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  1. Tommy Younger before my time but I remember Sammy Kean. He was in charge for a season and a half. Finished mid table the first season, then John Prentice was brought in midway through the second season to rescue us as we looked like getting relegated. The saving grace for Sammy Kean with me is that he brought Johnny Graham to the Club. For a similar abysmal record to where we are now look no further than Billy Little. 77-79. Two seasons in the bottom league and looking like staying there until John Haggart was brought in.
  2. Worked at the Club during Bobby`s spell there and can confirm everything you`ve said. Really nice, unassuming and friendly guy. The players called him "Inspector gadget" as he was always into the latest tech. As part of that, he got interested in photography. After a game at Pittodrie, he walked down to where I was sitting on the team bus just as it left and started enquiring about cameras. When the bus pulled in to the Stadium 2 hours later, he was still standing there asking questions!!
  3. Yes, Steve Lovell &Graham Barrett scored that day. The next game there that season was a 1-1 draw with Dean Holden scoring.
  4. For me that`s the problem for both Keena and Ruth. They aren`t getting a great supply in and around the box. As long as that continues it wouldn`t much matter who you played as striker they would be starved of service and look bad. Hopeful that will improve if we can keep Williamson and Morrison fit.
  5. I can just imagine the big man pi**ing himself at that!!
  6. Noticed a thread on Twitter about games that had late winners and while the 2 Rangers games and the Hibs game are obvious contenders, there was also this one against Hearts that barely gets a mention that had us taking the lead then losing it and Mark Stewart coming back in the final minutes to seal it.
  7. That depends on the reason he`s not getting a game. If a manager thinks a player would fit well into the style of play he adopts for his team, then he would jump at the chance of signing that guy..especially if he really shouldn`t be parked on the bench with the team he`s at.
  8. It`s on the website....it`s Keena and Nesbit that are modelling it.
  9. If it`s the one I`m thinking of, Ruth was there and just failed to connect but there was nobody on the other side of the box for a tap in.
  10. Sadly no, it was the "Tynecastle faithful".
  11. What I would give to be going to watch that team on Saturday!!!
  12. That was undoubtedly a golden period for them with Latapy and Yorke but short lived. I`m referring to the fact he got 99 caps over the period from 2002-13 and yet couldn`t get a game with a top club anywhere.
  13. Tells you something about the quality of the T&T team at that time I suppose.
  14. Denzil Theobald was a strange one. Watched him in a good few reserve games and don`t remember him standing out in any of them. When you look at his playing career, it`s pretty much crammed full of either Trinidadian or Indian Clubs and not many games played with any of them.
  15. Wallner undoubtedly had ability, if his attitude had matched that he would have been a big success I`m sure. There was nothing short in Latapy`s attitude, he did what was asked of him on the park and then some.. he was coming to the end of his career so Yogi looked after him and to be fair to the wee man, he never once abused that.
  16. The problem wasn`t his ability it was his attitude. He wanted to do things his way on the park rather than conform to the team plan. He dropped down a division to go to Hamilton on loan at the end of November and he lasted a month, they punted him back to us at the beginning of January!!! So you`re right to say it was Yogi as he ultimately made the decision that Wallner wouldn`t play if he wasn`t prepared to fit in to the work ethic.
  17. Fair enough, I wasn`t at the game so just commenting on what I saw on the FTV highlights. Heatherington should have had enough experience to know that he would have a "target" on his back after the first yellow and made sure he wouldn`t get into the situation he ultimately did. There`s no doubt Airdrie were waiting on a chance and he gave them it. It was interesting to note that once Easton had made his "miraculous recovery" he got a "Mission accomplished" hand shake from Fordyce.
  18. You get a better view of it on the FTV highlights. Heatherington tries a reverse turn and is in the process of passing the ball when Easton comes flying in and over his outstretched leg. I thought the referee could have used a bit of common sense there and just given a foul. If you watch Easton he`s rolling about holding his leg like it`s ready to fall off. Then he takes a quick peek at the ref, sees he`s booking and sending Heatherington off and immediately jumps up and walks away!!
  19. Totally agree with the lack of depth in the squad but what I was encouraged by on Wednesday night was the quality shown by the younger players and that we played with the same philosophy as the first team. I get that we were playing a team 2 tiers below us but I`ve been around long enough to see our first team falter against similar opposition on more than one occasion. Also agree that it`s very early days to get excited and knowing us, it won`t be plain sailing. The real test will be how we deal with a period of poor form if and when it happens.
  20. I think tonight showed that we have a little bit of quality in reserve.
  21. I don`t think Pressley was impressed with the Stirling player`s acting!!
  22. Looks like our two recent signings work well together....more of that please!!
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