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  1. Rose v Tynecastle scheduled for tomorrow night has been postponed due to weather.
  2. Can someone clarify why WoS clubs can still participate?
  3. Show the picture on edge of 18 yard box and your argument becomes less convincing. Unfortunately it's the Refs opinion that counts.
  4. 1st sending off, I'd have been shouting for a red if same incident had been at the other end. From the highlights I can't see any decision that the officials made wrong - always the easiest option to blame officials. We regularly change our starting 11 as Herdy has always stated he has confidence in all his players. To be fair this has worked more often than not. Personally given we regularly use 5 subs it's a natural rotation in most games. I'd prefer we start strongest team and freshen with subs. Yesterday we started with little or no recognised partnerships in any area of the team. Cunningham started on right having played central in most if not all his previous starts. Allison and Skinner, can't recall watching them played together at centre half before. That lack of understanding showed at 1st goal and ended in red for Allison. A bad day at the office and hopefully we react to this and learn from it.
  5. A very disappointing end to a great run. Another wholesale rotation of the team saw no recognised partnership starting. This cost us early as LTHV walked through both our midfield and defence, Allison bringing down their player just outside the box and deemed as last man so saw red very early on - to rub salt into the wounds they scored from free kick. It got worse as we went 2-0 down. Followed by McMullan missing a penalty. 2nd half wasn't much better, 4-0 down before the subs started to impact to bring us back to 4-2. Thom deservedly sent off late on for an assault of a foul. Easy to point fingers at officials, but that's not totally fair as we were architects of our own downfall. Tynecastle at home next Friday and we need to show the right reaction.
  6. If it was SFA advice you have little choice but follow. This decision also penalised Linlithgow, through additional costs, providing stewards and portable toilets not to mention loss of income from pie and bovril income from Sauchie supporters. Unfortunately the decision to have segregation seems to have been justified with one bad egg from Sauchie launching a missile at Linlithgow fans.
  7. It's all about the result and sometimes you have to win ugly. Whilst our midfield / forwards were off the boil our defence were superb. Wind spoiled the game - but same for both sides and possibly suited Sauchie more than Linlithgow. HTG
  8. Really looking forward to the game tomorrow. Should be a good old fashioned blood n snotters cup tie. Sauchie have hit form in recent weeks so Rose will need to be at their best. HTG
  9. The assault by the Strollers player in Thomson was a clear a red, unfortunately the ref bottled it - also reduced us to 10 men. Watching replay of Cunningham sending off, the assistant referee either missed the incident or was not supporting the referee as it all stemmed from a punch from Arnie Kasa. The subsequent Strollers sending off was a clear assault and looks worse on the highlights. But that shouldn't distract from another superb Rose performance. Whilst Stowe rightly picked up MoM for yet another hat-trick, I thought Heaver and Thomson were awesome together on our left.
  10. Another cracking watch with Rose worthy winners via another Stowe hat-trick. Only downside was an injury to Cammy Thomson via a tackle that should have been a red all day long. The game became farcical with Cunningham seeing red followed by a Strollers player. HTG
  11. The red card only gives Penicuik something to cling to. We were magnificent all over the park and an absolute joy to watch. I genuinely think we could use the bingo machine to pick the team and we would still get a performance from them. Two massive games ahead starting next week with Civil Service Stroller then Sauchie in the Scottish.
  12. Same could be said of LL blocking 3 leagues below. Majority of LL teams are playing above their real level, safe in the knowledge of only 1 relegation spot.
  13. A good summary. Early doors, the game took time to settle and could have went in any direction. Once Stowe scored that seemed to relax the Rose and could only see one winner after that. 2nd goal as good a team effort as you will see.
  14. Another excellent 90 minutes of top class football and worth every penny of the £10 admission.
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