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  1. 5-0 and a missed penalty, Rose magnificent from kick off. Any question marks (including mine) have gone, we are the real deal.
  2. A huge match today, a massive opportunity to find out how far we have come since August. Penicuik will also be looking to bounce back after last week, all the ingredients for a cracking afternoon of football. All roads lead to Prestonfield of Dreams.
  3. I actually thought he handled the first half very well. Unfortunately his 2nd half performance was all over the place. Thankfully his performance didn't impact the result. Tynecastle had a game plan which they carried out very well. Not the best Linlithgow performance, but their efforts alone gave them the deserved winner. Must also say the set-up at Tynecastle was first class and a very enjoyable venue to watch a match.
  4. Any reason why you are showing games as Void / Postponed? Or merely highlighting the difference due to weather / other?
  5. Linlithgow v Blackburn was called off on Thursday, non weather issue.
  6. FFS, 1st of January 2022 and Alan's already in meltdown - must be a new record even for him. Anyway Happy New Year to one and all.
  7. Irrespective of where the celebration took place, there is still no excuse for such a response. But don't want to dwell upon this incident in what was an excellent night's entertainment.
  8. A great 2nd half performance from the Rose. The strike from Docherty was worth the admission on its own. Only low point was the bottle thrown at the Rose players after the Stowe penalty. Thankfully it wasn't a glass one. A head gone moment from a silly laddie.
  9. According to Broxburn Facebook page, they will be selling the last remaining tickets before the game.
  10. Don't think the wee Rose will win the EoSFL.....and if they do a big Westie will beat them. Regardless if we do or don't win the league. The one thing for certain our future will be decided on the pitch not a committee room.
  11. Classic, one of your boys came in at half time ordered 7 pints of lager for the group he was drinking with before the game. Unfortunately his pals didn't mention they were enjoying half time hospitality.....!!!! Would have loved to see how he ended up at full time
  12. The next 2 games are at grounds we haven't traditionally done well at.
  13. We played the game at a good tempo throughout and showed a lot of good running off the ball. It was also good to see that the introduction of our subs had no impact on the performance. 14 on the bounce is good going no matter what league or opposition you play.
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