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  1. Have DM’d you it, call it a late birthday present
  2. Via the app, you can 'share' and enter the name, email address of the person you want to share the ticket with, either temporarily or permanently. I'm assuming the recipient needs to be registered on the app too. Or you could just send them a screenshot of the ticket QR code.
  3. I followed the link on this email & now can access my season ticket through Apple Wallet on my phone.
  4. Pars away top revealed today. Sponsor could be a bit smaller, but other than that it’s a beauty. Love the 90’s pattern through it. Good start for Errea.
  5. I got a Falconbridge top from Marv in 2013. I won’t tell you what I paid for it
  6. No problem. How many players would you like us to have this time?*
  7. No problem. How many goals head start would you like this time?
  8. Looking forward to this one on Saturday, will be interesting to see our line up. Whilst McPake has been quite vocal this week about preserving the unbeaten run and going for various records, in reality I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the fringe players starting and the players having one eye on Benidorm already. Given Airdrie have a 2nd place to play for & have run us very close in the previous encounters, I'm expecting a home win. Don't really care though, job done as far as I'm concerned. Would happily take a draw and move onto trophy day next week. If it's half as entertaining as my last visit to The Excelsior it will be worth the trip.
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