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  1. Anyone who knows the slightest thing about football knows the ref had a poor game.
  2. Why would I deny a blatant fact about us having the biggest budget. My point is you take issue with Celtic fans apparently having an issue with the facts being used (which they don't), then you take issue when the fact is presented that the ref had a poor game yesterday. Nothing like a nice bit of double standards from you!
  3. Oh dear, this clown doesn't like it when the facts get presented the other way!
  4. 3-0 to the Hoops. Unbeaten run to continue. Partick fans to be on moaning about a free-kick being taken a yard away from where it should've been. Stan to be on with more anti-Celtic venom along with a few more of the usual suspects that this game has nothing to do with. At the end of the day, the bhoys will be happy with another 3pts and to watch the meltdown unfold on here as the green machine thunders on.
  5. As for the game. Dundee came not to lose which is their prerogative. Celtic should've been out of sight in the first half but were wasteful. Some fantastic football played by us for the first hour then we took our foot off the gas which resulted in slack passing. As much as we deserved to win the game & should've won by a 2-3 goal margin, we were lucky not to slip up at the end when Dundee missed that great chance. Bobby Madden was poor. Booking a Celtic player then in the next 5 mins allowing 3 Dundee players away without bookings for fouls that were equally as bad as the one he booked us for. Oh well 20 Domestic games unbeaten. THAT'S WHY WE'RE CHAMPIONS!
  6. How fucking dare we spend the money we make Oh the Dee fans are an absolute mess. Not surprised that Stan is all over yet another Celtic thread. Not quite sure if he's suppressing his love for Celtic, or if his constant Victor meldrew moaning about us is because he's suppressing his love for The Rangers. Maybe if he & his stay away fans turned up then the budget gap wouldn't be as big. It'd certainly help them do better against the mighty Ross County.
  7. Surely not. Everyone on here says he never gets booked.
  8. Disappointed in you Romeo. Thought you could've found a place in there to mention the poor view behind the pillar. That's a strong favourite!
  9. Would like to see Rodgers start with Griffiths tonight & give Dembele a place on the bench. This squad has been used almost every game apart from maybe a rare tinkering with the odd player or an enforced injury. I'd also like to see poss Ryan Christie or Liam Henderson start too.
  10. You'll struggle to get 54 to hold his hands up and admit he was wrong. That's Be'er Sheva now beaten Inter Milan home & away as well as eliminating a good Premiership side. Not bad for a wee pub team eh.
  11. Still failing to grasp what 'rarely' means. If you look at say the last 3 weeks worth of top flight fixtures as a rough example, other than the Celtic threads, this is 'probably' the only thread I've commented on. Even an idiot like yourself can grasp that kinda ratio would be classed as 'rarely'. Continue with your broken record player patter though...when you're not stooping to make it personal chat about people's families.
  12. Fair play to you mate. At least you don't try to dress it up as anything other than what it is, unlike many of your fellow fans on here. Can't fathom Aberdeen fans out. What more do they want to happen before they turn out in their numbers at Pittodrie.
  13. Enough with these awful puns everyone. FFS you lot are having a mare.
  14. We were hoping to get a trip to Madrid & Gronigen so we could cause trouble but we didn't want to be the 2nd club from here to do that.
  15. If there is anyone worth raising my standard for in the future, I will consider your request. Oh dear, getting personal and bringing our kids into the topic. How very classy of you. Although given I have stayed at home looking after my children many times, it does make your classless post look stupid into the bargain. From the club who are fond of flying the Union Flag you must be at the wind up
  16. Oh I have. I just didn't mean to add that one as I'm not quoting anyone. I would've edited it but I didn't think anyone would've been as pedantic as to pull me up on it
  17. Hopefully the usual suspects will reign it in.
  18. Did you go to Pittodrie last night or were you one of the missing ones who decided to stay home and watch yer big club take on Man City?
  19. Read Tom English saying it on Twitter. Assuming as a journalist he's done his homework...then again.
  20. Anyway, getting back on track before the 'obsessed' (that's what you do when a rival comments on a topic about your club right?) fan started his crap. Superb performance tonight. Yes it wasn't the strongest Man City side but they were all recognisable names that were deemed good enough for their CL squad. That so-called reserve side also cost £92m to assemble so let's not take anything away from our performance & result tonight. More money in the bank & thats 3 games unbeaten in the group. Apart from the 2nd half of the Barca thrashing & the home defeat to BMG, we have played well in this group. A wee bit better composure in Germany & tonight, as well as getting the ref to award us a penalty and it could've been European football after Christmas but hey ho, they done us proud......
  21. Well at least we don't hide it. You lot are meant to be the Quintessential British Club. They at least expect it from us but your meant to love these people. What's your excuse?
  22. You have some cheek after your fans last trip to Manchester. At least we don't sing songs about how much we love Britain shortly before we destroy the place and attack it's citizens.
  23. Was at that game and the fact I knew his cousins who were all bitter Rangers fans from up my way only made it worse. One of their family members scoring to beat Celtic was lapped up by them.
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