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  1. Good luck to the laddie and hope he is a success. However it concerns me that we are signing unknowns without having seen him play whilst losing yet another experienced quality player from the squad in TC.
  2. Agree, it's sad that he was allowed to leave midweek without the last opportunity to say goodbye to the supporters. It's been apparent in recent weeks, that we were clearing the decks. Suggestion was that travelling from Glasgow 3 times a week was becoming an issue. Add in the lack of game time due to injury / non-selection. So maybe the writing was on the wall, that the time was right. I genuinely thought, that he would retire once he finished with Linlithgow. TC will be a player fondly remembered and will forever be a ROSE LEGEND. Thanks for the memories.
  3. Daryl didn't impress on Saturday, shame as showed the odd glimpse in his first spell at Linlithgow.
  4. Agree, today was an enjoyable watch. As referenced in the after match interview winning is a good habit. I think we are still short of the required level being set by Penicuik/Tranent but will be delighted if I'm proved wrong. The big plus for me we have some top class quality in the squad, something we've lacked in recent years.
  5. He came on as a late sub and looked kean enough to get on the ball. The game was done however and time will tell on what his impact will be.
  6. SIGNING NEWS The Club is delighted to announce the signing of midfielder Jamie Allan. Jamie joins us on loan from East Fife Football Club and will be included in the squad for today’s East of Scotland Premier Division fixture again Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale at #prestonfieldofdreams. Welcome to The Rose Jamie! #htg #hailthegallant
  7. The majority of people taking advantage and breaking the rules were Linlithgow fans. Personally, I enjoyed my visit and pretty sure so did the vast majority of Linlithgow fans. I would rather visit a place with atmosphere and have some good old fashioned banter than some of the soulless plastic pitches we regularly visit these days.
  8. First visit in many a year to Ferguson Park, a proper football set-up, all credit to their committee. Enjoyed the game, felt our performance merited more than 2-0, however good goalkeeping and poor finishing kept the score down. Our real tests are still ahead and how we fare against Tranent and Penicuik will tell the real story.
  9. Always horrible to hear of any player being injured - wishing the laddie all the best for a speedy recovery.
  10. Don't think it's a question of not supporting the management. Merely expressing a view.
  11. For me only Cairns would be a miss and still hope he stays. I have no problem with a manager wanting to bring in his own players to an under performing team. It does however concern me that we aren't starting with the fringe players that can't even get a game. Surely you start by emptying these players, with original starters making up the squad as new blood arrives to improve the team.
  12. TRANSFER NEWS The Club is delighted to announce the arrival of midfielder Callum Bremner, 21. Callum joins us from Newtongrange Star and previously played with Stirling University.
  13. Kyle Wilson signed for Bo'ness United. Playing well and has already scored for the BU's. Didn't set the heather on fire at Linlithgow, always felt he lacked confidence. Looking back his previous clubs would suggest he has always shown but never fully produced his full potential.
  14. Not overly concerned about the loss, with the exception of Dean Cairns, for me our best midfielder this season. New manager new ideas
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