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  1. anybody any idea when lawal will be back? obv we are thin on the ground but starting 11 is still v good
  2. no payments were due, with the exception of the coming season and it was removed prior to any contact from the club, which was actually only initiated by us upon noticing its disappearance. yes there's more important things to be sorted but there's been a good bit of chat on here regarding the state of the advertising contracts and payments not being made etc so felt this was relevant. i have heard that there's been a lot up for years without payment and obviously would expect them to be removed.....
  3. i see from the other nite that the stadium is very light on advertising, We had a board on the far side which was ripped down before the first preseason friendly, no idea where it is, but with absolutely no contact from the club as to whether or not we wished to retain it...... which we would have paid for but not now with the cost of another board being made by the sign company and f**k all communication from the club, we wont bother. its not that difficult to keep local business on board.
  4. im not gonna argue the timeline but i can guarantee u he was at falkirk for bounce games in the (early) summer and impressed enough to be told he would be offered a deal which never happened. as a family friend i am delighted at how well he has done
  5. havent read todays thread in full so maybe missed this but, callum wilson who scored the winner for dumbarton today was on trial with us all summer, with a promise of a deal from holt after impressing, waited weeks for the phone call which never happened so he signed for dumbarton, young lads on buttons and put more into todays game than every single falkirk player
  6. I had been give knowledge of the 2010 bankruptcy about 3 or 4 weeks ago, lets be honest it wasn't too hard to find, just wondering why it took so long for others who presumably knew this too, to dump it in here and in the public domain? id be amazed if BPM, BTB etc had no knowledge of this weeks ago, prob months now, especially if they have found 31 failed businesses, why keep that quiet? these kind of games don't help anyone, if anything it just pisses off more real fans looking for answers and not agendas
  7. 5 mins to take over a business? has that ever happened? he may be the real deal or he may be a charlatan, really don't think you know enough to make the call, and I don't either. if anythings certain now then its the fact that KJ and the btb mob have came out of it all looking ropey at best. I for one am delighted that the btb bid has failed, credibility has went right out the window and im pretty certain a lot of their backing has too. we all want the best for the club, and we all know we need change. time to take a gamble? for me yes. MC wont kill the club, may well be the best thing we could of hoped for, or may be a chancer, wont kill the club tho and where we are now imo hes worth a punt. from what I hear its 99% done anyway
  8. i don't know what to say to that or who you are but would you like me to say that you are loyal and hardworking too? its a football forum, why would i start with that? me upset? by a football forum? highly doubt it, mildy irritated ill give u. everyone here is desperate for good news and facts, its rather unhelpful when someone comes on and says this or that is happening when they don't actually know
  9. at no point did I say he wasn't loyal or hardworking, just pointing out that he isn't as ITK as he likes to think judging by some of his comments - and there's not a lot of anger in my post is there?
  10. he told me he had heard that it was broken but it turned out not to be...…… imagine my surprise
  11. lets all take the prophet as being the main man in the know...….. this another guess then yeah? like the 2 more players to be signed post the other day that oddly didn't materialise? or the MC presentation was poor post? you obviously aren't anywhere near in the know as u like to make out, if I were you i'd stick to selling pens, paper and post-it notes or just deal in facts and do every FFC fan a favour...…….
  12. MC will be at the helm on Friday at the very latest, back him or go home, its happening
  13. if/when we go down a league there will only be the main stand open surely, and it will be half full at best
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