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  1. I'll be honest I haven't noticed any bugs. As far as I can tell the game works as intended. Whether or not that's a good thing is obviously up for debate!
  2. A good mate of mine, who sadly passed away a couple of years back, was head and shoulders above me and most of my mates when it came to fives. He played for Glasgow Uni back in the day and if he wanted to he could beat us all several times and then score all manner of goals. Thankfully he treated our games as the laugh they were intended to be and didn't embarrass us, as he could have easily. He was a great guy, sadly missed. Anyway, a good few years ago he was asked to fill in at a game of fives in which none other than Pedro Moutinho happened to be playing. He told us that playing against Pedro was the most futile thing he'd ever done. Pedro could keep the ball, do whatever he wanted with it, score any kind of goal, you name it. No-one could get the ball off him. This was a guy who was head and shoulders above me and all the rest of my mates who was playing against an ex-pro who was an order of magnitude better than him. And Pedro wasn't even anywhere near an elite level ex-pro. A different world.
  3. There's a thread on Reddit about someone who's threatening Sony with legal action because the official description for GT7 says that you can "sell cars", which obviously you can't, so that's selling a product that doesn't meet its description under the UK Trades Description Act. Be interesting to see how it goes.
  4. I worked with Myles for a while at the Pru. Myles is a good lad.
  5. Mind that Brave Sir Rennie has single-handedly saved us from certain relegation to League Two.
  6. McGovern, Parks and Marshall are the best goalkeepers we've had in my lifetime.
  7. There is some quite staggering revisionism going on in the past couple of pages.
  8. Are you using the driving assists when racing or do they just appear when you're doing the replay?
  9. I've had it for a week now and I kind of agree with a lot of the criticism the game has been getting. The MTX thing is an absolute farce, particularly giving that they've nerfed competitions to reduce payout. There are some cars that are pretty much gonna be unattainable for anyone with a job and family who maybe gets an hour to play in the evening. I am also getting a bit tired of every race being a rolling start and starting from the back. Saw someone describe it as The Real Overtaking Simulator and now I can't unsee it. However I'm still enjoying it. I quite like the Cafe system, it gives you clear objectives and you always know what you're meant to do next. The graphics, sound and presentation are overall stunning and I really like the PS5 controller. Also did anyone see
  10. Before that. In the league Yogi's last season was a shambles. We went from a team playing fast, attacking football to one that inexplicably jettisoned all that for signing his old, past-it mates. We only stayed up that year thanks to Michael Higdon's backside up at Inverness on the last day of the season. The cup final (of which we had a really easy run) papered over some massive cracks. The subsequent departure of Yogi (who knew he'd f*cked up) and appointment of Eddie May instead of advertising what at the time would have been a really attractive job cemented that. We've never recovered.
  11. You're right, that is clearly the least realistic part about my post
  12. We're somehow gonna scrape fourth, shitfest our way to the playoff final and a last minute Gary Miller header is gonna sent us up at the expense of Yogi's Dunfermline side. Away to request the odds the now
  13. Let's face it, we'll probably still get at least 2,000 season ticket sales regardless.
  14. Why? I have absolutely nothing against the guy, he (like Sheerin) comes across as a decent guy. But absolutely nothing that any of us have seen so far suggests that he is cut out for the job. It's not like we're getting poor results but our performances have increased. We're getting worse.
  15. The BOD need to come out and do one of two things: 1) Announce that regardless of performances MR will be in charge next season and back him financially to achieve an objective of significantly improved performances and playoffs at an absolute minimum 2) Announce that regardless of performances MR will not be in charge next season and that the search for a successor with a proven track record of success when managing full-time teams in Scottish football.
  16. So, let's be honest - am I being harsh in my appraisal of Rennie? I'd be absolutely delighted to be proven wrong.
  17. Maybe playing under semi-competent managers is the reason that so many ex-players do better after leaving us, rather than glorified boys' club coaches?
  18. He won a league with a part time Arbroath ten years ago. He had absolutely no experience in managing a full-time squad of men.
  19. Why do so many folk think the problem is with us appointing too many managers? The problem isn't with us appointing too many managers. The problem with us is appointing too many managers who are absolutely terrible. Go and someone please, please explain to me the logic of wanting to keep Rennie just because our last few managers have been absolute horseshit. I just don't get it.
  20. You jest but it's like 90%+ certain we'll appoint someone with virtually no coaching experience whatsoever and we'll be in the same position three months later when everyone else eventually realises that he's got no experience in coaching full-time men.
  21. Mind guys. We have to stick with this manager because our last manager was dreadful. That's the logic
  22. I've finally managed to track down a PS5 which is getting delivered later on. Given its backwards compatibility I don't have much use left for my PS4. I was gonna stick it in my daughter's room. She likes playing The Sims and the Lego games. Currently she just plays it on my User ID so has access to my library (PS Now, PS Plus). If I stick it in her room and make her own User ID she'll lose access to them. So my question is, can she play the PS4 logged in as me at the same time I'm on the PS5 logged in as me?
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