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  1. I think the navy shorts helped. Not so sure about the light blue ones??
  2. Totally agree, I saw him against Ayr in pre-season he came on after half time and looked very sharp, got a bit of decent service and scored 2 good goals.
  3. Because you must be an auld b****r like me!!😉
  4. Yes, my memory of it was going from dejection at half-time to pure joy in the second half when it seemed to rain goals.
  5. Remember that game well, one of the first away games I took my son to. 0-1 at half time then we rattled in 4 in the second half. Stood behind the goals that`s now the home stand.
  6. Wanted to be Falkirk boss, but in typical fashion we rejected that idea.
  7. Thanks for that, I was thinking it might be a problem at my end. The cameras most certainly seem to be on some remote system as they can take ages to react to a ball getting hoofed out of shot. Also very annoying that the commentary is a split second ahead of what you`re watching.
  8. The Airdrie & Cove games refused to play on my TV, when I pressed the play button I just got the dreaded "timer" going round and round. Had to switch to the PC where it worked fine. I see Peterhead use the same set up, don`t think I`ll bother.
  9. Very surprised when I heard that, especially given the stage we`re at with a handful of games to go. Waiting 2 weeks for a scan and then treatment & recovery after that, (if nothing has improved) more or less rules them out for the season.
  10. Haven`t listened to too many this season but thought the Airdrie commentary was very balanced. I did mute it eventually but only because it was ahead of the play. Very disappointed to hear the keeper had saved the penalty just as Keena had stepped up to hit the ball. Wish the camera work had been up to the same standard.
  11. For me, it`s more about the service you get. Eadie was sharp enough to have easily reached double figures in the Premier...just not with us the way we played under Clarke.
  12. Spot on. Seemed to be the only team he was guaranteed to score against.😂
  13. I saw him in the pre-season friendlies where he got some decent service and he finished his chances well. He certainly isn`t getting that type of service now. Reminds me of the way we played to Ken Eadie after signing him from Brechin where he scored 44 goals from 89 games. He played 52 games for us, mostly as a lone striker and managed 9 goals. He certainly didn`t look like a goal machine with us. When he left us for Clydebank, he showed what he could do when he played in an attacking set up. Scoring 149 goals in 276 games. Still Clydebank`s record scorer.
  14. I`ve moaned about that since the inception of the Premier League in the mid 70`s. One of the main reasons used for cutting the numbers down to 10 was the amount of "meaningless" games in the last quarter of an 18 team set up. They were maybe meaningless in terms of title chasing /avoiding relegation but they served a great purpose in allowing teams in that mid table position to blood youngsters.
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