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  1. Whigham, Kennedy, Weir, Hughes, McQueen, Gibson, McAllister, Graham, Stainrod, Latapy, Johnson. I`ve got an almost identical choice with only two exceptions (only because I go back further)
  2. Watched the u18`s on Sunday and they cruised to a 4-0 lead within 30 mins, lost a couple of goals before half-time & ended up losing 4-6!!!
  3. Yes, he was the "away day" specialist.
  4. Sad news, I will always remember the last gasp goal against Hearts that took us to the semi-final of the League Cup.
  5. I`m sure I`ve got the team pic for that game in the archive somewhere.
  6. Decent finisher, someone I always hoped we`d go for.
  7. It`s good to know that after all these years I left an impression on you!!! Even if it was just my studs.
  8. Spoke to him at training. His fingers are taped up, he`ll be out for a while yet I would think.
  9. Not like you to get your dates wrong. Don`t tell me your "Big book of Falkirk stats" has a mistake in it!!! Better get the tippex oot. It was 2013.
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