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  1. I might purchase it mate. You got a quick review of what the book is about.
  2. Good post by Kneetrembler. Pity the first few posts in response to it offer nothing but ridicule. It is being enjoyable being a Celtic fan just now. As a ST holder for 16yrs running & a fan who was going regularly before I actually got a ST, I've seen the highs & lows. It's not just enough to win the league being a Celtic fan...you have to do it playing good attacking football. The Celtic Way! I can honestly say that despite winning the title 3yrs on the trot under Strachan, the football was dire & not enjoyable, although he did gives us some great nights in Europe. Just now Rodgers has us playing the Celtic Way & it's pretty damn good. Good points. Rangers crowds were up & down before 2012. I even remember them even getting some poor crowds in the CL & giving away 1000 tickets to the army to fill some seats & still struggled. Their fans rallied behind a cause after 2012 but have had dips in their attendances when the going hasn't been to their liking. If Rangers can get things right both off & on the park then their fans will be there but I suspect that their fans are about to desert the club as we will dominate for the next 2 seasons at least & that in turn will have a knock on affect for their fans who won't take kindly to being so far behind us. I actually wouldn't be surprised if when the 10 in a row is on the horizon for us, if Rangers somehow muster a big spending spree that they can't afford to pay back & they adopt a win at all cost attitude to prevent us creating history. Previously when we dominated, the powers that be altered the league to hamper us...ahem make the league less boring. Would it surprise me if something happens again. No! Yes, but only because there is no alternative. Fair play to you. Got a lot of respect for fans of clubs who don't win a lot but who stick by their club. I feel guys like you often get let down by your fair weather fans who you never fail to see come a cup final. I personally will. As others said, I went during the late 80's onwards & watched as we won nothing for 6yrs while our rivals swept all before them & took great delight in reminding us of that fact & also of the fact we were skint & in an old stadium, while they lived it up Beverley Hills style. If only we knew then what we know now. However, as I said earlier, the Celtic fans demand the club play attacking football & show some ambition. If we continue to do that, we'll retain the more fickle of our fans. If we go back to doing 'just enough' like we did with Deila, then I'd imagine we'd prob lose 10,000-15,000 fans who won't back a board who don't have any ambition to at least try & push to progress in Europe. Not with the likes of Ashley & King involved. Maybe when those two go & if Rangers put a sensible business plan in place & don't concern themselves with what Celtic are doing then maybe. No to the 2nd part. My hope just now lies with Hearts. Their fans seem to be more passionate about their club & loyal to it than Aberdeen & Hibs as much as it pains me to say it. While Aberdeen talk about building a new ground for years, Hearts come in & get it moving. If their fans stand by them & continue fill Tynecastle when it goes up to 20,000, then who knows where it will take them. Will they expand further still after a few years? I certainly hope so.
  3. I'm sorry. I didn't realise it was only yourself allowed to bang on about your frustrations in the game.
  4. TBH, I'd fully expect a club with Aberdeens huge fan base to be able to attract 18,000 fans to Pittodrie. It's not a massive target.
  5. Sorry Tony but that is nonsense. You can't just eliminate 6 leagues in Europe then say that it's good for the Dons to be the 34th supported team AFTER those leagues. These leagues count too & besides, there is no reason to exclude them. They are a one team city, miles away from Glasgow. Hearts & Hibs manage to do better despite sharing a city & being only an hour from Glasgow, so let's not compare with other countries if you want...let's compare with the other two big clubs in this country outside of Celtic & Rangers. You say Aberdeen never have attracted 25,000 crowds but that is not correct. In fact their record attendance is 45,061 v Hearts. You can go back just a few years to Celtic Park to see how they had 43,000 there & were complaining that they didn't get another 5,000 tickets. There were 100,000 out for the trophy parade so I'm not sure where this argument comes from that it's beyond them to attract 25,000. Seems I can see more potential in them than their own fans. The fan base is there so it's about getting them to turn up. You might be sick of reading it but when you constantly see arguments/complaints being put forward about how they can't compete & put the blame firmly down to losing their best players then you can't get away from the crowd argument.
  6. Efe is getting punted up to Aberdeen. Got to be like signing Maldini when you've been used to watching Ash Taylor
  7. Well unless the board start taking the piss then we do well. We attract 54,000 roughly. Your club is enjoying 3 particularly good seasons under McInnes & still you get around 13,000 fans. There is no getting away from the fact that it's piss poor. Both Hearts & even Hibs in the Championship have seen a good jump in attendances as a result of a feel-good factor while you have little noticeable improvement.
  8. That's prob because so many of your fellow Dons fans left early & clogged up the roads & platforms on the 64th min mark right after Dembele stuck away the 3rd Seriously though, as others said, best walk into town. Did it myself in about 30-40 mins. Wouldn't worry about the Aberdeen scarf thing either. We're scatterings of Dons fans walking into the centre on Sunday next to us & there was. No issue.
  9. Seville was a moment when thousands of Celtic fans from across the globe went for a European final. The amount of Celtic fans I met from America, Scandinavia etc was unreal. Just as I wouldn't expect Aberdeen fans who live that far away to be at Pittodrie every week, I don't expect Celtic fans to do it either. I get they will make the effort for a big game. However, lets not pretend that your cup final fans were all flying in from around the globe. Maybe in their 10's or low hundreds but not in their thousands. Most were Scottish based fans. I'd expect any Scottish based Celtic fan who acts like a die-hard in the big games, to make the effort for all home games.
  10. Think as well as Griffiths getting a decent run out, we should also think about giving Christie or Henderson a game. Lots of games played already in the league, cup & Europe & Brendan isn't a man for changing his team too much, so time to rest some players, especially with so many games coming up in the next month.
  11. In fairness, our crowds are usually always pretty good around the 45,000-55,000 mark unless the fans feel like they are getting the urine extracted by the boards penny pinching like they did when they appointed Deila & got in several loan players to bloat the squad, in which case a lot stay away but many of them purchased their ST's & still didn't turn up. Don't get me wrong, they do my head in too. Noticed a right few idiots sitting about me these days who seem to have 'returned' to the fold. Wish they'd f**k off again.
  12. Glory hunters. If you really wanted to have a 2nd team in Glasgow you'd have opted for Queens Park. A team true to their amateur traditions
  13. Of course you can't & I'm not expecting a magic wand to get waved but I think the fans could do more to entice people to come along but more importantly the club should be doing a lot more. I'm reading Stewart Milne saying how your new stadium will be vital to your progress but I can't see why given the capacity is pretty much as you are just now, especially when they can't fill their current stadium despite being in their best period in these past 2-3 seasons than they have for the previous 19/20 years.. Sure it might help a bit especially with the new training complex but I can't imagine it pushing Aberdeen on a great deal but I hope I'm wrong.
  14. C'mon the TV deal isn't the big a deal in Scottish football. You have finished 2nd for 2yrs running as well as having a cup run and the prize money that goes with that. By the same token, look at how much money you have gained compared to The Rangers and yet the gap isn't that big between the sides despite them having 4yrs without this apparent lucrative TV money that you reckon makes a big difference. This is with them not having a good merchandise deal either and self-destructing as a club. So again, the prime example is the fans making a big difference. Again though, you back up my point that you don't want to actually do something about it yourself, you want to be rewarded just for existing as opposed to trying to better your situation.
  15. Again though mate, while I can understand how frustrating it is for you to watch your better players leave for us & previously Rangers, like I said your own club is as guilty of pinching better players from other Scottish clubs that they can financially outmuscle too. Something you have touched on. It's just the footballing food chain. However hopefully you can understand my frustrations as a football fan. Sure I want Celtic to win & be dominant, & right now we are. However I want to see us do it in a decent league, so my frustration comes with clubs like yourselves, Hearts & Hibs who have these big fan bases but who only attract between 13,000-17,000 fans. It's frustrating because I look at them and think they are capable of so much more. As much as it's a pain in the arse having our usual away allocation at Tynecastle cut, I welcome it on the other hand because it means Hearts are selling out themselves. I've said it before though that I look at the 3 clubs I mentioned & I see 3 clubs I believe are capable of being clubs who have the potential to have 25,000-30,000 crowds turning up to watch their team. Could you just imagine the kind of league we had if they did. The games would have better atmosphere, they'd be a big game feel to them as opposed to the footballing backwater it comes across as now. The main thing though would be that it'd give you more money to help attract better players and who knows maybe stave off interest from us and help you retain these players. If you pay the players better money than you Donnie, then it stands to reason our bids have to be much bigger than what we currently offer them. If you have a £2k a week player and could afford to give him £4K-£5k a week with the extra revenue you'd be getting through the gates, then we'd have to come in with more than say the £5k we probably offer your £2k a week player. It then gives us a decision to make if we want to sign them or not for the money being spoken about. We all want the league to be closer but unfortunately fans of the clubs outside of Celtic & The Rangers want it to be done by us going backwards and what you can get from us as opposed to going out there and doing something about it for yourselves.
  16. I do get what you're saying but like I said, your club has snapped up a few of Inverness CT's better players. I remember a few years back at Hearts under Romanov they snapped up a few of the better players from other Premiership clubs such as Aberdeen & Falkirk. If there is potential talent right under our noses & we can prise them away because we can offer more money & a better challenge. That logic applies to Aberdeen as much as it does Celtic.
  17. I can understand the frustration. It's the same frustration Celtic fans share when we see players like Wanyama & Forster go down south to smaller clubs but clubs with more money thanks to their bloated TV deal. We make good money on them, but nowhere near the money you know they will be worth. These clubs do to us, what we do to others. Like I said, it's a football food chain. Guys like yourselves have raided clubs with smaller budgets like Inverness CT. Dundee Utd snapped players from Queens Park by flexing their financial muscle. We snap players up from other Scottish clubs & the English clubs do the same to us. Also, in fairness with the GMS case, he has spent a lot of that time out injured.
  18. That's the nature of football though mate. If they show enough 'potential' then a bigger club in the same league/country could be tempted to part cash to see if the player can fulfil the potential they suspect he has. Some work out, some don't. Like you say, every club does it. Where I think we're a bit different is that without sounding cocky, we usually do play a lot more games with extended runs in the cups, plus the European games & our 'glamour friendlies', so we need a bigger squad & most will play some part throughout the season, albeit nowhere near as many games as they would at their previous club. I'm sure Celtic don't want to be wasting £1.5m (think that's what it was) on someone like Ciftci only for it to not work out. This doesn't just happen with Scottish players though as some think that we just sign them to not play them. I give you guys like Scepovic, Pukki, Carlton Cole to name a few of the players we snapped up to just pick up a wage & contribute little to nothing. Every club gets some signings wrong.
  19. Now you mention it, I think you're right. I watched their games well. Did Aberdeen not play Malmo?
  20. I would disagree that he is a good player. Decent maybe, but not good. He had some potential but we shelled out a lot for that & it came to nothing. I remember a fans page running a poll asking if they wanted him to sign shortly before we did sign him & the majority were against him coming.
  21. Same here but then you know how it goes, sometimes you just can't see a defeat coming and then it hits you.
  22. Rodgers said he is training well & would be ready to play for another team. Sure he was our best player away to Molde last season in the EL, so I don't think he'll have fallen that much that he couldn't shine in the Championship.
  23. Oooft, forgot about Ciftci too. HeMs another who can go. When the fans of other clubs moan about us signing their players they forget about the ones like this who cost us a few quid and end up being duds. Fleeced.
  24. Hopefully Boyata is sold. I like big Efe but we can do without him too. Commons is another who still has something to offer the game but not at Celtic. Hopefully he gets a game at Paradise to say his farewell to the fans. I think we'll have a few players going out on loan & I wouldn't be surprised if we don't look towards GMS, Christie & Henderson. Maybe not all of them but I think that's who they want to keep but get experience. O'Connell is expected to go on loan to Killie like you say. Strange one as he didn't put a foot wrong before our defensive injuries cleared up. Will be a good signing for Killie. Would like to think Rodgers will look to get a good signing in for the first team ready to be settled for the CL campaign next season. Gordon is pretty decent but if we look at our team & where we need strengthening then the GK is that spot.
  25. A trip to Fir Park for the lunchtime kick-off for the Champions. With the League Cup in the cabinet it's time to set about restoring our double figure lead at the top of the table. Honestly can't see anybody beating us this season including Motherwell on Saturday. So long as we don't let complacency set in then we should be ok. Would like to see Griffiths get a good run out. Can't keep a goal machine on the bench, granted he was out injured but 2 mins at Hampden in a game we're coasting wasn't really sufficient so hopefully we see a bit more of him on Saturday. Going for another 3-0 win. Keep the goals & the clean sheets coming.
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