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  1. Generous here in suggesting that we’ve been playing poorly in recent weeks through complacency. I think the reality is that the arse has completely fallen out of our season.
  2. These clowns repeatedly saying Cameron has to score from that chance, despite numerous angles showing that it was Ross Docherty who touched the ball in the direction of goal.
  3. He’s been an empty shirt for us most weeks. We don’t play with a number 10 which I think is his natural position, so he’s never really played in his favoured role, but he’s just so, so meh.
  4. I’m on Rahm, D Johnson, Cantlay, Schauffelle and Matsuyama outright.
  5. 13th, and this is after an uptake in form recently. I'm sure they were only 3 points above the relegation places at Christmas. Similarly in Poland, Legia Warsaw were bottom when the Ekstraklasa league went on its winter break. Since it resumed, though, their last 9 games have seen 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat, so they've climbed up to mid-table.
  6. They've still got multiple splits in the league, and so the top 4 will split into the "Championship Group" after next weekend. If the format was a simple 17 home & away games then St. Gilloise would have won the title today, but because of Belgium's perpetual nonsense league structures, they've still got another 7 games to go and Club Brugge have been closing in on them for a while now. Hopefully they can hang on, though. Switzerland and Turkey will almost definitely be getting fresh champions in Zurich & Trabzonspor, which is good for variety's sake.
  7. Not just you. It might be because Rangers fans seem to enjoy being the biggest freakshow around and often revel in the vile bigotry associated with them, that it's much better to point and laugh at them when they're down than the other mob.
  8. St Johnstone are now only 6 points behind St Mirren, who are on a stinking run of form. It's getting to the point where there's a realistic chance that StJ will survive outright, which seems remarkable based on how they played up until about a month ago.
  9. Don’t try and get a train to Firhill. There are no stops anywhere near. Assuming you’re coming from Arbroath your train will get into Glasgow Queen Street and then the easiest way to get up to Firhill and nearby pubs will be the subway from Buchanan Street to either Kelvinbridge or St George’s X. Or if there’s a few of you just jump a taxi when you get into Glasgow.
  10. Yep, 6 CONCACAF positions up for grabs for WC26 and I’m assuming going forwards after that. Mexico and the States could field a youth team and still qualify with ease. Asia with 8 guaranteed slots is going to see some utter shite get in as well.
  11. Not the final minutes but this is the winning goal.
  12. Glad Algeria didn’t get the extra minutes seeing as the majority of the time added on was from Slimani pretending he had cramp. What an ending.
  13. What a goal. Tierney and McGinn are both top class.
  14. Some shocking penalties in that shootout. Well in, Senegal.
  15. 3BC denying due diligence because the shares are being gifted is staggering. Anyone that still supports her at this point needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.
  16. Yeah, if they wanted to. My point is that they won’t, because if this thing ever actually happens it’ll probably just end up being a puppet ownership anyway.
  17. That would make sense. Most likely scenario is that even if the fan takeover is “successful”, 3BC will still retain control of the club.
  18. Appreciate the details @Jaffaboy - it all paints a pretty alarming picture of what's going on behind the scenes at the club. My main issue is: where is the money going? How can we be losing more money than just about everyone else around us? On paper the squad doesn't look like it would be overly expensive - if anything we probably have just about the exact calibre of team you'd expect with the 3rd/4th highest budget in the league that I assume we have. They're certainly not spending any cash on the stadium, which is turning into a crumbling wreck. The only two things I can really think of that are that either the squad we have is vastly overpaid relative to their ability, or money is somehow getting funneled out of the club and into someone else's pockets (no prizes for guessing who the prime suspect here would be). Either way, whether it's just incompetence or something a bit more sinister, neither situation is particularly positive.
  19. Delighted that odious little rodent Hill is out of our division. Chiefs got a great haul for him, though.
  20. I’d guess Dundee would probably have a similar budget to Kilmarnock this year, but they’re a basket case and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they struggled to take advantage of it. Of course, if Killie fail to go up this year as well there may have to be budgetary cutbacks at RP as well. Would still fancy you to be favourites for the league regardless, though.
  21. If you’re looking for a bit of stability at this level then Ian McCall is fine. He’s a good salesman and is usually able to attract fairly good players to sign, so his teams will usually be competitive over the course of a season. They also generally play football which is easy on the eye, although our disgrace of a pitch has rendered that idea impossible this season. However he’s not without some pretty worrying flaws. He seems to sign players without any real idea about where they fit in his team, and this results in numerous players repeatedly out of position. I doubt we’ve had a game this season where we played a full 11 in their natural position, and often it’s 3 or 4 guys in the wrong place. He’s also tactically inflexible, as evidenced by him being tactically outclassed twice in the past month by Dougie Imrie. I can see McCall’s tenure with us going roughly the same way as last time he was at the club. Stabilised things after a previous joker in charge (Dick Campbell, Gary Caldwell) and then floats around 3rd-5th in the league until being replaced a few years down the line when the staleness becomes unbearable. The only way I can see that being any different is if we somehow fluke a playoff run and get promoted (lol), or the finances at the club become so dodgy under the charlatan Low that he walks away sooner than he otherwise would. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still all better than it was with Caldwell, but we’re not a club that’s going anywhere anytime soon.
  22. Two pumpings in a row and suddenly Thistle start making McCall’s post-match ramblings free to watch. I could understand doing that if we’re winning games and people might actually want to listen to him, but after these two games? f**k off, Thistle. Such a stupid club.
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