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  1. Actually no problem with giving them 7k tickets or whatever that equates to. They’d have 3x our fans anyway even just in the JH, might as well give them another 2k seats that would mostly be empty anyway because our fans don’t want to see this fixture.
  2. Was a director under Low and nobody knows what he actually did. Has no idea about current players, and calls Thistle “yous” when talking about the club to people. He couldn’t give a f**k about Partick Thistle, but we’re a useful way for him to remain somewhat relevant in Scottish football.
  3. That’s the crux of it, aye. And I’d be amazed if we’re rid of them by the end of the season, let alone by March.
  4. Could extend that to O’Ware and Hall as well. 4 slow, lumbering diddies at CB. What a time to be a Jags fan.
  5. Nightmare

    Week 14

    Can’t wait for the offseason now. Finally can replace this college-level secondary and sign a couple of actual WRs. Our best possible finish is 9-7 and that most likely won’t be enough. Not that this team deserves to make the playoffs anyway - the small joy of reaching them would quickly be negated by indignity of being pumped for a third time by those Chief c***s.
  6. Another bottle job from Morelos in a big game. Delicious.
  7. I actually don't think he dived for that free kick. It probably wasn't a foul, but I think it was more him being weak and getting pushed off the ball far too easily, than actually diving.
  8. Without looking at any stats, it feels like we often struggle at home against Caley, and do better up north. Add to that the fact our home form this season is an absolute disgrace, and I’m not confident at all here. Would take a point.
  9. Based on that vid, not a handball against Kakay for the equaliser. Absolute stinker by the keeper for the winner, though - that should be a comfortable save.
  10. Surprising and pleasing. Reece Cole involved in just about every positive thing we’ve done for the past month.
  11. Alex Jones. One of Gary Caldwell’s duds from down south who is probably on about a grand a week. Disgusting.
  12. It’s the start of December, and we’re basically clinging to the hope of Morton and Alloa not winning games, so we can stay in touch until we can try and rip the whole thing up. An utterly pathetic state of affairs.
  13. They were originally banned from signing players until summer 2020. He wasn't going to break into the first team before then anyway, so the fact it's reduced to this transfer window makes little difference to Gilmour's chances. Chelsea splashing the cash will undoubtedly make it harder for him to break into the team a few years down the line, but unless they had a multi-year ban from transfers (which was never the case), its impact on him was always going to be minimal.
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