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  1. Great to read this. Been thinking about the boy all day after reading that last night. Well done @Andy Dufresne and the team for swift action. No exaggeration to say you have probably saved a life. For all we take the piss out of each other on here that shows it really is a community. I hope @Hoose Rice is better soon and up to posting again in the future.
  2. Dick Campbell? Make sure you learn the lyrics to The Sash before you go…. Oh wait, of course you will know them off by heart. Sorry.
  3. I do Globle, Wordle, Worldle, Flagle, Yeardle (occasionally), Factle (occasionally), Heardle, Heardle 70's, Heardle 80's, Heardle 90's, Actorle, Quolture, Framed, Moviedle, Posterdle.
  4. That @Zen Archer (Raconteur) should be getting a warning for posting that shite comedy quiz every week but not taking part in the daily quiz. Fucking interloper.
  5. The only time I've ever been involved in a pitch invasion was our last ever game at Brockville and practically every single fan was on the park.
  6. Get a pest controller on it. We had a nest between our outer wall and the inner plasterboard. The fuckers were getting in through a vent. The boy sprayed stuff in and around and said the wasps will carry the stuff in with them and die off. Probably hundreds of the dead fuckers in there but they were gone within hours.
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