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  1. I agree ideally she should have been fired. That’s not happened though and as a result she must continue, or else it will be seen as a climb down to media pressure to get rid. The time for her to go was first thing this morning. That should have happened in my opinion but Sturgeon has chosen to stick rather than twist and must stand by that now.
  2. Part of the reason Sturgeon still had the cmo out there was for her to, pardon the pun, face the medicine. If she’d given her a pass she’d be accused of protection. She did the second best thing she could in the circumstances.
  3. Evan McColm is an utter bellend. This from personal experience. A fucking coat carrier.
  4. If that does happen it’s not because the CMO went up the road to check her house it’s because thousands of idiots are sunbathing in parks across england.
  5. Unfortunately the numbers are falsely low due to NRS not being fully seven days a week yet. sturgeon said tomorrow will be the same and then on Tuesday will catch up.
  6. You’re just after saying you didn’t even know who she was.
  7. Yes her position is completely untenable and she should be out the door tout de suite.
  8. That’s plod been round to visit her and warn her about her conduct
  9. Tomato purée goes in the fridge once it’s opened and why is there a tub of glue in the rack?
  10. At the same time I made my donner kebab, I made chicken tikka kebabs for the wife and MIL. They were decent, only change I'd make next time is make the marinade a bit thicker. I heartily recommend both of Kenny McGovern's takeaway secrets books for anyone who likes cooking takeaway style food at home, particularly at the moment. I'm going to have a look over the weekend for the next recipe to have a bash at.
  11. Getting right back into the guitar lately. Loving playing again. Got an iRig so I can replicate hundreds of signature sounds without an amp, and without disturbing the rest of the house. Just before lockdown decided to treat myself to a new electric too, got an ESP and love it.
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