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  1. It's also incredible to think with how shite we are we were close to getting a game postponed due to international call ups.
  2. Quick Question Thread

    No, obviously, but it's handy for that issue.
  3. Agree with all of this. The sequel was pish; strayed much too far from the book.
  4. Quick Question Thread

    There's normally a lip on the lid to hold it so it doesn't run off. Mrs A96 is correct.
  5. Neil Cameron is an absolute ring piece of a boy.
  6. Been on the go for weeks now. I know, because it's been on in my house for weeks now.
  7. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Fraser got home today! Two months old exactly. We're all absolutely delighted, so good to have him home at last.
  8. That they would work flat out to help.
  9. The Big New York Thread

    The Modern is absolutely tremendous
  10. Pregnancy And Parenting

    There ees!
  11. Pregnancy And Parenting

    I know he's a wee tough guy. In all honesty he'd probably have got out a wee bit earlier still if there wasn't so much going on at home. SCBU have been absolutely outstanding with us and they don't just take him into account it's ensuring we are all ready at home too. Absolute miracle workers in that place. Will never speak highly enough of them.
  12. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Catherine is back in her bed. Couple nights ago toughed it out with her crying at the door of her room rattling the stair gate. Went up a couple of time and put her back on the floor. After about 30 minutes I heard her on the monitor saying I want to go in my bed. Went up and put her in and fingers crossed every night since then she's been back to normal. Think she's having some nightmares though but guess that's natural at this stage. Her imagination is going into overdrive. She's scared of the corner of the living room just now because there's apparently a big crocodile in it, and she's not interested in her teddy just now because apparently he scared her during the night. Fraser getting home towards middle of this week all being well. Tremendous from him considering he still wasn't even due to be born until the end of the month.
  13. Premier League 2018-19

    Were you sat near that massive red arse then? I think Rab was in the Liverpool end