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  1. They will be moving to the land of plenty apparently, so won't need any of the pot.
  2. They are looking most likely at the moment. Livingston too inconsistent and and have played too many games. Likewise Whitburn. Pumpherston in my opinion are in a false position from the games I've seen them in. Fauldhouse are in meltdown at the moment and could fall away. Armadale could be the surprise team. Much more competitive that the East of Scotland leagues!
  3. Sorry, power was the wrong word. Just my impression from reading these forums, but if what I'm reading about player unrest is true, then I think there will be some hurt.
  4. Sounds to me that the manager had too much power at Fauldhouse and it is now going to hurt you. Hope not too much. He certainly had plenty to say.
  5. How did Blackburn raise the finance for their floodlights? I'm sure it will be of interest to other teams that have ambitions of going down the same route.
  6. I was Spending Time trying to work that one in but it was taking Forever and I didn't want to spend One More Night on it so I had to Give It Up.
  7. Don't be Cruel, he probably had a Feelin Inside or thinks he has Something in Common with the others. Or maybe he just wanted to Get Away from his Girlfriend. Let's hope for Tayport's sake he's Good Enough.
  8. You don't seem to know what you want, Alan.
  9. Like it, but you should be asking it on the EOS forum.
  10. Ok, my fault for not reading the post properly, but no need for your opening line.
  11. What if a club wins the promotion place but doesn't have and can't afford floodlights? They can't be forced to install them if they can't afford it, so how can promotion be mandatory?
  12. Being pedantic, but it doesn't take them to the Champions League. That's a cup competition it allows them to participate in. They are still in the same league the following year. Not likely to concern any former junior clubs anyway.
  13. Strange argument. Where does winning the top league of the pyramid take you to?
  14. So are you saying that it is better to be in tier 5 or 6 of a league structure because there is a possibility of "progression" rather than being in the top tier of a league structure because there is nowhere to progress to?
  15. Bit cheeky coming from a Linlithgow fan.
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