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  1. Yup, my wife and I have two disabled kids which means my wife is unable to work due to carer responsibilities and a large part of my 'disposable' income goes on medical / therapeutic supplies for them. I am at the top end of the salary scale but one unexpected bill could easily tip us into unmanageable debt.
  2. Not enough folk saying The Chuckle Brothers / Sheerin / Rennie deserve more time for that
  3. (That's without getting into the whole other issue about the sheer volume of expected, unpaid overtime that teachers are expected to do - which often falls disproportionately onto younger / newer teachers who perhaps lack the confidence and experience to say "no")
  4. It's possible to believe that: a) Teachers are reasonably well paid for the hours they are contracted to work; and b) The wages of teachers have been impacted by rising costs / inflation and thus they are deserving of a payrise that they are willing to fight for. It's not one or the other.
  5. Q the "vocation" discussion ! Thankfully the idea of teaching as a vocation seems to be dying out.
  6. No. At least, I'm not. It's not a zero-sum game, though. I think we have it tight. It doesn't mean that I think other professions don't have it tight. You can acknowledge that your job is difficult while saying that other jobs also have it difficult. It's not mutually exclusive.
  7. I’ve honestly no idea. It changed back in 2011 I believe.
  8. It's fairly straightforward. Every teacher in Scotland's local authority schools follow the terms and conditions set out by the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers. We are contracted to work 195 days. 190 days in school with 5 in-service days (Part 2, Section 3). We are entitled to 40 days holiday a year (Part 2, Section 5). We get five weeks' unpaid holiday in addition to this. You can argue about whether it's semantics or data manipulation, but the SNCT guide is freely available online.
  9. We won't win the league this year. We might sneak up through the playoffs. We are considerably better than any point over the last four or five years, but still too inconsistent. Keep McGlynn, and we'll win it next year.
  10. Spain won the WC in 2010 after losing to Switzerland 1-0 in their first match.
  11. Yeah this is what I do. Or lift in a rack with spotter arms.
  12. Just read the last few pages. Jesus Christ. The Tories have fair done a brilliant job of convincing everyone that it's all the fault of your mate / neighbour striking to get a pay rise to actually pay their bills rather than their rampant financial incompentence. Eat your cereal.
  13. Crap sport causes crap atmosphere shocker
  14. I wasn't that fit, or good at it, but when I look at the times I did that in, current me nearly vomits. Haha same, sure I had it down to about 23 minutes as I used to be able to do the run in under 8 minutes.
  15. Anyone mind the wee triathlon from a few years' back? 1km row, 5km bike, 2km run? I just had a go there and did it in 28:09 from start to finish. Gonna try and do it once a week and see how much I can improve
  16. I'm playing through Jedi: Fallen Order. Which is very good. The map sucks, though.
  17. McGlynn isn't Guardiola, but he's an experienced, steady hand in a league in which we've appointed a succession of folk doing their work experience. We beat the 'easier' teams in the league fairly regularly. That isn't something we've done for a few years. It's worrying we seem to bottle most of the 'bigger' games. But realistically I think he's a solid appointment. Folk seem to think how dreadful we've been over the past few seasons. It's not something that can possibly be turned around within a few months.
  18. Andor is really, really good. Up there with Mando.
  19. I'm sure the BBC will be all over this. *checks* Nope, absolutely no mention of it at all
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