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  1. You’re right. Which makes it even more snakey that they have helped put this whole shitshow together but are hiding in the shadows rather than publicly admitting their involvement.
  2. Javonte Williams done for the year with a torn ACL. That’s a stinker for Denver, especially because it means they’ll be relying on Melvin Gordon who has fumbled 5 times in his last 44 carries.
  3. Whole new schemes on both sides of the ball this year, so maybe we won’t play like utter shitebags against them next week. (But probably not)
  4. Josh Jacobs loves playing the Broncos. It feels like every time we play them he looks like an All Pro. 5 in a row vs Denver. New HC, new QB, still on the mantelpiece.
  5. I thought the same. One of the more “notable” performances today was from Schwake, who imo looked miles out of his depth at this level. He flapped at just about every cross that came near him, and repeatedly parried saves into dangerous areas. While we were very comfortable today, it’s probably fair to assume that if Morton still had Jack Hamilton in goals today the scoreline wouldn’t have been as bad for them. I get that Morton were missing key defenders, and are operating with a fairly weak squad in general, but I can’t remember the last time we were so comfortable in a league game at Firhill. Aside from Muirhead’s (admittedly very, very good) goal from the free kick, they offered absolutely nothing. Its a weird feeling to come out of a 5-1 victory and think we didn’t play particularly great, but after the letdowns at home to Accies and Cove where we dropped points unnecessarily, I’ll definitely take it.
  6. I usually find that reading the posts in a thread in order will help.
  7. It would be nice if Ian McCall didn’t get tactically schooled by Dougie Imrie yet again here.
  8. Unfortunately I think he'll get at least another year, unless this season is a mega disaster of the 2 or 3 win variety. But this team isn't that bad, even if it's looking like an incredible disappointment so far. I was always Harbaugh over McDaniels in the offseason, but I didn't expect things to be looking quite like this so early.
  9. Yeah, you're absolutely right, they come across dreadfully here. It's possibly an even worse interview than the head-in-the-clouds piece with Stewart Macgregor the other day. The only reason I'm giving them even a shred of a 'get out' is because they're clearly being set up to take the fall here by Low. And are doing so spectacularly. That doesn't make them any less delusional and/or power hungry, but just worth remembering there's someone higher up the chain than these mugs, who is still quite clearly running the show.
  10. Part 2 of that interview is something else. Dismissive, passive aggressive, just generally really amateur stuff. These guys are in way over their head. I almost feel bad for them as they’ve clearly fallen for Low like many of the other goons in our support, but this is just a car crash.
  11. We’re just going to hear “it’s what Colin wanted” on repeat forever, aren’t we? Another interview with no substance whatsoever, and of course she’s chosen to release it via the Daily Mail. The way she’s using Weir’s death and apparent wishes are an utter disgrace. She’s an awful, awful person.
  12. Don’t think anyone would say “raging” considering it’s the Challenge Cup, but seems like a dreadful performance even for a fringe lineup.
  13. What a weird guy this Macgregor is. A rambling, incoherent mess of an interview and fair play to Cairney for leaving in so many of his quotes so we can all see how much of a narcissistic fantasist he is. He uses the phrase “I honestly couldn’t be more down to earth” () and then the following paragraph he’s trying to justify why he threatened legal action against his friend. Aye, down to earth indeed.
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