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  1. Great news. If it’s vertidrained tomorrow, game on ?
  2. Totally agree with you and Lorenzo and others. It's that unusual business of football, having a supporter versus a customer. I also saw the messages from Albion, Annan and Morton who had the similar Pixellot issue. I see our statement reiterates the point the while it won't fully make up for missing live streaming, the full game is up there to view. I bought a subscription, got in early last night and watched no problem. I've also been back in this morning. Are most people who subscribed able to go back in and watch ? To the commentary team and those who had done all the testing well done. Must have been a sickener that all the hard work was, in some fans cases, negated by the 3rd party issue.
  3. Yes. I've been in and it is there to watch. Funnily enough on that versions the commentary is in time with the game.
  4. Thanks for clarification, Where did the 14th date come from is that an SPFL/SFA communication ? Out of interest ,do you think the twice weekly testing for part time teams will become a reality ? It seems incredibly unfair for football as a business that they have to test twice weekly when other professions don't test at all. What seems especially unfair is that many part time players could be medics, nurses, police, taxi drivers, working in supermarkets,barmen, teachers etc etc but do not need to get tested twice a week in those jobs. Is it the medical advice that's concerned about close contact and droplets etc created during contact training ?
  5. My understanding is you are half right ! Given we are only playing 13 games instead of 18 they are keen to allow other teams to play and given the good condition the park was kept in by Buster, extra monies would have helped with some of the additional monies being spent on the park.
  6. I saw this on a tweet today and was amazed at the number of goals across the competition. Were there special rules/incentives? I looked up the competition and Clyde scored an amazing 38 goals in 6 first round games. Even Dumbarton scored 10 in one game !! Clyde and Brechin both reached the semi final that year but even back then the warmed up numbered balls were in operation, as Celtic and Rangers avoided each other !
  7. What is going to be interesting is how the second division “bloc” react. As they stated they have already agreed to vote as one for a 14/14/14 . If that’s the case I think that scuppers the 75% of the lower leagues requirement. As an aside why ,when they have members on the restructuring committee and it’s ongoing, do they make public announcements about what way they are voting ? Why not try and influence from within,wait to see recommendation and then make a decision ?
  8. And you are entitled to have it as is Jim Duffy. He is a part time football manager and works part time in the media. The club knew/ know this and I’m sure they are happy for him to express his opinion as long as he doesn’t say anything that would harm or bring the club into disrepute. From my knowledge of him not likely. One thing for sure, given his vast football experience as a player,manager and pundit I would rather listen to his opinion than the nonsense spouted by others e.g. Sportsound yesterday. One exception being Roy MacGregor who was a breathe of fresh air with a rational balanced view in where we are and what’s needed.
  9. I believe the 75% has to be achieved in each of the three represented entities being Premier, championship and league one and two combined . So at least 9,8 and 15 respectively need to say yes. So if it’s 12,7 and 20 yes’s it won’t pass as Championship doesn’t meet 75%. For league 2 Cove and Brechin must be yes and unless strong moral objection cashflow from “prize “ money will be a huge incentive for the others . Hard to see Falkirk and Stranraer saying yes but Raith,Peterhead and probably Forfar I think would. So from leagues 1 and 2 it’s down to the remaining five with two yes’s needed to pass. Championship obviously Thistle a no United a yes. Teams down the bottom must be swinging towards yes as would Arbroath. ICT might be upset at losing play off chance but cash now for second a big incentive. Maybe less so at Dundee and Ayr. No perfect solution but will be interesting times.
  10. https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/celtic-legend-murdo-macleod-gives-18030368.amp?__twitter_impression=true Enjoy the “beigefest”
  11. Agree it is fascinating. They have a picture up of the male who arrived yesterday. They reckon female will arrive this week. What’s amazing is that when they split last August to head back to Africa they don’t see each other again till they come back to the same nest. They mate for life. When eggs hatch and he arrives with fish it’s some sight !
  12. Currently at the Barrowlands to watch the mighty Peat and Diesel. Never been so excited about a gig since my first Stranglers concert at The Apollo in the late 70s .
  13. I think you are on the right trail. The groundsman, I think he posts on here as Dumbarton Rock, has previous for breaking confidences at the club. I think he was on a while ago saying he had been told before not disclose issues on social media. As a paid employee of the club he must be on thin ice disclosing an email like that.
  14. I’m sure Jim and the Board are serious as are the loyal core fans. The real questions are will all the lost season ticket holders come back and does the town really care ?
  15. Cue an article in Record tomorrow “how I turned Nisbet from Sons bench into 30 goals per season machine “ fae oor Stevie .
  16. Good selections. Though Rory price too low so did not bet and have Fowler 18’s instead of Koepka. Fleetwood 33/1 real value e/w. Good luck
  17. The question is did Moonster dive or did Jordo pole axe him ?
  18. Not only in the Sun but I see he snuck into the first 10 seconds of Sons TV coverage of Stranraer game .
  19. You should be worried as I was about to post something similar, like we had John Cushley he was a great player but a clogger .....
  20. Absolutely! Looking forward to see Baz and the boys on March 9th hope to see you there. It always makes me smile when I think of the Toy Dolls cover of the Devil went down to Scunthorpe. Great performance yesterday from the whole team. As everyone says Dom Thomas is a different class. He must give the players a big lift . It would be great to hold onto him for the rest of the season and maybe performances like that will get people through the turnstiles. Yesterday’s crowd seemed a bit low and I’m sure the club will need bigger crowds than that to afford him.
  21. Hope you had Catapult each way! Just missed out in a massive payout but had it each way and the exacta and trifecta so can’t complain too much
  22. What a performance by Newspaper of record. Got it 7/5 and impossible at 5/4 so nice start.
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