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  1. But ok for his club to take millions from a lottery winner. Fuckin dinosaur.
  2. If he measures it against your IQ then we're definitely fucked.
  3. Surprised no one has mentioned the Dude’s got lymphoma
  4. Well no. Mince and chips are cooked separately and so form separate parts of a dish. Macaroni cheese is cooked together and forms one constituent part.
  5. It’s fairly simple. If you don’t understand I’m not sure I can help you. I’m starting to see why the majority of your posts on the food thread are takeaways.
  6. In some parts of Scotland you can sit a driving test without having to go round a roundabout.
  7. Mince and chips are two separate parts of a dish. Macaroni cheese is one part.
  8. I have never heard of macaroni and cheese being referred to simply as Mac. Only as Mac and cheese.
  9. Which is correct. The 'o' being lower or uppercase is irrelevant, it's the 't' in there that infuriates me. I didn’t realise the team was called Queen of South! You learn something every day.
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