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  1. I wouldn't hold any great hope of the club honouring it Owen, Mike had no interest when it was the tenth anniversary. I don't think there will ever be another final to natch that one. My voice was gone by the end of it.
  2. Have to agree with that. I only got to 7 or 8 games last season but for the most part it was like watching paint dry at home. Very few goals scored and mainly relying on set pieces.
  3. It's only a fiver to get into the cinema in Stirling nowadays. 😉 There's no real point in moaning about the cup pricing at the Recs as it won't change. Though these games are just glorified friendlies at this time of the season.
  4. Probably the same folk that burned their other scarf when Maurice Johnston signed for Rangers. Not the usual type of Mulraney appointment but here's hoping he's picked well again. That and he has 5 or 6 players lined up to give the squad depth and competition for places.
  5. More than Hartley and Goodwin though. Also played at a good level and galvanised a truly honking Wee Rovers last season. Whether he is on Mike's list is anyone's guess, but a better choice than a few of the names suggested.
  6. He's still not proved himself in that aspect of management. His signing record with Alloa was average at best with a large number of squad fillers. The current team is still 2/3rd's the great Jack Ross ' s signings. Wish him all the best, but nowhere near as good as Ross and Hendrie when you pinched them from us.
  7. 1. Hartley - took over a relegated team with only one injured player on the books and everything after that was magic. 2. Ross - if only we had him longer. Inherited Lennon 's mess and in one summer built a great team that set the club record for wins and remain the bulk of the current team. 3. Goodwin - good coach that has improved season on season. However his signing record isn't the best, so interesting how he does at St Mirren as he isn't inheriting a great squad. 4. Smith - well he did manage the Sevco and Hibs wins. Apart from that he was rubbish. 5. Lennon - signed a squad that almost matched Pat McAulay 's in 1995.
  8. And won the first 10 matches of the season with a squad that had been assembled over the summer. Ross and Hartley were fantastic team builders.
  9. Think he is the first signing of Goodwin's to sign a second contract under him, yet absolutely no reason why. He was just used to fill the subs bench for most of the season.
  10. To be honest most of our current team was signed by Jack Ross, so I wouldn't fear losing Goodwin too much. None of his signings have ever been given a second contract so far. Arbroath have Colin Hamilton in defence, that's got to be a goal start to every opponent.
  11. None of us expected to be anywhere near safety with 6 games to go and really just wanted to avoid a Brechin type season. Relegation however for Falkirk would be an absolute disaster for them. Seasons in the Championship are a bonus for us in the same way as Falkirk reaching the top flight, both are above our normal level. An away win today would make a very interesting last month.
  12. No real difference where it is played. St Mirren were looking to charge less than £17 and the Alloa board will not agree to it. The club hierarchy have absolutely no interest in the fans, other than their money.
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