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  1. They have included Syngenta attendances...!!!
  2. Just you stick to red dotting posts like the child you are. Accept your demise gracefully - it's people like you who contribute nothing that's partially to blame
  3. An excellent article on BBC website about Benfica. Highlighting benefits of competitive football for development of young talent. Scottish football doesn't really offer much opportunity for youngsters to be blooded. Champions League: Inside Benfica's £1bn talent factory - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/64763373
  4. I said years ago, that Athletic would develop beyond Utd as they had a dynamic modern approach and mindset that the other mob don't have. Maybe it's time for Utd to turn off the lights and accept the inevitable.
  5. Heard suggestion teams are going to toss for venue?
  6. By this time next year Athletic will have swallowed them up. A bit like with Camelon / Syngenta.
  7. Highlights are available earlier in the thread. Decent enough crowd in attendance - around 500+ at a guess
  8. If that's your best response then you clearly recognise I'm correct. Indeed I'd go as far as suggesting you're lot wouldn't even be top 4 in EoS Premier.
  9. The Lowland League committee may award you a trophy, just like the EoS. It's actually questionable if Utd are even the best team in Bo'ness these days?
  10. To busy trolling like a 10 year old - red dotting posts, I think he added 49 including to some of my posts from years ago....!!!
  11. Personally, I believe you should always start with your best 11. You win the game and then use 5 subs for game time. I'm not a big fan of squad rotation. But hey ho, still delighted at the win.
  12. We started with our 3 top scorers and 3 other regulars on the bench. Our 2nd half team after subs was more reflective of our best team. We haven't played well for a while - heavier parks don't always suit our style of play.
  13. A poor first half performance, with a team starting with our 3 top scorers and 3 other regular starters. 2nd to every ball and 2 central defenders who were beat under every high ball launched by the Beggars. 2nd half we introduced McPherson and Stowe and this helped bring a massive improvement and we did just enough to win a game which we were far from our best.
  14. Firmly put back in yer boxes by a Rose side who started without our 3 top scorers and 3 other regulars. A good team would have had the game won by half time. Thankfully your mob a kid on Lowland League side. HTG
  15. Devastated, I assume the DSS stopped your giro?
  16. I certainly wouldn't have thought that from his performance. He was equally bad for both teams and any report will also include input from both assistants and associated evidence captured.
  17. You forget to mention the Rose supporter left blooded and requiring a visit to A&E. The only people on the park looking to cause bother were Dundonald supporting individuals. The part I agree with is Dundonald number 10 starts the trouble. Bottom line the EoS will deal with this matter and I'm sure justice will be done.
  18. Don't kid on you have a friend - my Bo'ness supporting friend says they don't like you either.
  19. It has been very quiet since Saturday and not heard any official updates. The initial rumour was 4 reds.
  20. I meant unacceptable - Sibanda (Dundonald captain) ran a good 30 yards to throw punches, instead of trying to calm the situation an absolute disgrace - from a player who until yesterday I had the utmost respect for. Also hearing suggestion of 4 red cards issued and a Rose supporter ending up in A&E with a possible fractured eye socket.
  21. That doesn't surprise me. The EoS needs to have a close look at the Dundonald set up. Yesterday's scenes were the worst I have witnessed in many a year. The actions of initially Brown (10) and Sinbanda (7) were catalyst to what then transpired. A situation worsened as players having to run a gauntlet from pitch to changing rooms - through Dundonald officials / supporters. A totally unacceptable situation and not something I would wish to witness again.
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