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  1. TFS has always been a dreadful stadium. It's too big. That there are still (albeit tentative) future plans to develop a fourth stand is utter mayhem. Even a terrace would look absolutely stupid. I think I can probably count on one hand the amount of games where the atmosphere has been good.
  2. Because I'm bored (currently stuck at home looking after the wee one who had to go for a PCR test) I've went through a list of current SPFL clubs and marked off which grounds I've been to. Premiership (11/12) Celtic - yes Rangers - yes Heart of Midlothian - yes Hibernian - yes Livingston - yes Ross County - yes Dundee United - yes Motherwell - yes St Mirren - not been to the new stadium yet Aberdeen - yes St Johnstone - yes Dundee - yes Championship (10/10) Arbroath - yes Kimarnock - yes Partick Thistle - yes Inverness Caledonian Thistle - yes Raith Rovers - yes Ayr United - yes Greenock Morton - yes Hamilton Academical - yes Queen of the South - yes Dunfermline - yes League One (6/10) Cove Rangers - no Airdrieonians - yes Montrose - no Queen's Park - yes Falkirk - yes Clyde - yes Alloa Athletic - yes Peterhead - no Dumbarton - no East Fife - yes League Two (4/10) Kelty Hearts - no Annan Athletic - no Forfar Athletic - no Edinburgh City - no Stenhousemuir - yes Stranraer - no Stirling Albion - yes Elgin City - no Albion Rovers - yes Cowdenbeath - yes Currently sitting at 31 out of 42. I haven't included St Mirren or Dumbarton because I've not been to their new grounds (but had been to Love Street / Boghead).
  3. There's nothing wrong in principle with a club our size having a DoF. Holt was a dreadful DoF, that doesn't mean that the position isn't always needed.
  4. Some absolute welt on the other fans' group claiming we all need to accept responsibility. f**k right off with that shit.
  5. I don't think any of us are crying, champ. This was absolutely predictable. We are atrocious.
  6. We've had a shitebag midfield all season. If only there was someone whose job it was to identify that and sign players that aren't shitebags. Maybe in a period of time called a transfer window? Can't blame Rennie for that, right enough
  7. Obviously the usual caveats apply about Miller being done, but that is a reasonably good team.
  8. Presumably his remit was to get us to the playoffs. As much as I'm not convinced by him I think judging him based on getting us up or not would be very harsh, given the shambles he inherited. If he get us comfortably fourth or third and performances / results have significantly improved then that's all that can realistically be expected of him.
  9. I think I said something similar when Sheerin was in charge but, although I am sceptical about Rennie, if we go through the next six games getting 12-14 points or something like that then that will show improvement. Contrary to what people think, I don't actually want Rennie to fail, nor did I want Sheerin to fail.
  10. I am absolutely delighted to see the backlash against a rapist, and heartened to see that women now feel they will be taken seriously and have their opinions listened to about something like this. Five years ago they'd have been met with "whatever love, get back in the kitchen" whereas now they have almost overwhelming support. Again though it's worrying the amount of people who are portraying him as a victim who just wants to get on with his life. The amount of folk who say "he was proven innocent"
  11. The conviction rates for sexual crimes is horrifically low. Very few of them make it to court, even less of them result in conviction.
  12. You do feel a bit for Clyde, it's not like there's any precedent of all the misery that can befall your club if you choose to sign a rapist
  13. Tell me you haven't read the council's statement without telling me you haven't read the council's statement
  14. Yep. He took a good corner on Saturday for the second goal but that's not enough to justify keeping him.
  15. Griffiths will either get his act together (unlikely) in which case he'll be poached by at the very least a Championship club, or continue to look poor and uninterested in which case it'll be a massive waste of money keeping him. Either way, I can't see him being here next season.
  16. When you see it written down it really is shocking. When Hughes left we were an established SPL club, with outstanding training and youth facilities, upcoming European football, a recent cup final, and had built a reputation as an exciting team always willing to give young players a chance. Instead of advertising the job we give it to the bloody youth coach who a) doesn't want it, b) isn't cut out for it, c) is pressurised into staying when he wants to leave, d) wait until three quarters of the season have gone before making a change, by which time it is far too late. I'm sure folk can forgive me when I'm sceptical of anyone saying we need to give folk a chance.
  17. Let's look at the evidence here. The "moaners" (of which I would say I am one of them): - said Hughes' last season cup final papered over the cracks and we were in a poor position when he inevitably left - said Eddie May would be a disaster of a manager after a couple of games - said Pressley was not the man to take charge and would get us relegated - said Houston was wrong to have declared he was leaving, leading to him losing the dressing room - said Hartley had messed up his summer recruitment - said McKinnon was playing no better football than Hartley and would get us relegated - said McKinnon should have been sacked after getting us relegated - said it was too much of a gamble to appoint two rookies as manager - said that we were at the top of the league in spite of said rookies rather than because of them, and it would all come crumbling down (spoiler alert: it did) - said Holt should be nowhere near our club - said Sheerin would be a disaster of a manager after a couple of games - have said that Rennie looks to be no improvement on Sheerin Whereas the folk who aren't moaners have told us to trust the system and not be so negative. How's that worked out over the past ten years?
  18. Whit? So folk can't have an opinion unless they are members of one of the above societies?
  19. You’re right, because if there’s one thing that’s happened over the past ten years it’s that the consistent negative moaners have been proven wrong time and time again. Except that’s not what’s happened at all, has it?
  20. We've played 11 games since he came in, won 4, drew 2 and lost 5. Sheerin's final 11 games had us won 3, drew 3 and lost 5. I'm not sure 14 points out of 11 games compared to 12 points out 11 games is "significantly improved".
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