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  1. Tell that to Hibs fans. What have I missed?
  2. He can’t be cited for it. The referee saw it and deemed it a yellow so no action can be taken.
  3. So, it didn’t work then.
  4. Quick Question Thread

    Only because you started it with “So”
  5. Latest chapter in the ongoing saga in our house is I was taken into hospital on Monday for emergency surgery on a huge abscess in my arse. It was fucking agony. Home yesterday and daily visits from the nurse to repack the wound which is more fucking painful than the abscess was. Still find the process of a general anaesthetic really disconcerting. Ive basically got two arseholes for the time being. Pleasant stuff.
  6. Nice of you to acknowledge Edmunds cup win. Don’t know the guy myself
  7. Two Doors Down

    Best episode in a long time