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  1. My continued concern is the EoS taking the easiest solution over a more pragmatic approach and trying to resolve via football. I get the various arguments as why the PPG approach is the solution. Even some sort of a play off would be preferable.
  2. Same could be applied to teams in the LL. The only outcome that provides an equal outcome is Null and Void. PPG only works when every team has played every other team home and away. This provides an equal outcome to all. Unfortunately for me the problem remains we are trying to end seasons early, rather than exhausting all avenues.
  3. Since Kelty took the first steps towards embracing the pyramid concept. Clubs have progressed quicker than the overall concept. Leagues decided in board rooms. Changing rules during the season. Still no joined up solution that covers all of Scotland. Hardly a glowing endorsement of the pyramid concept.
  4. Personally, I would have never started the season from the off. However having started, you have to try and complete in my view. At this moment if league is awarded you then enter into a close season...!! Why not take advantage of playing May and June.
  5. Agree, we are all missing football. Quite possibly that was behind the decision to dive head long back into a new season that had no guarantee of being completed. The solution of using PPG is a very easy cop out.
  6. Back to back boardroom titles, is an absolute disgrace. Titles should only be won on the park. (Not the fault of Kelty - I hasten to add)
  7. TC, Thom and Hare signed another years contract. So now 13 signed players for the restart in 2026-27.
  8. There are plenty teams in the pyramid who have grown for their own Benefits and not always the wider good. There have been plenty arguments suggesting that this is a good thing. As such teams allow players opportunity. Personally for me it's about clubs traditionally only thinking on number one. Clubs run on shoestrings by a few volunteers. Who had enough problems running one team never mind kids teams etc. This resulted in the rise of community clubs. As these clubs grew so did their ambitions. I have always said the real danger is the smaller teams ambition taking over the established team. Or has the pyramid created a monster and such situations as lower level football disappears. Afterall you only need to hire a park and of you go..!!
  9. Null and void is the only option. Football needs to be properly decided on a pitch over a full season - not in a committee room. If people are hell bent on football again this season. Why not play a cup competition in June - would also be a pre pre season.
  10. Mighty Mariners FB page. From the playing squad at Camelon Juniors Following the nonsensical sacking of Gordon Herd and John Millar, followed by the resignations of Eamon Fullerton, Ali Jenkins and Emma Harper. The full 1st team squad would like to announce publicly that we have no confidence in this current Camelon committee. We are hugely concerned by the current state of the club we all love dearly...
  11. Very clear something far from right at Camelon. This pains me, as saw similar happen at Linlithgow and I know the pain that caused.
  12. There are still to many variables for this season to be completed. At least there is growing confidence in next season going ahead in relative normality.
  13. J P Millar. Sacked through Facebook. Wow. I am never one to take to social media but on this occasion it is simply vital. To be very clear, we have not “parted company”, we were sacked for asking questions regarding the running of the club. The truth as always will out... Gordon Herd Eamon Fullerton Andy Kay Greg Skinner Alan Docherty Ali Jenkins Calum Gray Conor Langton Connor Nallumcm Conor McKenzie Emma Harper Greg Macpherson Jack Denham Ross Allum Scott Law Alan Sneddon Jack Sharples Jordan Herron Keir Macaulay Mark Stowe David James Morrison Paul Gillespie
  14. One of their management team made the comment about sacked via social media.
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