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  1. It would only be skewed if Arbroath didn’t practice penalties. And if they didn’t then they deserved to lose anyway given the nature of playoffs where a penalty shootout is fairly likely.
  2. As per the caption under the picture, it’s Munn’s Vaults on Maryhill Road. Which is traditionally the pub near the ground that away fans frequent.
  3. I don't think they're legally binding and there's precedent for players getting out of them. I'm not sure why Dundee would want to do that, though, as Rudden proved with us that he's a pretty good player at this level. Of course, this is Dundee we're talking about who regularly do stupid things (see: appointing Mark McGhee), so I suppose there's a chance they don't want to keep him.
  4. Dundee will probably be paying Rudden about double what we were when he officially starts his contract with them. No chance he's back with us next year.
  5. In this case it might be a blessing that Ian McCall is obsessed with the Bannigan & Docherty midfield pairing. With both of them plus Turner and I’m assuming soon to be Crawford as well, Muirhead will be pretty far down the pecking order as a CM. Thankfully.
  6. Seen there’s a few Twitter rumours about Jack McMillan signing as well. Hopefully these are true as he’d certainly be an upgrade on last season and a much better option than Muirhead. Then Muirhead can just serve as a backup for both CB and RB.
  7. Brownlie, Akinola and Holt already on the books for next season as CBs, so either McCall is signing him to play him out of position or he’s just going to be a utility squad player. If we are indeed signing him at all, of course.
  8. Not one single person is criticising Campbell because of his age, you utter cretin.
  9. You could say that about his opposite number as well. Oh, no disputes about that here.
  10. This. Quite enjoyed the Airdrie cup game this year as there was a real atmosphere to it; something we very rarely experience these days. The main redeeming feature of sharing a league with QP would be getting an away day in the south side which would be a bit different - but it looks like that might not even be an option unless there’s some rapid movement on Lesser’s development.
  11. I’m pretty sure Dunfermline tweeted that they sold over 2k before the season had started. I remember this because Thistle did the same at roughly the same time. Now considering their club blatantly lied to the fans this week in a statement, maybe that was bullshit back then as well. But they certainly claimed in the summer that they surpassed the 2k mark.
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