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  1. You are honestly an absolute fucking moron. Not even a troll. Just a moron.
  2. Well it will clearly be impacting the numbers as every positive LFT is to be followed up by a PCR test. So widespread LFT will result in more positive PCR tests.
  3. Glad it wasn’t just me and herself that thought that punch from the goalie was going in the goal instead of out for a throw in. Felt like a right haddie until I read this thread.
  4. Peppa pig and Ben and holly.
  5. Only with a passport and tin foil hat. You’re halfway there.
  6. I’ve said this before but I’m more than comfortable using the self check outs morally when I see swathes of Tesco employees using them on their breaks rather than a normal till.
  7. He's totally and utterly fucking lost here. Embarrassing.
  8. Waiting for all this blabbering to finish.
  9. Swinney is utterly hopeless at this kind of thing.
  10. New presiding officer is not as good at keeping them in line timewise when they're prattling on about other business. Still on topical questions so she can't do the update until they're done.
  11. Oh well, you should have said! None of us had any idea!
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