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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60477065 wait I thought she was working through covid according to the Daily Mail etc
  2. I was based near Freiburg with my work in the late 90’s for 4 months and I can only echo the above.. Brilliant stadium and fans, fantastic small city and summer weather is almost Mediterranean like. Great beer too. Regret never getting back to a game at that stadium but have visited the area with my family a few times (Europapark close by was a firm favourite with the kids). Always look out for their results.
  3. It’s like when you go to a toilet with a row of 6 or 7 urinals all free…and someone pulls up next to you to p1ss
  4. Move on then sounds an unhealthy environment. There has been hints from the usual HR departments and directors of a return to the office for ‘health reasons’ in our organisation, ‘it’s not healthy to be stuck your house’....lot of p1sh. I’m hopeful of wfh 3 days a week and if they tell me I’m going back into the office 5 days I’ll walk out.
  5. Of course you should have the right to opt out, however if you’ve opted out and later on you require an organ to save your own life then you should be put straight to the back of the queue, or better still not in the queue at all.
  6. I’m going to watch it Friday to Friday, something to look forward to with a few beers. Like you say the characters are excellent. I’ll probably end up watching 83 again after it’s all finished.
  7. Good stuff it continues to get better. Still prefer D83 but this is still a good watch. Looking forward to 89 next month.
  8. And the Germans will come back with ‘Four world cups and half your deaths’
  9. Stick with Deutschland 86 it does get better. Deutschland 83 was fantastic hard to beat. Regarding Babylon Berlin where can I see it from season 1?
  10. Think the Leon is based on the Golf...Ibiza is based on the polo.
  11. Got to say now on episode 3 and this is utter pish
  12. That first picture is Bayern’s old strip so although it was pre lockdown I think it was going back at least a year...not January 2020 as the media reported it.
  13. USA has about 4 times the population of Germany...yet deaths in Germany linked to CV about 4500, USA about at 41000.
  14. Allegri could be the man.....Mourihno said he would love to manage a team in the Bundesliga. Not sure Bayern fans would be overly happy with him though.
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