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  1. Brownlie and Bell as a CB pairing certainly looked more steady than Brownlie and Sena have in the past few games, but that might just have been Peterhead making it much easier for us today. That said, I’d definitely stick with what worked today. I think we have to keep as much of today’s 11 as possible for Clyde on Tuesday night. It doesn’t matter if Montrose are a better team - we proved in the Forfar game that we can’t look past anyone in this league.
  2. Far more convincing than I expected it would be. Peterhead had what seemed like about 20 corners in the first half but none of them really threatened, and then the second half was as comfortable a half of football as we've had in a long time.
  3. Completed. Slightly concerning that the whole process is still dragging on like this. Things like a survey, while potentially useful, feel more like time-filler; a deflection that’ll keep us from asking what’s taking so long for another few weeks. The last three questions are completely unnecessary, also. Some people really need to get over this ridiculous victim complex.
  4. Yeah, his Masters write-ups are sorely missed. Picked 5 bets for the Masters as usual - DeChambeau, Rahm, Schauffele, Koepka and Westwood outright. I’d guess arsehole Bryson is the best shout for my usual 2nd place finish.
  5. Where did the referee say that? It’s not just substitutions that time gets added on for, so I don’t think it’s an accurate representation of where he got 5 minutes from. We also scored, which I believe referees add 30 seconds for, and that leaves two minutes for all other instances of time-wasting/injuries that can be accounted for in stoppage time. Added time often feels like a bit of a lottery in general. You’ll see teams spend all game time-wasting and it’ll only be 3 or 4 minutes added, and then you’ve got last night where it didn’t really feel like there was much of that, but we ended up with 5 minutes. Realistically you could find 5 minutes’ worth of stoppages quite easily in any game and it feels like referees just make it up as they’re going.
  6. I’d have Sammon over Rudden as well. Rudden just isn’t a football player. No technical ability, no composure, shite positioning, and just an angry wee guy to top it all off. Shite.
  7. One of the worst halves of football I've ever watched. To a man, a fucking disgrace of a team. Fire them all into the sun.
  8. I feel like Denver might be a fit here. Assuming nobody will be trading for Deshaun Watson anytime soon and Teddy is better than Lock.
  9. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/chiefs-propose-rule-change-allowing-skill-position-players-to-wear-single-digit-numbers/ Even more reason to dislike the Chiefs imo.
  10. How many players will clownshoes play out of position for this one? I’ll go for 3. Let’s see if we can avoid conceding a goal in the 2nd minute like we have done in the past two league games. If we can do that, we might get a point here.
  11. Ooft. Saved us playing an extra 30 minutes of play before losing anyway, I suppose.
  12. Surprised we kept it close. Not surprised we eventually lost anyway. McCall will probably feel that playing pretty well against a top flight side has justified his nonsense team selection (and subsequent result) midweek.
  13. At least we got one thing right this season.
  14. Seeing as there’s no chance of us winning the league, I’d love to progress in the Cup. But we’re fucking honking and United will stroll past us without getting out of first gear.
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