely it’s more than 14 years that Gaz has been trotting out that “joke”? Maybe just feels like it ...
  4. No. It’s always been £1000 with a further £1000 added every day it’s not won.
  5. It’s £1000 per day not £250. And it’s hard to compare the prizes on a quiz on a commercial station with one on the beeb. If the prizes on pointless were higher you’d have folk moaning about their licence fee being wasted.
  6. If he makes the bus 99.8% of the time then he’s far from getting into a habit of being late all the time. I think you’re over reacting a tad here.
  7. Great journalist, great guy. One of the few of recent years to command respect.
  8. Really up there with some of the biggest c***s to breathe.
  9. Found one in the wee ones potty the other day @KnightswoodBear
  10. I wouldn’t take a drink off a Tory. Even if it was free.
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