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  1. Defence is a worry, I think. Rodgers has been brilliant this year and they can move the ball on the ground against anyone, but some of these AFC teams could score heavily against that D. With the NFC Championship game at Lambeau that’s a big advantage in addition to already being the best team in the conference, so I’d be surprised if they weren’t in the SB. Really don’t fancy them against the Chiefs, though. Fingers crossed someone takes out that mob before then.
  2. Goff has had a decent night by recent standards, but that drive was a total mess.
  3. Brilliant play in the endzone. Almost everyone else just chucks that away over some WR’s head.
  4. This hot take quickly extinguished. Fair play to the Rams for keeping it close.
  5. We won’t be one of them, given our recent statement tantrums, but it’s not surprising at all that other clubs would want to.
  6. Yeah, I think we were 3-0 up at the time of the disallowed goal, and it ended up finishing 3-2. His shithousing was a work of art; unrivalled. Opposition fans seething at him pretty much from kickoffs. I miss Tam.
  7. Tremendous keeper. The game against Motherwell where they scored a perfectly legitimate goal and he shouted at the officials until they overturned it. An iconic moment.
  8. He’s been one of our better players, but that’s not really saying much. Mostly reliable but completely sold the jersey in the last minute against Cove which resulted in us losing 1-0. Heard he was away for a scan and that it might be an ACL injury - so yeah, could be out for a while. Par for the course with Docherty.
  9. Paul Guenther, Ken Norton Jr, Jason Tarver, Rob Ryan, Chuck Bresnahan - that’s some of the names I can remember as our DCs in my time as a fan. A collective who’s who of total jobbers. The Raiders haven’t had a top-half defence statistically since 2002. As a DC Gus Bradley’s defences have been in the top half in yardage allowed every season since 2011, and in the top half in points allowed in 6 of these 7 seasons (this year being the exception). I get that he’s had more talent in Seattle and SD/LA than we currently have, and if we don’t completely revamp the DL then we’re still going to struggle. But he knows the division (and especially how to scheme the Chiefs), he’s a “name” which will hopefully allow us to attract better players in FA, and he’s an immediate upgrade on what we’ve had for as long as I can remember. As I said, he wasn’t my first (or second or third) choice, but I’ll take mediocre over terrible at this point.
  10. Whole new DL needed, then... I’m ok with this hire. I’d have rather hired Raheem Morris, Kris Richard or Wade Phillips, but at the same time Bradley is better than anything we’ve had at DC in the near 20 years I’ve been a fan.
  11. Partick Thistle twitter is eye bleeding stuff, full of Low sympathisers and moon howlers. I saw someone yesterday saying Thistle had been shafted more than any other club in the world by COVID. And the fact that there seem to be so many of these types is why I’m convinced we’ll never be rid of her, even if fan ownership does go through. Daft c***s will end up voting her onto every position available.
  12. We’ve just been handed a £150k grant. I don’t know what our monthly outgoings are, but surely that will plug the gap for a few months if there is no football for a while again. If we are stuck in this league for next season, the budget should be made accordingly.
  13. According to the Met Office, temperatures will reach 7-8 degrees during the day tomorrow and Monday, and stay above zero through the day on Tuesday. If that forecast is even close to accurate, the game will be on.
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