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  1. For all our possession we again didn't have any end product. TC half fit is still a goal threat, which we are lacking at present and playing him for just 5 minutes isn't helping. 23 signed players and needing an emergency loan deal already - isn't ideal either. Another tough ask on Tuesday at Camelon
  2. Surely if a player, in the EoS is on professional forms, they will be on at least minimum wage for an agreed amount of hours to cover training and match days? Clubs will still need to generate income to cover costs over and about just players. Even clubs hiring parks still need to generate income. The key message being professional - as wasn't that one of the provisos of being allowed to start in the current situation.
  3. That was my highlight of the 2nd half along with TC finally being brought on. 2-0 and a few green shoots. Still well short of the finished article though.
  4. 0-0 at Half time, against Tynecastle. The Rose reminded me of Scotland in the first half, with not a credible shot on target. Liam Allison took a sore one and replaced by Hare. Tynecastle looking the more likely side. TC on the bench - clearly must be injured if not starting. As we miss his goal threat.
  5. Sadly the majority won't pay and the ones who do won't do so in sufficient numbers to make it a viable long-term. You highlight one of the main issue of players being asked to self isolate and putting their livelihoods at danger not to mention their health. What happens if the league is stopped - at what stage do you declare a winner?
  6. Gartcairn are less than impressed by the WoS statement. Personally, despite my desire for the return of football. The harsh reality is that players safety must come first and given that things are getting worse not better - all football which isn't F/T needs to stop.
  7. Linlithgow has an Aldi, how common...!! Personally I'm more a Fortnum & Mason type shopper.
  8. It is with a heavy heart that after a phone call today from the club I have tendered my resignation. I have had 10 brilliant years at the club winning trophies as a player and a manager. Many fantastic memories that I will cherish especially being inducted into the Glenafton hall of fame and winning the treble. I would like to thank all the players that I have played alongside and worked with over the last 10 years. The current group of players and I were really excited to see what the new and exciting season had to offer and have worked tirelessly over the course of pre season to be ready. We were really excited after we voted as a club to get back playing. The committee has to do what’s best for the club and today they have decided to withdraw from the WOSFL. I would also like to thanks Pottsy, Billy and Michelle for all the efforts and making my job easier and enjoyable over the time I have been manager. Also I would to go on record thanking the committee for all there efforts with this fantastic club over the years and I will always be a supporter of the Glens. A very special mention to the fans of the club who have been a avid supporter of myself and my teams over the years. Flow gently, sweet Afton [emoji837][emoji836]️[emoji837]
  9. Southy resigned from Glenafton. Classy post on his FB from a class act of a guy.
  10. When you see it in that context it makes the decision of the 14 all the stranger. Are the players from the 14 therefore free? As clubs have potentially breached players contracts.
  11. Thanks for the update. Now notice Talbot have withdrawn also. Must confess, for me as we approach winter especially the no changing facilities seems a major issue/concern. Especially potentially to players health - finishing a match - cold, wet and dirty then having to travel home. I can also understand the financial aspect to clubs with no income. I'm sure time will tell if the decision by the EoS or WoS is the correct one.
  12. Apologies if this has been covered and explained. Why are the WoS clubs baulking at playing this season, when the EoS is up and running?
  13. We looked a little of the pace at times. Crossgates were well organised and fortunately missed a last minute penalty or an opening day 1-1 draw could have been a loss. 9 new faces in the starting 11, so it's going to take time to gel. Not sure if Coyne or Allum were fit as surprised Coco was our only attacking change. Just grateful that Rose TV coveted the match to provide a football fix - well done.
  14. I only picked it up by accident when I was on FB. Not sure it was advertised in advance - as possibly being trialled first? It was certainly great to watch a Rose game again. Lots of new faces to get use to also....!!!!
  15. Livi 2 - Rose 4 (Slaven, Hare, Strickland and Allison)
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