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  1. They are not use to modern technology. Still very much a Kodak browning kinda club.
  2. 3-0 TC. Bo'ness assistant ref keeping the score down with some dodgy decisions. 1st game where I have saw an elephant whilst sober.
  3. Kick off delayed until 2.45 pm due to large Rose following delayed in pub..!! Either that or late arrival of ref - take your pick.
  4. Was looking forward to a trip to HoB and helping our neighbours title aspirations...!!!!
  5. Good pragmatic decision - playing would only further damage the pitch. Not like it's one of these hire jobs which you can just use and abuse.
  6. You may not like it - but that's exactly what will happen. They have contributed more to the improvements of Newtown Park in 6 months than you guys had in the previous 50 odd years..!!
  7. I would have thought they would have also looked at the issue of boundaries - addressing the Tayside question. How does this effect Dunipace and their thinking do they go back west or stay east.
  8. Within a couple of years they will take over the EoS version.
  9. For potential champions - the Beggars don't seem to be attracting additional support, in anything it seems to be dropping with even mid-table teams consistently drawing better numbers.
  10. I agree about the disallowed goal seems a poor decision. Horrendous conditions well done to the cameraman.
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