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  1. Night and day from Saturday. A fantastic performance from the Rose tonight and well deserved 6-1 winners. A stunning display of finishing from Stowe with 4 and Docherty with 2. Hopefully we take this level of performance forwards. HTG.
  2. All very well trying to play out from the back, but it defeats the purpose when the defence then shell it long. It was a hard watch at times.
  3. It's been a long time, competitve football is back. A wee trip to Bah Humbug Park Crossgates. HTG.
  4. Given the average crowds of some teams, not that many away fans will miss out. Very few take a notable away support.
  5. Remember you handed the keys back. Their entitled to hire it like every other homeless team.
  6. Game abandoned at half time, crowd trouble. Video on Facebook Scottish football away days page.
  7. Installed for your benefit, so you could sit down as normal.
  8. Battle of the Roses, 2 pm Prestonfield of Dreams. After a lacklustre start, I'm not looking forward to this Fingers crossed [emoji1696] that we turn up and show something as we head to a new season.
  9. Oh the irony. How much have the respective Bo'ness clubs contributed to upgrades for Newtown Park, in recent times?
  10. No such thing as friendlies, it's about installing a winning mentality. No matter the formation/tactics we should still reasonably expect to win a game against lower league opposition. Especially if you hold our level of ambition. It's also concerning that a month into preseason and lack of fitness is being cited for a number of players.
  11. Pre season should be about setting a benchmark for the season ahead. 1 win and 3 defeats isn't inspiring confidence. Especially as 2 opponents were from 2 divisions below. The next games are against strong opposition and that is giving me the fear.
  12. Hardly an inspiring start. New signings aren't defenders though - losing 3 goals suggest the problem isn't just up front.
  13. Armadale 2 v 1 Linlithgow at half time. Not a promising start to our season so far. Can only improve.
  14. Dean Shaw signed from Sygenta. Ex Camelon keepe. He was decent enough albeit small for a keeper. Clearly a theme as McMinn ain't the tallest either.
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