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  1. And right away that wee toad Nick Witchell pretty much proves the point
  2. Mental. It could have been given for either the clip on the heels or the push in the back. Nonsensical to say it wasn't a penalty.
  3. I must admit @Div when you started the update just as our match kicked off I was thinking “what a tosser, I really wanted to discuss this match as it happened and by past experience the game will be well done by the time the forum is back”. Turns out I was right. The match was well done by the time it was back, but the upgrade only took about 15 minutes…
  4. We’d have lost to Peterhead if we performed like that. It’s not the loss, or who we were playing that’s the issue. It’s the selection and performance that was the problem.
  5. f**k's sake. That's about three prime ministers away.
  6. A cracking kit, but an even more cracking initiative. Well done 'Well
  7. Bump. Glasgow airport check in and security areas closed with bomb disposal on the scene.
  8. Absolutely agree there is a serious financial situation, and I also agree that it could be true that the auditors have refused to sign off. I just think it's pretty disingenuous to be claiming it as a fact at this stage based on some two bit William Hill podcaster who supports Berwick and Newcastle.
  9. You better sleep with one eye open tonight.
  10. Does he walk off again moaning about being too cold?
  11. Yes I've heard him hosting open all mics and he's really quite good at that. He's a far better anchorman than commentator. That is, of course, taking into account he is a fucking horrendous commentator.
  12. Wow. 9 years with 25 less season ticket holders. Compared to an immediate potential injection of over 100k. What a disaster. 25 less season ticket holders would be an issue if we sold a few hundred season tickets a year. We sell thousands mate. Thanks for playing, swing and a miss, etc etc.
  13. We have a disproportionate number of whingers in our fan base, honestly man. We could sign Messi and people would moan that we hadn’t done it 5 years ago.
  14. No need for Rudeness tbh, I don't think it's a good idea Why is it not a good idea?
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