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  1. Upgraded at both FB positions but probably not as strong at CB so far, because (as above) I’m not sure Brownlie will be as good at this level as McCall seems to think he’ll be. He’s a downgrade on Mayo imo.
  2. ^^^vying for Tontrooper’s title as Greenock’s biggest slaver.
  3. A glorious read. Toby in particular an angry wee mess, but I don’t think that would come as a surprise to anyone.
  4. That top is lovely. Initially a bit surprised by the white shorts because I’m so used to black being our third colour, but I think the whole kit has grown on me already. It’s quite a retro look.
  5. I heard Kevin Holt will be paying the compensation for Fitzpatrick out of his own pocket.
  6. Thanks for confirming that Arrowhead is in the middle of nowhere with no transport links.
  7. Kansas City is a terrible pick. The stadium is in the middle of nowhere with no transport links. Denver would have been a much better choice, but I’m wondering if the altitude factor played a part in its exclusion.
  8. I can assure you with complete certainty that Martin Woods will not bring any energy or pace.
  9. Steven Lawless signed on a 2 year deal. Didn’t seem to have a great spell at Dunfermline last year but who really did? We definitely needed some wide players so it feels like a pretty solid signing.
  10. In McCall’s two League Cups with us he doesn’t appear to have gone all-out to win these games. We’ve certainly been weaker in this competition under him than we were under Archibald, who progressed from the group stage in all of his campaigns. I suppose there’s an argument we’re not as good a team as we were when the competition started in this format, but I just get the feeling McCall doesn’t treat it as a high priority. Which is possibly similar to how Killie have been with the competition in this guise. Could be a fairly tight group between the top three seeds if Montrose take points from one or both of us.
  11. It’s felt like this the last couple of times the Dunfermline job has come up. Is his job at the bank really that good that Dunfermline wouldn’t be paying him more than that salary plus his Montrose wage as well? Maybe it’s the job security he’s worried about, but surely as a Pars legend he should have given it a go by now.
  12. The Rangers-sympathising losers consigned to another year in the second tier. Lovely stuff.
  13. Aye, that feels exactly where this is going. Means she can say she's given shares to the fans, when really it's just her and her simp pals retaining control anyway.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uruguayan_Primera_División Uruguay's breakdown of champions is very similar to ours. Two completely dominant teams, then three clubs on 4 titles, followed by a handful of clubs with fewer than that - just like in Scotland.
  15. Not a Liverpool fan by any stretch, but Man City can get so far to f**k. A soulless club propped up by a horrific regime and managed by the biggest fraud in the history of football. Get them in the bin.
  16. Not surprising considering Sassuolo are a plastic nothing club. Well done to Milan, though. Glad when it's anyone that's not Juve at this point, although Napoli not being a massive bunch of bottlers would have been nice.
  17. What if a team is shite even after the manager has been given three years to build their own team? Then you’re three years of failure later and still having to start all over again. The problem Falkirk (and others) have had is appointing diddy managers in the first place; not failing to give said diddy managers enough time.
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