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  1. No, no. You’re absolutely free to air your views. I’m just stating mine. I don’t want you banned at all, it’s helpful to be able to realise that there actually are people like you out there who vote for this shower of c***s, as opposed to election rigging. And I didn’t call you a fantasist.
  2. He hasn't got any - he's a fucking trolling fantasist. He’s really not. He’s genuinely an evil old Tory bigot.
  3. Does Robbo not bother going to games? He’s in the sky studio just now.
  4. Probably from his pal who was previously on the board. Mind, he was liking stuff on Facebook and re posting it on here under a pseudonym to illustrate there was a “problem”.
  5. I think you’re giving the Raith football department too much credit. Additionally they would have had to de register him as a player during the last window and offered him some sort of alternative employment, or paid him the same wages to do nothing. I think both scenarios are highly unlikely, whilst of course being possible.
  6. The fact of your your comment means your a bit of a p***k yourself. More evidence of your stupidity. Can you translate please?
  7. The quote was relating to someone stating a free agent during the loan window if you read the posts prior The fact you’ve deleted your post speaks to the fact you’ve realised you’ve made a rip roaring c**t of it.
  8. I don’t know if you’re joking or genuinely thick, but the transfer window has been closed since the start of September
  9. No they can't. They have to be a free agent when the transfer window closes.
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