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  1. This is some game for the neutrals. Cant imagine the Rams fans are enjoying this bottle job too much though.
  2. Aye 100%, they’re a pair of fannies. Throw in the child abusing disgrace that is Tyreek Hill and you’ve got a thoroughly odious cast of characters in KC that I’d dislike even if they didn’t beat my team every year.
  3. I prefer some of the CBS local game coverage guys than the national commentary teams. I like Al Michaels but Collinsworth does my head in. And similar situation with Buck & Aikman, where it’s monotone Buck that I really can’t go. Kevin Harlan is the best in the game imo. Really like Gus Johnson as well.
  4. Swap the QBs in that game and the Titans win comfortably. Tannehill was shite. But fair play to the Bengals. Looks like this team will be kicking about in the playoffs for a good few years going forwards.
  5. I get that your act on P&B is being deliberately argumentative, but if you can’t see that it was a dreadful “pass” into a terrible area of the pitch by Bannigan, then there’s not really much else to say. And while we’re on the subject of usernames, you chose to name yourself after a dated TV skit from about 20 years ago, so wind yer neck in.
  6. I thought Airdrie were pretty good up until our goal, which was a fortunate deflected through pass this that fell to Smith who squared it to Graham for a tap in. Fortune to take the lead, but after that there was only really one team in it, and I didn’t feel too threatened even although we spent 40 minutes a man down. Docherty and Mayo in particular were excellent in keeping the pressure off us. Actually quite enjoyed having a bit of needle to the game, which is something sorely lacking from most games these days. A decent travelling support in terms of numbers, although the Union Jacks and Donald Trump flag were a complete riddy. Comfortable enough and through to the next round. All you can really ask for.
  7. Continuing our impressive streak of drawing Celtic or Dundee United in every single cup draw possible. Can’t wait.
  8. Bannigan’s hospital pass got Akinola sent off today. It was never a red card, but that’s another story; it was a dreadful pass. Bannigan had a poor game imo. Docherty, Mayo and Tiffoney were very good. M
  9. Giants apparently in for Flores as well.
  10. Pretty much exactly that. Not ready for top flight yet imo but absolutely will be a Premiership player in the future.
  11. I think the Titans will win comfortably - all over that at -3.5. I don’t have a preference at all for who I want to win but just think the Titans are a really good matchup in this game. Not bothered either way about the NFC games, but please Bills, beat those horrible Chiefs b*****ds.
  12. Just seen that result. f**k sake that’s a stinker.
  13. Basilashvili must be sick of the sight of Andy Murray. I feel like they play each other in just about every Slam Murray enters. Cracking result a nice draw in the 2nd.
  14. Ian McCall when someone tries to explain that you’re allowed to play a player in the number 10 role:
  15. Better team win tonight. Surprised we kept it that close, and also proud of the fight and effort the last few weeks. Inexcusable call by Greg Olson to not have a single receiver in the end zone with the season on the line. Hopefully the last year with that imposter at OC.
  16. That 3rd quarter took about 3 days.
  17. Feel quite lucky to only be down 7 at the half. Busted call on the Boyd TD, aye, but we’ve been outplayed comfortably here.
  18. In terms of statements filled with hypocrisy and an embarrassing lack of self-awareness, this one doesn’t even break the top ten. Welcome to the world of a football club run by Jacqui Low.
  19. Absolutely every single detail about him this is not, but I thought he was fine for us. I remember two things in particular when he was playing for us; the outstanding point blank save he made away to Airdrie before we broke up the pitch to score an equaliser, and a really weird decision at Forfar where he inexplicably ran past the ball instead of catching/clearing it which thankfully we got away with because the Forfar player only hit the side netting. Other than that, I thought he was generally alright. Decent if unspectacular in most aspects of the game. Not the biggest though, which might be a worry at set pieces.
  20. I didn’t say anywhere that I agreed with Thistle’s vote choice, and in fact at the time expressed surprise at it because I thought it was the wrong decision. Craig suggested that if PTFC wanted to play the game in front of more fans then the club should have voted to pause the league, but if the club did so it wouldn’t have made any difference anyway.
  21. And if it was 5-5 instead, what difference would that have made? If the league is split in half in terms of voting then surely they wouldn’t have changed anything and teams would have been playing on regardless?
  22. Hastie return to Rangers confirmed. What a waste of time he was.
  23. Anything above .500 is very impressive, so well done.
  24. Apparently Stephen Ross is one of the major boosters for Michigan University, so appointing him for the Dolphins would be a conflict of his own interests.
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