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  1. My eye has flared up badly again so another week of squeezing that stupid wee gel pipe into it 5 times a day.
  2. Are you not in Portugal right now? Take a fucking break and enjoy yourself, for fucks sake man.
  3. Because it was a tweet reply so you would only see it if you follow the Rangers and Falkirk accounts. Big team found etc etc. They can’t even get that right. Should have been a quote tweet.
  4. Sorry, just something David McCracken said about 20 times in every interview.
  5. I just did an app update on my phone and now my status doesn’t display. Shambles.
  6. You could use the universally known and normally used bartender.
  7. I got a call from our IT department at a previous company I worked at asking why I was using so much bandwidth and I explained I was testing out a free trial on website at work to see how good it was before paying for it at home. It was a guitar tutorial website and the reason for the call, as the female it manager awkwardly put it, was because it was called Lick Library. I didn’t even consider what that would sound like to someone who doesn’t play guitar and was delighted she quickly realised I was telling the truth and not pulling the heid aff it to some porn site during my lunch break.
  8. They’ve also sacked Gilfeather as a columnist.
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