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  1. If only someone could have predicted that!
  2. He doesn't have time, he's too busy working for Sevco
  3. We'd have had more points if Sheerin had left and we'd just let the players manage themselves
  4. The other option was watching a replay of last week's game
  5. Yep. It's like a morgue here. Even more than usual. I'm only here because my daughter wanted to come and she's too young to understand everything else that's going on.
  6. I can barely even bring myself to watch this. I am sitting here looking at fucking cloud patterns.
  7. We should have gotten relegated under Totten (not his fault may I add) then McCall came in and won us the league the very next season. Just putting that out there for those who say a new manager may need 3 or 4 seasons to get us in a stage where we're fighting for promotion.
  8. Cheers. I did see the remastered Alan Wake can be got for about £20. I really enjoyed that back in the 360 days but only played through it once.
  9. Definitely never ordering one of those pizzas
  10. After having finally picked up a PS5 a couple of weeks ago I'm looking for some suggestions of reasonably cheap games (Physical up to £20, Digital up to £10). The only game I have is GT7 but I've gotten the enhanced version of GTA5 and FFVII.
  11. You don't wanna see his hand where his cheek be at
  12. A top scorer with 7 goals What an absolute gang we are.
  13. If it was staged there's no way Smith would have used the f-word live at the Oscars.
  14. f**k right off with this shit. Opinions like this are why we are in the shitter. Folk persevering with obviously shit managers who show absolutely no sign of being even semi competent.
  15. Don't forget "we can't get rid of him because we got rid of Sheerin" which seems to be the favoured logic of the Facebook Fans
  16. Imagine anyone thinking Rennie deserves a new season.
  17. Footballing contracts are nothing like general employment contracts and comparing them is nothing short of ludicrous
  18. He looks like he never sleeps. I have absolutely nothing against the guy on a personal level but he doesn't look well
  19. I'm not sure we can complain about a lack of cash when we're spunking 1500 sheets every week to a fat has been that has made absolutely no difference to our campaign. That could have easily gotten us at least two very capable midfielders, if we actually had a management team capable of identifying them
  20. I was at primary and secondary school with Brown Ferguson. We all thought he was going on to be an absolute superstar as compared to literally everyone else at school he was phenomenal.
  21. I think compared to even the best well-meaning amateur both would stand out like they were world class.
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