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  1. 6 of the 10 games so far today have been won by at least 20 points. Realistically only one game all day has been close. Shout out to the Lions who were unexpectedly the “next closest” team to winning.
  2. Want: any tier 6 club away Will get: QotS at home
  3. I don’t blame you - it feels like we’ve all been watching the exact same Broncos team for the past 5 years or so. Always a decent enough roster but poor at the most important position and so continuously stuck in this kind of 6 to 8 win purgatory. I think with the way the NFL is structured (ie. because of the draft), it is eventually worth being shite for a while in order to start accumulating some real talent and building a winning team. It would sound ridiculous in other sports, but it’s easier to go from bad to good than it is from mediocre to good in the NFL. There are certain exceptions to that with teams who draft terribly or are a mess in the front office, but there are also plenty of examples of teams who have turned things around pretty quickly. Personally, as a fan of a divisional rival, I’m quite content for you guys to be stuck as a middling nothing team, though. But I fear this season will be the end of ol’ Vic and the revolving door of journeyman jobber QBs and the Broncos may be more of a threat again soon.
  4. Knew Ferguson had signed the big clown, had no idea it was for that much. Matheson did look incredibly shite last week, but he’s got a long way to go to match the continual shambles that is McGinty.
  5. Rumours of both Denver and Washington being the third team involved in the trade and taking Tua from Miami to make room for Watson. Can’t say I’d be overly thrilled if I was a fan of either team. Is Tua an upgrade on what they’ve got? Probably, but only just. Huge reservations about him at this point.
  6. That’s what annoys me about it. If we were counting tickets sold then fair enough, but we’re not. I get the whole argument behind it re: sponsorships, in that you can tell someone their advertising will reach x number of punters every week. And I suppose it doesn’t really matter, but it just looks ridiculous when you get stuff like Celtic declaring 48k in attendance when it’s clearly less than half that number.
  7. Think he’s generally pretty well liked by our support. Not Pars level adulation, but don’t think you’ll find many Jags fans who didn’t appreciate his contribution. Which considering it came in a couple of utterly stinking teams, should probably tell you something about Cardle.
  8. Bannigan, Docherty and Turner are good CMs to have at this level already, and if we’re picking our players purely on the basis of improving the current lineup, upgrading the CMs would be a low priority for me. Peak Cerny is a massive upgrade on Sneddon. More so than Osman would be over Docherty - as great as Osman was at his best. I’d have the same three players as Reid.
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