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  1. The whole Raiders OL has been sent home after Trent Brown was placed on the COVID list. Sunday night could be fun.
  2. I think that’s why he left a stable job with Ayr for us. Thought he’d stroll through a few years management in the Championship before moving to a cushty upstairs number. Not going to get that chance if we don’t turn things around quickly.
  3. It’s been a long summer full of this happy clapping pish. Him and his mates talking about strolling this league, pumping teams, going unbeaten, etc. Read a Tweet the other day saying we had the best attack outside the top six in the country, ffs. A staggering lack of self-awareness shown by so many people in our fanbase. I have no issue with fans of everyone else ripping the pish out of it. These c***s deserve it.
  4. We can take some positives from today in that we managed to hold on for nearly an hour with 10 men and generally looked pretty decent, even with that disadvantage. Disappointing to fluff so many of the early chances, though (including one which was apparently over the line). Brian Graham is a big moron. Needs to calm the f**k down.
  5. Nightmare

    Week 5

  6. He was injured the majority of the time he was with us last season, and only made 4 or 5 appearances. Unless I’m forgetting something, he hasn’t scored in a competitive game for us yet. From limited viewing so far, I’d agree with you about his technical ability. Seems a bit awkward when in control of the ball.
  7. Thought that was quite a laboured performance. No width or creativity in the first half, but got a bit better when we changed shape. Probably quite a similar level of opponent to what we'll face in the league this year. Sturdy teams we'll need to break down.
  8. Comparing Ciaran McKenna to Alan Hansen. Great stuff.
  9. Check your junk mail. Heard a few people say the email has gone there.
  10. Mine is working as well. I was getting no video box at first, and even although they recommended not refreshing or closing the page, I refreshed it and all good now.
  11. Probably about the scoreline I’d have expected pre-match. Opposition two levels above and already a handful of games into their season, with us in our first competitive match. Sounds like we actually played ok and the scoreline flattered Saints, though. Either way, I don’t think this defence are going to be much fun to watch this season. No partnership from our four CBs inspires much confidence, and we all know about Williamson and Penrice’s flaws. I’d imagine there will be lots of goals in our games.
  12. He’s one of the players who might actually be better with no fans in the grounds. Less chance of his precious little ears being offended by people shouting at him when he shirks out of a challenge. On paper he’ll stroll this level. Shite news about Glass, but Spittal should be a very decent replacement.
  13. Was watching for about 10-15 mins and saw both goals, which were a pair of good strikes. You can never really take too much from these games, but I still get the fear every time O’Ware or Brownlie are near the ball. Glass looks like a very tidy player though.
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