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  1. Craig Brown often tells a story about the team photos of that era..... Apparently he was always told to stand at the end of the line and Shankly would say to him "a pair of scissors will get rid of you once the photo is printed Broon!"
  2. Billy Dodds, Ian McCall, Stevie Campbell and Gordon Chisholm all playing for the Dee in that 6-2 match; funny how they all went on to become hated figures by all of us of a Dark Blue persuasion! Back to this weeks match, what's the story with admission? Is it PATG? Or do we have to fanny about and buy tickets? Fancy going down to this one...
  3. Think this makes such a difference. There was a while a couple of seasons ago, probably when the hospitality prices were more in the reach of the ordinary fan, when it was always packed out with supporters who would start singing loudly. This would set off quite a few from outside the hospitality in the main stand and it would often get other areas of the ground going too. Still remember cries of 'Can you hear the Derry sing?' being belted out in mock gesture to entice a tuneful retort!
  4. Aye. Number 62 of 750 which I was quite chuffed about.
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