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  1. We were 8 points behind with 3 games in hand at one point. This team was never winning the league, but there were a good few weeks where it was “in our hands”, as the cliched saying goes.
  2. Even if we do, I doubt it makes much difference. This has the feeling of a squad who have downed tools.
  3. Another McCall team falling apart as soon as the calendar turns to March. We know how this works, as do Ayr fans. A pathetic capitulation brought on by an imbalanced squad with players being played out of position every week. Lucky to make playoffs, and honestly if we missed out it might not be the worst thing - because it would save us getting embarrassed in them.
  4. The fact Ian McCall took off 5 players and none of them was Robbie Crawford is one of life’s biggest mysteries. Yet another disgrace of a performance. Lucky it was only 4-1.
  5. They've just signed Mariota. Feels very 1 or 2-year stopgap until they find the right guy in the draft. This year is a really weak QB draft, so they'll just stick Mariota out this year and come back again with a top 5 pick and hope the prospects are looking better in 2023.
  6. Graham was out and Jakubiak pulled up injured in the warmup so our only striker today was Juan Alegria.
  7. Graham, Murray, Foster and McCallister all disappearing at the same time suggests it might be COVID.
  8. Sneddon has had a stinker of a half. Culpable for both goals, including a double howler for the first. With no Graham or Tiffoney I don’t see where the positive changes are coming from either.
  9. Agreed on all of this. There’s a lot of “can all the AFCW teams make the playoffs?” Well, no. Because while it’s a very, very strong division the teams will all take wins from each other, and I could actually see two missing the playoffs because it’ll be so cutthroat. The AFCW is also playing the NFCW this season which is the next strongest division.
  10. For less than the Packers offered him. Always his dream to play for the Raiders apparently. I think it’s more the Carr link than the Raiders. They were college teammates and have stayed very close since then. It is pretty funny that anyone would choose Derek Carr over Aaron Rodgers in the NFL, but I guess that says something about their respective characters as people rather than their ability.
  11. Fresno reunion with Carr. Cant believe we’ve done this, but considering we can’t draft I’m all for it.
  12. I don’t think he’s played a starting 11 with everyone in their natural position once all season. RM in particular has been some laugh.
  13. Estonian league back in action, and back to its usual one-sided matches: Today, Levadia Tallinn beat Tallinna Legion 2-0. The pre-match odds were 1.02 for the home win (or 1/50 if you prefer fractions). Tomorrow, Nomme Kalju host Parnu Vaprus and are 1.03 (1/33) to win. These are domestic league matches. One of Celtic or Rangers could host Cowdenbeath (last in the SPFL) at home in the Scottish Cup and would maybe be this short in odds. I know we’ve covered it in previous seasons but these are just outrageous odds for teams playing at the same level of domestic football.
  14. You were by far the better team in the second half, and I don’t think it was as much of a smash & grab as some people seem to be suggesting. The two managers changed the game in different ways. Imrie into a more attacking style at the half, while McCall had us sitting deeper and as the half went on made some very negative substitutions. If Gus was still in charge I think we’d have probably seen that out, but coming up against a manager actually willing to make proactive changes has been our downfall. Thistle desperately need some wide players. Both FBs are slow and can’t beat a man to save their lives, and outside Tiffoney we have no pace or width on the wings either. Lots to do in the summer after we inevitably slither to 3rd place and are comfortably beaten in the playoffs.
  15. If you actually think Manpreet was racist that day then you’re an idiot.
  16. He regularly has some really wild takes. Wouldn’t pay much attention to it.
  17. It’s definitely not great news for us beating the Broncos all the time like as has been the case under their last pair of HCs. What a brutal division it’s going to be next year.
  18. I’m not sure if there’s any historical controversy/rivalry over something, but it’s not a local derby. Atlas play in Guadalajara (where their big rivals are Chivas), and Queretaro is over 200 miles away. Seen it mentioned that Queretaro’s ultras group are known to be pretty violent, and security at the stadium looked very lax (there was one video where a security guard opened a gate to let fans at each other). Also some of the unverified Twitter chat seems to suggest that Atlas fans were heavily searched upon entry to the stadium but that the locals were allowed in with all kinds of weapons - which might suggest this was all planned somehow. Local authorities still saying nobody died, and also that nobody has yet been arrested.
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