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  1. Multiple victims in a shooting at a Tennessee high school.
  2. I’d have thought you wouldn’t be allowed near sharp objects. Or out the house alone for that matter.
  3. That’s over a week here where it’s snowed every day.
  4. Whit? DNA match. Familial. Nothing to do with prints.
  5. Not a police officer they said. It’s tommy Hunter.
  6. Rewound it. The picture was Davidson so doesn't give us anything. I thought the relation was another person within the force by the way they were speaking? No they said it was someone who had dna in evidence but not on the police database.
  7. I will greet for days when Richie Sambora dies.
  8. Smoked salmon lasagne tonight
  9. It is indeed scummy, but I believe this particular outbreak is linked to a school.
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