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  1. Thistle put in a good shift against The Rangers & if they do that again & we have an off day then who knows but I still get the feeling this may well be a historical unbeaten season for us. Missed the Motherwell game cos I was working & it's arguably been the game of the season in the top flight. Working again on Friday night so hopefully I don't miss another cracker. Might get to catch it on TV.
  2. Not expecting much from tonight. Then again with the group all decided it might be we can catch them off guard if they have no real motivation. The extra cash for a draw or win would be nice. No matter the result, they have done well in a group that was beyond them.
  3. Dunno but I heard he used to go watch Clint Hill play when he was a wee boy.
  4. This one particularly cheered me up to know how raging he'd have been when posting it.
  5. Some have claimed that I say it's not but it is a massive part of it yes.
  6. Well we have our opinions & mine is that these people who just want to show their face for a cup final should not be anywhere near a cup final when the opposition can't even accommodate their ST holders. It denies people who actually do give a f**k about watching their team a chance to be rewarded for their time & effort instead of rewarding someone who does little to nothing to support their team. It also means there is no incentive to get these 'fans' to come to your league games when they can get a cup final ticket with such ease.
  7. Well in my opinion there is nothing wrong with being realistic. If you think your going to get beaten then fair enough. If a team wants to come and park the bus then that is their call. Don't get me wrong it's a bit of a bore to watch but that's their right & it's up to us to get past them. I thought in the League Cup game that Motherwell actually didn't do too badly despite the scoreline. I thought their back line and midfield tucked in, in front of them were disciplined and congested. If anything, had they not been that disciplined the score could've been a whole lot worse as remarkable as that seems. I don't think it was so much about Motherwell's performance that night as it was about Celtic's. We were simply on fire. Your season won't be defined by games against us but given you have written it off then maybe the manager could try & use it as a game to maybe surprise us with something we're not expecting. Some radical formation to try and cause an upset. If it is going blatantly wrong he can change it back to their usual set-up. Anyway, who cares lol.
  8. I agree they wouldn't be able to challenge on those crowds. I'm more looking at it as a strategy to try and get fans going along to Pittodrie a bit more regularly and hopefully catching the bug for their team by going a bit more frequent. If they don't then at least Aberdeen will have made a right few quid out the strategy. If it does work and their crowds take a decent upturn then they'll be able to improve on every front and make it a bit more interesting than it is at present.
  9. I understand it. I've repeatedly told you this, so why you maintain this stupid line is beyond me. However casual fans still have a support for the club to want to turn out in such numbers for a final, so let's test the theory about how much these cup finals really mean to you guys who apparently appreciate them so much more than us. Do they appreciate it enough to want to buy tickets to go watch the team they claim to 'support'. Ah & this stupid attitude from you & people like you is the very reason why your club will continue to be seen as nobodies, yearning for cup every 19yrs.
  10. What relevance does our performance against Barca have to do with a Celtic v Motherwell match?
  11. Of course your 43,000 fans from the Celtic Park final & the 5,000 who missed out where all banging down the door to get into Pittodrie after the final. The alternative is working well eh! What do-able plans would you have to encourage more of your fans to turn up?
  12. I think that's because we have that scheme in place there that allows our youth players to be schooled together & tailored with their training requirements. I'm just speaking in general. I'd have the first team squad players go out in groups of 2-4 and give training to schools through the week.
  13. Depends if your fans want to support the club or not. If they want a cup final ticket they will buy a package. Aberdeen make some money & get the fans coming to Pittodrie a bit more regularly. Plus if as suggested it's priced attractively, your fans will get a good deal. If they aren't interested in getting a package & putting into your club then why reward them with a final ticket. The demand for a cup final ticket should work to your advantage. You obviously haven't read my posts then. I agree we have fans like that. Every club does. I've already stated that. I've already stated there were two Celtic fans I known of who were at Hampden who shouldn't have been able to get a ticket. Best check your facts on that rant. You send players out to schools to give them football coaching? We don't at Celtic but it's something I'd like to see every club do. Unless they do double training sessions. If they are in, doing a half days work, then the 2nd part of they day should see them out in the community. I never said they don't back them. I'm saying they don't back them they way I think they should. Personal opinion.
  14. Well this season there are 5 league games to be played after the semi-final so you could either fit it in if you have 3 homes games, or reduce it to a 2 match package if you only have 2 remains home games. &/or sell the packages for the start of the following season. You could also add incentives so if anyone did buy a 2-3 match package, you could offer them a ST for the following season at a reduced rate.
  15. The game against Unirea only attracted 37,500...& that's with the 1000 freebies. Even accounting for low travelling numbers, the stadium should be as good as sold out. I accept you generally do have around the 45,000 mark but you are like us, when the crowds start staying away & you include absent ST holders. There were plenty of games in League 1 & the Championship where you could see thousands of empty seats.
  16. Brendan Rodgers looking forward to seeing Gary Mackay-Steven in action http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/celtic-boss-brendan-rodgers-looking-9373485#ICID=ios_DailyRecordNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other Looks like GMS is still in the managers plans.
  17. It won't be easy I accept and there are people paid good money who have more time & energy to make this work. Personally speaking though, I've already said that when Aberdeen reach a cup final against a Celtic or Rangers, I wouldn't be pandering to the day trippers. By all means take up the 50/50 split of tickets and guarantee your own ST holders a ticket as well as keeping aside a sufficient number for your sponsors & hospitality packages. Then I'd make a public announcement to the wider Aberdeen fan base and inform them that anyone who bought a 3 match package for your home league games would be entitled to purchase a ticket for the cup final and set a deadline on it. Make it a first come first served basis. If these tickets aren't snapped up then I'd hand them back for the rival club to sell. I think this would encourage fans to at least put something back into the club and turn up for a few games. People like my brother shouldn't be getting a ticket because he went to Hamilton away and his Rangers supporting wife shouldn't be getting a ticket full stop. These tickets should only be going to fans who actually put time and money into the club. The 3 match package could be priced very reasonably say £45 for adults & £20 for kids. Better to have money coming in than empty seats plus they have the incentive of being entitled to a big cup final ticket instead of just turning up. Another thing I'd be doing is sending my players out for a couple of hours each week to local schools to give them training, and also on the PR offensive to sell the club to them. Maybe put some cheap Aberdeen goodie bags together and hand them out to the kids to get them loved up with Aberdeen from the start. I'd also be looking to try and interact with youth groups and giving out free tickets to these groups to try and encourage them to get used to supporting the Dons. I certainly think these are a few things they could be doing for starters. P.S don't send Ash Taylor out to train the kids as this could harm their development
  18. It's not vastly different. Also when I was an living in Swindon, I went to watch them play every now and again. That actually added to their numbers. So people moving to the city hampers them while their young people moving to our city hampers them too. C'mon, there are Aberdeen fans at Uni here but this is a reason why they managed to set up Supporters clubs here that still manage to travel to Pittodrie. Also Glasgow & Edinburgh also attract people who move to and from it for these reasons too. People will always come out the woodwork for a cup final and I actually know of two people who were in the Celtic end at Hampden on Sunday who should never have been there. How they got tickets ahead of fans who go I'll never know. We are all guilty of getting glory hunters for cup finals and I'm not expecting Aberdeen to attract 48,000 because they sold 43,000 tickets for Celtic Park & demanded 5,000 more. However, lets just stop the pretence that somehow other than the 13,000 who on average turn out at Pittodrie, that the remaining numbers all flew in from Timbuktu. Yes you will get far travelled fans coming, but I'd say a rough estimate of 90-95% of those fans were from in or around Aberdeen. I don't think that'd be too far off the truth. I do hope a new stadium does help bring Aberdeen more fans to watch them. I truly believe that in the 3 clubs I mentioned, we have the potential to make this league a million miles better than what it is.
  19. The very response you have dished out yourself on several occasions. I thought it was the norm to reply like this going by your kind of posts...no? It was a bit of light hearted banter. Maybe I should now proceed to guffaw and try and take the piss out of you for not being able to see that. No wait, that'd be pretty petty & pathetic.
  20. Care to explain the reactions? There is a book called 'Soccernomics'. I've only seen the word posted on here so googled it. I fail to see what the issue is. Try & respond without acting like fannies if it's possible.
  21. Stop being a fucking bore. I love the way you come across all patronising & put yourself up as judge & jury as to what is allowed to be posted or a good post. I've read some pish posts from yourself & others. I've seen countless topics ruined by the usual suspects & nobody says a word. As soon as a post comes on from a Celtic/Rangers fan you disagree with or dislike, you try to belittle it with the mob mentality. Seriously, get a grip. How dare a Celtic fan have a wee light hearted post having a laugh. Mind you, you & Tony's back slapping of each other was also becoming a bit nauseating also.
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