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  1. Burke has been excellent. Still an angry wee bun, though.
  2. We’ve scored plenty and conceded plenty so far this season, and there’s no reason to expect us to have suddenly learned how to defend by the time Saturday comes around. Even if we do have some new defenders in the door by then, I can’t imagine that will be enough time for them to have gelled properly yet. Wouldn’t be surprised at all with a repeat of the 4-2 scoreline from the League Cup match between the sides.
  3. My abiding memory of Ally Roy for us was his hilarious offside goal, which I believe was strangely enough against QotS. A cross was swung in and the Queens defender tried to clear the ball but blasted it off the onrushing Roy’s shin and it bounced into the net. He celebrated wildly before turning around and seeing the linesman’s offside flag. All very funny stuff. To compound the nonsense I’m sure we then stuck the image of him scoring his flukey, offside goal on the cover of the next match programme. Partick Thistle 18/19 season - an all-round shambles.
  4. I think this just about sums it up. Both teams looked decent with the ball on the deck, and both looked shaky at the back. Thankfully Queens looked a wee bit more pish defensively than we did.
  5. Can't concede 20 corners in a row and not expect to eventually lose a goal from them.
  6. I always enjoy the reactions of people having to endure listening to Michael Max for the first time.
  7. When Rudden held onto the defender's leg in the box to commit a foul, Max called him Kyle Rudden. But seems to be 100% on the opposition players so far, which is highly unusual.
  8. As predicted by many before the game, this one has been pretty open. I think Queens have been slightly more threatening in open play, but they look so susceptible from set pieces and when the ball is out wide (as I'm sure their fans don't need to be reminded).
  9. Lovely play by Rudden in the build up there. Seemed we had 2 or 3 free players in the box there, no idea what the Queens defenders were playing at.
  10. Not just you. It's very, erm, bouncy? It wasn't anything like this last season.
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