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  1. Alan and Finnie Fowler and both regularly attend games. Also Eric and Derek Sinclair as well.
  2. Our 1st preseason match tomorrow away to West Calder. It's good to be back...!!!
  3. I assume this is some sort of bonus cup for winning the qualifying Cup? Does winning this add on then qualify you for anything else?
  4. Is the LL still fit for purpose? A league set up by application, before influx began to EoS. Its now a two tier league of poor teams playing above their level and competitive teams. Add in manufactured teams who saw opportunity to jump the Q to a higher level by application b4 ability. Introduction of Colt teams is as much to do with no real competitive leagues for them to play in, other than age group football. The LL is also blocking tier 6 with only 1 promotion place for 3 leagues. The rest of the pyramid is working better than LL.
  5. More confident after seeing how quickly we have went about adding to and securing our current squad. Last year was about building foundations again after recent seasons, in winning 2 cups, we have exceeded expectations. Roll on 2022/23
  6. Dubiga was one of the best keepers in the EoS last season. He hails from Linlithgow, so Bo'ness will be a total culture shock for the laddie.
  7. Tranent fast out the traps in a complete reverse of previous games. At 2-0 was fearing the worst, a penalty from Stowe brought us back into the game. 2nd half Tranent had no answer to Linlithgow who won every challenge and chased every ball. Docherty at times was unplayable. For me McKenzie at times looked exposed at Right Back, but to his credit his head never dropped and he just worked harder to put in another good shift. Today our young team came of age and in the end deserved winners.
  8. A just reward for a young squad, who have been magnificent for much of the season.
  9. Stowe to Cowdenbeath, that would be a shock as I thought his career was on the up...!!! I thought last night started like a typical end of season fixture, thankfully it warmed up. Heaver, Thomson and Allison were the pick for me. With probably Heaver my MoM for his non stop efforts. It was also good to see both sides with a good number of kids supporting their local sides. With an excellent 20 aside match on the hill at half time. Not so sure about their singing though maybe we should buy them a drum..!! End result was about right and another final to look forward to.
  10. Very true. Herd in his after match interview said similar. A young team learning the hard way. I think over the season has shown there is very little between Tranent / Penicuik / Linlithgow.
  11. I'm sure the rule is something around not penalising the player twice penalty / sending off. However my limited understanding thinks he should have still been booked? Overall a draw was a fair result. Albeit a bitter pill from 2-0 up. That said I thought the ref spoiled the game with blowing for a foul for every bit of contact and not allowing it to flow.
  12. All 3 have been excellent - with Sneddon probably the pick due to his goals.
  13. A very convincing win against another LL outfit. 5-1 and to be honest this was a top notch performance. Onto the final,, it's been a while..!!
  14. After Inverkeithing, we have started to make wholesale changes every week. John Millar stated today changes aren't the issue and he has confidence in the squad. Whilst I appreciate that view. Surely if you have confidence you don't need 5 changes every week. You should start with your strongest available and if needed use your subs to change or freshen. We have not become a bad team, we have however lost our mojo. Every confidence we can still salvage something from the season.
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