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  1. You have lost the plot. Myself wanting lower league football off during a pandemic doesn't automatically equate to me being seething at Camelon playing.
  2. Why would I be raging? Win, lose or draw it could be your last game anyway.
  3. This decision was likely forced upon the SFA following their failure to act over Celtic in Dubai. Not to mention all the non essential extra people attending away games who are breaching the essential travel rules. FM made it clear last week when the Dalbeattie situation was raised at her briefing. That only players and essential backroom staff to travel. At this level football isn't essential during a pandemic
  4. We don't keep many blank sheets, my starting point for assessing a defence. On Saturday we conceded minutes after scoring. Then conceded two within a minute. If your defence is solid that takes a bit of pressure of others. Goals for hasn't been our issue.
  5. Given you both hire parks it could become the Beggars Derby..!!!
  6. I agree Thom wouldn't be my 1st choice for centre half. Would rather start with Nimmo and Brownlie and Thom at right back. Nimmo joined us last January and in the games he played looked the part. Stevenson hasn't done anything wrong, so my preference for Thom is on past experiences of him at RB. Kyle Wilson hasn't impressed with his poor workrate, that said I'm convinced he is lost playing wide and needs to be closer to TC. TC is still a cut above, even playing as our target man. He continues to look at times our only real goal threat. I felt we looked to be playing 4-3-3 yesterday but with a midfield not helped by either full back or Wilson / Ronald and this resulted in as being to narrow at times, which Forfar exploited. We ended up victim of our own errors.
  7. Poor defending was our downfall, quite simply if you don't defend well you don't win. In the wider context, for a team 3 Tiers above ourselves they were no great shakes. But hey ho, good luck to them. 3 attempts and Forfar still haven't beat us in 90 minutes.
  8. Unfortunately our 2 central defenders have not had the greatest of games. After 90 minutes I felt we had a chance as they aren't 3 leagues better than us. However the first half of extra time we have imploded.
  9. Correct. Yesterday at the FM briefing, she showed both her lack of interest in football and surprise at some of the concessions afforded to football - especially at our level. It was also quite clear, that only players and minimal possible number of support staff should be travelling to games. (Coaching staff / physio?). Committee travelling by default will / could fail to meet essential travel criteria. So now the subject has been raised - it won't take much for further restrictions to be introduced.
  10. Not sure, a lot of the loans were short term (Xmas) so don't know who is still around or not.
  11. Played and scored against Blackburn. I think that was his one and only appearance.
  12. Hardly surprising as they weren't getting game time. Not sure what our current squad situation is. I'm assuming the Livingston loanees have departed (except the keeper). With Sandison back to Hearts? Hopefully Wilson from Talbot remains as a decent player.
  13. Watching Trump deny a democratic result, has a striking resemblance to Scotland and denial of both the 2014 Independence Referendum and the 2016 EU Referendum results. Thankfully the denial remains largely peaceful protest.
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