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  1. Stonewaller under the current rules. Amazing it stayed out. Right across the line.
  2. The chilli will probably be better and healthier than most of the shite you regularly shovel into your gub to be fair.
  3. Yes he should. He also hit the bar. Amazing day.
  4. 4 4 3 i even still do 5 3 3 even though the first 5 and last 5 digits of mine are the same so it would be easier to do 5 1 5 but I FUCKING DON’T cause 5 3 3 is correct.
  5. This is 100% correct and honestly any deviation makes my blood boil. Almost as bad as saying “mum” and “dad” when referring to your parents to others.
  6. The way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if he was caretaker manager for them by tomorrow.
  7. I’d have thought it would have been done much sooner if so.
  8. Aye in our own half. We get anywhere near their box and it’s being passed to the opposition or out the park.
  9. I’ve never really used the ignore function on this site but I’m finding the benefits of it are worthwhile.
  10. Utter fucking pish. Get the boy from Livingston on at least let us see something new. Can’t string two passes together. Brad McKay is a fucking donkey. And that’s unkind to donkeys.
  11. Dreadful. Can hardly string two passes together.
  12. No it’s not ridiculous. I took something like a 25% pay cut and dropped a shit load of benefits including a company car to change jobs away from one that was seriously impacting on my personal life, and as a result my mental health. Yes it wasn’t great to go from a decent and funded car to a Corsa and cut down on lot of luxuries but it probably saved my marriage and my sanity. And as a bonus 8 years on I’m now earning exactly double what I was when I started and there’s little stress compared to my old job. That’s not to bum me up, just show it can work out mid to long term. if anyone is unhappy, seriously unhappy in their job, I would advise them to change it when possible as soon as they can. You work to live, don’t live to work. Your happiness and mental health is much more important than status and money. Good luck.
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