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  1. ..and chants of "Who ate all the pies"😂 Not quite what he was hoping for.
  2. Not surprised really there`s so much contradictory info getting banded about.
  3. This current dross makes Pressley`s reign seem positively magical. At least there were some good times with Farid and Lyle Taylor banging them in. A few good cup runs into the bargain.
  4. Ifs thats true, the money MC was offering must have been the deciding factor for them. Wasn`t the best financial offer either from what I heard..and if that`s true, the attraction lies elsewhere.
  5. I heard from a good source that his presentation was virtually non-existent & that the BTB & Alan Gow presentations were far better but I`ve no idea how true that is.
  6. Used to love away days in Billy Lamont`s time as Manager. His teams were good defensively with players like Jim Dempsey, Roddy Manley and Brian Martin but could score a few goals as well. Our form away from home was fantastic and the season we got promoted we only lost 15 goals away from home in 19 games and scored 31.
  7. My mind was taken back to Dave Clarke`s era too as the football was very negative..so much so that for the first time in 25 years I refused to buy a season ticket. However, in his defence, we were in the Premier League and he did hit teams on the break. What we are witnessing at the moment is much worse.
  8. I think that confirms change unlikely if Mr Campbell takes over the reins anytime soon...unless he`s being duplicitous of course🙄
  9. I think you might be right that Campbell`s team would get rid but it`s up for debate. However, if Gow got it, it`s guaranteed.
  10. I agree that there are no guarantees with any bid. However, Gowser would have to go through the same DD process and if there was a problem, hopefully it would be highlighted and he would be booted. I also agree he & his backers won`t be coming into this looking to lose money. I think the attraction for him would be taking the role of Director of Football and moving the club forward. Making a profit from taking the Club into the Premiership would be a bonus. Haven`t a clue what his backers would be looking to gain just as I don`t know what MC`s backers are looking for.
  11. If that`s aimed at me, I`m not trying to convince you or anybody else, I`m replying to posts stating facts as I know them. They are correct to the best of my knowledge but it`s up to you whether you choose to believe it or not. If anybody else has more knowledge on the subject, I`m quite happy to be corrected.
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