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  1. Aside from continuing this season (which may not be an option), expanding the top flight would be the best outcome for these teams as it theoretically makes things easier for them next season and possibly beyond. The alternatives are the leagues being voided or the leagues finishing as things stand, and in both cases none of these teams will go up anyway and will have equally tough campaigns to negotiate next year.
  2. Yeah. They currently use this format in Romania. Top 6 play 36 games, bottom 8 play 40. Teams in the same league playing a different number of fixtures isn't perfect, but it would actually suit Scottish football quite well as it means the TV companies get to keep the 4 games they really care about, and those in the bottom eight get more games to offset losing their third fixture against the bigots. The only teams really disadvantaged from a fixture perspective are the top six, but you could always work around that by distributing the prize money slightly differently.
  3. No point in making a decision when we have no idea how long everything will be on lockdown for.
  4. Argentina’s Primera Division has worked on a 3 season average for a while now but they’re planning to abolish it soon. Haven't heard of average points being used anywhere in Europe but might have just missed it.
  5. Our governing bodies likely don’t give a f**k about United, Cove, Thistle, Brechin, etc. If it ends up being unworkable to complete this season then I’d guess their concerns will be pretty much limited to “if we finalise the leagues as they stand we’ll piss off Rangers” and “if we void the season completely we’ll piss off Celtic” - and anyone else who happens to be impacted by whatever conclusion they finally arrive at will just be collateral damage.
  6. Saves them a fortune in the long run. Just an abysmal contract.
  7. When fans of other clubs wonder why we don’t like Jacqui Low, this kind of pathetic, embarrassing shite is why.
  8. Yeah, it’ll be an 18-game schedule within a few years. I guess the home/away/neutral stuff with the fixtures will balance out over a few years, but a 17-game schedule is definitely shite.
  9. I’m not sure why the Rivers signing is getting so much positive attention. He looked pretty done last year to me. Is he an upgrade on Brissett? Possibly. Can’t see him exactly taking the Colts yo the next level, though.
  10. The Raiders signing actual linebackers. What is this sorcery?
  11. Gav Wallace is an oddball. Wouldn’t pay much attention to him or his “sources”.
  12. It doesn’t have to be two groups of 7. Denmark, Romania and Bulgaria all run leagues of 14 with varying forms of a 6/8 split. Following the Romanian model, everyone plays each other twice (26 games), and at the split the top 6 and bottom 8 all play each other home & away again, taking the fixtures to 36 and 40 for the respective halves of the table. It’s not ideal in that matchday incomes will differ as a result, but considering the top six will have the bigger teams/crowds I don’t think the uneven number of fixtures is the biggest deal. I actually think this model has a lot of merits. You can award titles, nobody goes down, the top 6 would still get the OF four times, and the bottom 8 get a couple of extra fixtures to offset the loss of only playing the bigger teams twice instead of three times.
  13. Yep, completely unashamed to say I loved Tam Cerny’s antics with us. He was incredible at it; regularly had other teams’ players and fans frothing at the mouth but always got away with it. A master at work.
  14. Whilst the British leagues use the 'abandoned games must be replayed in full' method, most leagues in Europe don't, and will resume from the point at which the game was abandoned. I understand we're talking about Scottish football here, and if our governing body are allowed to come up with their own rules on what happens to the rest of this season, then we may well see the whole thing annulled as you've suggested. However, depending on the severity of the postponement across the continent, I wonder if there's a chance UEFA will enforce some blanket rule regarding the completion/finalisation of leagues - which of course could result in the current standings being final. Obviously this would be disastrous for my club and I hope it doesn't happen, but it might not be as far-fetched an idea as you think.
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