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  1. Just thought I'd throw this up again since I only had to wait until the next day to prove my point. 1 goal & 6 subs in the 2nd half today and yet the ref adds on only 2 minutes. Where is the 'pretty standard' today for similar time lost? So even if we go between your 4 & todays 2 and meet it in the middle, 3 mins exact would've ensured a share of the points for Thistle.
  2. I would say it was more than 2-300 empty seats and apart from the committee dig ya fucker, I just want to say fair play for your post. Pretty accurate and honest so credit where it's due.
  3. Ah f**k, this hurts but...well...I agree with you. There I said it. I actually think Craig Brown started the rebuild of Aberdeen. He put the foundations in place & McInnes took it on to the next level. You & yer fellow fans can whinge about me going on about the crowds if you want but they provide a big source of income & I think unless your fans get off their arses & turn up to pack out Pittodrie then this will be as good as it gets for Aberdeen. If you can't increase his budget through ticket revenue, then you will stand still. Worse than that, but the car crash that is The Rangers will at some point get their act together and you will slip further still & you will dream of getting to cup finals again even if you are turning up to get gubbed like today. I would stick with McInnes though.
  4. If you mean untainted trophies then yes, ours were paid for without any facepainters taking a hit. Although I think the old Rangers tainted trophies outnumbered ours.
  5. ooooh I like this guy. Cutty, take a bow son!
  6. Thank you mate, in from the pub now. Very decent of you to be so kind in defeat. Good luck for the rest of the season...except against us of course lol. You have the makings of a good side there but today they didn't do themselves justice. I think if you work on the defence and can bulk up the squad then you could progress. If you can keep The Rangers away from 2nd spot for a few seasons, that in itself would be an achievement. Anyway mate, take care.
  7. Is it ingrained into Aberdeen fans to try and psychoanalysis posters on here. I did nothing of the sort. If you are really interested I looked at the last couple of pages instead of trawling all the way through them. Oh good lord. Did you not read my comments. I'm on my way to the pub now. Had to drop the weans off at home before heading back out. So why not fill the travel time on the bus with by reading all the seethe & ridiculous comments from the Dons on here Nearly at the pub now so I'll leave you & the usual suspects to continue with your "absolute shite"
  8. Cheers bud. Was at the game, was a fine spectacle. You'll notice I targeted the ones spouting pish about the game and left you alone...now don't make me have to change that
  9. Classless ya w****r? You lot have not shown any class in defeat so dry yer fucking eyes if your responses are rightly ridiculed.
  10. I clearly don't but thanks for making the effort even though you were wrong. Your simply filling my time as I make my way down to the pub. Off for a few beers. This winning cups is a thirsty business.
  11. Got to be the 'Heads gone' winner of the season. Get this framed!
  12. I don't recall saying I enjoyed you posts more than winning a cup. Guess you'll just have to imagine it then.
  13. Jeez, those Aberdeen fans really are a deluded bunch. It wasn't that we played a good passing game to retain possession & open you up that won us the game. Apparently it was our ability to take it in turns to foul you & knew where to do it. FFS one of you even pointed out how you didn't get booked but the ref let you off with a few challenges that could've been bookable. About 2-3 mins after Broony 'rightly' got booked, there was a similar tackle put in on him & your player got away without a booking. Seriously, if your piss poor attendance today didn't embarrass you, then these comments do. Give yourselves a shake. We outplayed you from start to finish. You hardly got a kick of the ball in the first 10 mins. In fact you only competed for about 10-15 mins at the start of the 2nd half and I use that term loosely. Did Gordon have anything to do that wasn't standard...Nope! Although I should give you credit for the 90 min silence being perfectly observed. Anyone any idea what it was for?
  14. Ooooh the kind of typical raging response from you that makes me all warm & tingly inside.
  15. Had a look at HT to see the nonsense being spouted by the sides. After all, they spent several weeks telling us how they would sell out their end & merited a 50/50 split. Just more proof of how much shit they talk. Oh well, congratulations to the Hoops on winning 100 untainted honours.
  16. Same empty seats during the game. 50/50 split my arse. Yep, they couldn't even fill it with a rent-a-crowd. Pathetic excuse for a support. Even the South Stand upper is full of Celtic fans in their half & they just have section O.
  17. The state of all those glory hunters & their tin foil flags. Lots of empty seats with just only 10 mins to go. Could they not find enough fans from other clubs to turn up for them
  18. C'mon the Hoops, get right into these Unionist wankers. 2-0 to the Hoops & they can ram their child abuse & union flag banners right up their granite hole.
  19. Had no idea. Hadn't seen the banner until about 2 mins ago & had no idea who was responsible for it. Was it a Supporters club etc. Not really a strange one to understand.
  20. Damn, only a narrow 8pt lead with just the TWO games in hand now. Could do without this cup final tomorrow with the league table being so tight at the top
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