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  1. Liverpool should be about 4 up, bum-biting incoming?
  2. The SlipperyP confession is like that cult classic movie that you've never heard of, but is on the Top 5 lists of the handful of folk who have seen it.
  3. Robbo done out of two assists tonight by horrific finishing
  4. The referee is fucking this game as any kind of spectacle, wee c**t.
  5. Calling for sacking and jailing over a costume, how incredibly patronising towards black folk. Heartening to see some sense in the Courier comments.
  6. Damn that's harsh, the emotions are so well captured. Burial of the boys 7-year old sister, apparently. Slightly bigger version here for musing: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0895/0864/products/her09776_1024x1024.jpeg
  7. Dindyloo has always struck me as a budding serial killer type, secretly dressing up as Rose West / Myra Hyndley in a shed after the pub.
  8. The Costume Stasi out in full force over this, terrifying. WTF is he supposed to be anyway? Beach hawker?
  9. When totalitarian ideologues are successful with their language control (thank you PETA).
  10. All that flavoury MSG goodness goes to waste down the back of the throat otherwise! Like drinking wine through a feeding tube.
  11. Taking your young son to a fight tho, fucking shite. Wee man looks terrified.
  12. The engine on these two, jesus fucling christ.
  13. Ortega getting smashed, but not out of it...
  14. Well worth the win in the end, enjoyable scrap though.
  15. Aye, was strange he had no other response to that onslaught other than to keep trying to evade.
  16. Really close fight, Pedraza is slippy as f**k.
  17. Aye, fair strength difference playing it's part.
  18. Damn, that was disgusting. Could see Oliviera wanted absolutely nothing more to do with the fight after that elbow, must've fucking hurt.
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