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  1. The Morton, QoS and QP fixtures should give us a pretty decent idea of where our squad stands. We’ve fared pretty well in this competition since the Betfred Cup was introduced and have always made it past the group stage, and it would be nice for that to continue - although if it means yet another cup draw against the green bigots I’d probably rather not bother. St Mirren must be heavy favourites to top the group. Even if things were normal you’d expect them to win it, but given they’ll have the additional benefit of an extra couple of months’ match fitness this year, they really should be skooshing this group.
  2. The new Bulgarian season started this weekend, and the opening fixture to kick off the league was a Sofia derby - CSKA 1948 v CSKA. Back story behind this one is the original CSKA Sofia essentially went bust in 2014; due to their debts they were removed from the professional league system. New owners acquired the rights to the old club, and also purchased second tier club Litex Lovech, taking Litex’s league status and changing the name to CSKA Sofia (similar to the Airdrieonians & Clydebank situation in Scotland). However, some of the CSKA ultras were not happy with this and formed a phoenix club, CSKA 1948, which has risen through the leagues and has now also reached the top flight. Essentially, this was a derby between two clubs who were at one point the same... sort of. This bears the question - if your club went bust in this manner, which side would you take? Support the club with the name and the history who purchased the league status of a totally different club? Support the fan-owned phoenix club? Sack off the whole shambles completely? As an aside, rumour has it CSKA 1948 are backed by the wealthy owner of Ludogorets who prefers to have two weaker CSKA’s than one stronger rival.
  3. “Shocker” sums up his performance just about every single time he pulled on a Jags shirt.
  4. “The Partick Thistle Family will not forget this egregious punishment.”
  5. They can fine us or revoke our membership, but can’t issue a points deduction.
  6. The grammar is pretty shite, but I wouldn’t put it past her to have intentionally written the statement like that...
  7. Can’t speak for some of the older fans, but I don’t know any Thistle fans who think of Kilmarnock as a rival. I’ve heard the “well you’ve got a song about us” chat before on this one, and yeah, we do still sing the Killie song - but I think that’s more just because it’s a catchy number rather than because anyone still sees your club as a rival. We also have songs which mention Bolton, Arsenal and Hearts. As to the original question, I’d currently say it’s not a derby. Geographically or competitively. The longer Low & co remain associated with the club, however, the more likely Clyde and Airdrie will become relevant rivals again. Or indeed Queens Park.
  8. She’s encouraging some of our impressionable young fans to display a banner having a dig at the authorities in Scottish football. The fact that she’s telling them how to word it, in a way that she believes is less likely to get the club in trouble, is irrelevant, imo. Her even being engaged in that kind of conversation at all is disgraceful.
  9. Not sure where to start if that’s your first take from this sorry mess. I’m not even surprised at this, tbh. It sums up her stewardship perfectly; a shambles and an embarrassment.
  10. His hair's fine, it's the beard which needs taken care of.
  11. Unfortunately a pretty high percentage of our fans will clap like seals at anything the club does, no matter how shameful or embarrassing it might be. Some of the Twitter replies to that statement are predictably cringeworthy, and display an appalling lack of awareness. But Low knows this. PR is her thing she’s very good at it (unlike she is at running a football club). Deflect from her and Gerry’s disastrous running of the football club, and shift all the pressure onto McCall for next season. Job done.
  12. It had gone quiet before any of this stuff became a factor. She's a charlatan who isn't interested in giving over control to the fans.
  13. Ineffective nothing player. If he’s lucky, he’ll have a career like Kyle Hutton.
  14. Upgrade on big fearty Williamson. Would be a good signing.
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