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  1. And some people say I take the forum too seriously. I work with many gay people and have banter about it with them in pretty much the same way I have often called fellow Celtic fans I work with '****** b*****ds' when we play our 6-a-side games, despite shock, horror, being a '****** b*****d' myself. Let's lose the PC attitudes.
  2. If it's that nightclub then is it not the birds & the birds chat or bees & the bees?
  3. Out of curiosity, were you named after the Glasgow nightclub you were conceived in
  4. Quite an ironic post since you are probably neck and neck with the likes of Stan for most posts on Celtic threads that don't involve your team.
  5. I think it'd have only been marginally better if we played a Hearts or Aberdeen tbh. My own kids wanted to stay in cos it was too cold & I couldn't blame them. Wondered why I was going myself with the rain battering me on the way to the ground. If we played the same opposition when we were originally meant to, I think you'd be looking at 56,000 tonight instead of the 40,000+ it appeared to look like. Even Partick's usual travelling support looked about 2/3rds of what they usually bring.
  6. You're hurting, I get it. Did you need the rant to show it though.
  7. Well I never suggested they shouldn't, or that I was discussing this thread in particular. In fact I said Celtic threads
  8. Poor crowd tonight & that's with the allocation of free tickets all being snapped up by ST holders which means many ST holders gave this one a miss. Given the weather, temperature, time of year etc then it's no surprise and given our heavy fixture schedule you have to wonder what the crowd would've been had this game taken place in the summer as intended instead of in the midst of Winter/Christmas. Cheers for that Celtic. Freezing my balls off tonight. It's much appreciated.
  9. Apart from the countless non-Celtic fans who can always be found posting on the Celtic threads
  10. Just cos he's celebrating our centenary season in his profile name doesn't make him one of us. We don't want him anyway, you can have him
  11. Just in from the game. Celtic deserved the win but Thistle played well & if they had taken a point, you couldn't have grudges then it. The game was a bit like the Dundee game on Saturday in the sense we could've ended up dropping 2pts but whereas Dundee came not to lose and played for a wee bit towards the end of the game, Thistle actually started brightly and had decent wee spells throughout the game and tried to press us so credit to the Jags for having a go. Thought the Thistle keeper pulled off a couple of very good saves that kept us from doubling our lead. The one from I think it may have been McGregor was particularly good how he got down so quickly. Looked like it had goal written all over it. Be good to get to the end of this run of games and get back to playing our regular 11 in games. Having played almost the same starting 11 most weeks, and starting to change it the past fortnight or so, you can see where some unfamiliarity is creeping into our play, especially in the 2nd half. Oh well, 14pts clear & still a game in hand.
  12. Oh FFS, here comes the Unionist backup. My opinion on the allocation won't change while you continue to attract 2 men & a dug to your games but I'm laughing at you here...not raging.
  13. As I said, defender knows he's on to a loser & takes a wee fall. Ref buys it and awards the foul. It's quite simple to understand.
  14. I understand this thread is easy for you since you decided to support The Rangers when the option to support Rangers was taken away from you, but let the rest of us have our fun on here.
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