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  1. Absolutely, it`s a decision you`ve got to be happy to take. I got involved after we went into administration in the Brockville days and it snowballed from there. Finally retired after the Cup final v Inverness. On a personal note I was and still am very well treated by the Club for the work put in over these years but accept there are others who have had a different experience.
  2. You might have mentioned it once but I think you got away with it.
  3. No quotes so haven`t a clue if this was in reply to me? If so, I`m baffled as I`ve already made it plain it`s unacceptable but I was also adding in other stuff to that which although unacceptable for different reasons, still needs stamped out. If it was a general remark, I totally agree with you.
  4. You`ve quoted me as writing your post Deano Take your point though.
  5. Totally understood that, (although obviously there are some who still think it is if the other night is anything to go by) what I needed explained to me was why the "Sheep shagger" chant or any of the "incest" chants are deemed any better. They are all wrong for different reasons. As I tried to say in my original post, it`s the tribal culture that breeds this sort of stuff.
  6. I`m going to assume that`s aimed at me. So "gay" chants are wrong (which I`ve already said I agree with) but not so bad to say they have sex with sheep, I guess I better take residence in the fruit bowl because I really do need that explained to me
  7. I`ve obviously read this post differently from you. Wasn`t at the game v Hibs but I`m very much against the type of chants that were aimed at Hibs fans the other night if true. However, the point I took from the post was that there are other insults hurled around at different teams that appear to be acceptable but in reality are just as unsavoury. It`s that whole behaviour in general that needs weeded out but it`s no easy task given the "tribal" nature of the game. P.S. I`m not homophobic.
  8. I was told there`s no parking at the Stadium.
  9. Whigham, Kennedy, Weir, Hughes, McQueen, Gibson, McAllister, Graham, Stainrod, Latapy, Johnson. I`ve got an almost identical choice with only two exceptions (only because I go back further)
  10. Watched the u18`s on Sunday and they cruised to a 4-0 lead within 30 mins, lost a couple of goals before half-time & ended up losing 4-6!!!
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