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  1. As you say this has not happened overnight. Since that fateful day at St Andrews there have been more lows than highs. Not a single Manager since that day has been universally accepted by all and that hasn't helped the situation. We have a relatively new committee who were left pretty much a ground zero when they took over. Bradley clearly had historical opponents within committee and that showed when he was replaced after only his 2nd defeat of the season. Such a quick sacking can also impact players by association that the committee don't rate them either - a fact maybe reflected in the largely downward spiral of performances since. Hopefully Brown Ferguson has the appeal to all and is given opportunity to build his own team - but for certain that isn't going to happen overnight or this season.
  2. Don't think we have been overly competitive in recent months either.
  3. 10.30 am inspection according to a committee man. We are home to Whitehill Welfare he was saying.
  4. Don't think anyone claimed every improvement was 100% self funded. Prestonfield has been developed over the years. To such an extent that obtaining a license was a no brainer - before clubs even contemplated the EoS. Since clubs moved to the EoS it has been fantastic to see the improvements by most.
  5. Just answer the question - what steps have been taken to move forwards by Bo'ness following their move from Juniors to Seniors? From the outside it looks like the answer is not much.
  6. Aye there is a tournament you can enter to win a licence right enough. Of course it was bought - it was bought through the £000's of our own money spent to upgrade our ground to reach a required standard. Almost en masse every ex junior team who moved to the EoS has put their hands in the pocket to work on obtaining a license - money for an application plus ground improvements. Yet you seem content to criticise other teams whilst your own team have done diddly squat. Maybe you should be querying their vision past hiring the park for next week.
  7. Looked like plenty of activity at half time to me - or maybe all the kids playing 7s was a mirage. Happy to compare where our respective teams are at. Licence - check Own ground - check Social club - check Own Hospitality Suite (not shared) - check Your turn...!!!
  8. Thanks for your 30 quid. If you have a look at the attendances thread - you will notice exactly who consistently has the larger crowds in games involving either Linlithgow or Bo'ness Merit - that's a good one you should be embarrassed at all the other clubs investing in their future whilst you live of the hard work of others - such as NPA and Bo'ness Juniors. Admit it you support a backwards club.
  9. Away and comment on your own Scottish tie...!! Just remember you support one of the few backwards teams who haven't even applied for a licence. A team who waits in line on a Monday morning to hire the local council facility like a pub team.
  10. Our allocation of 1100 sold out in 3 hours. A similar story with Falkirk. The game was sold out on the Capacity decreed by WLC. Depriving a lot of supporters the opportunity to go. Anyway - how many tickets have you sold for your own Scottish tie today?
  11. Were you the one spitting on the Rose player? You come across as that type of Bellend.
  12. You won't have seen many posts over the years where Sammom mentioned as a positive influence...!!!
  13. McKinley is rank rotten and cost us twice in the 1st half. Although the positioning of Thom was suspect also. I thought Scullion and McGowan are looking a decent partnership. Delighted we got a goal from a worked set piece. Our overall effort was exactly the level required every week not just for TV. I think all involved putting last night together deserve special mention. I hope that PS take action to find the scumbag spitting at TC.
  14. Big shout out to WLDC for a ludicrous decision to limit the crowd to 1730. Plenty spaces all round the ground. Delighted to still be in the game at H/T.
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