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  1. I don't necessarily disagree, but there are a couple of issues with what you're saying: 1) I read an article a few years back that essentially said that cinemas make very little money from selling tickets to films. Their profits almost entirely come from selling snacks. Popcorn is dirt cheap to make and sells for a big markup. It contributes a massive amount to profits (along with juice) and if it wasn't for that it'd cost a lot more to actually buy a ticket. 2) I get pissed off with folk on their phones as well but not sure how asking a bunch of 18-year olds on minimum wage to put themselves in a situation of chucking someone out would go down. Pretty much agree with the rest of your post, though.
  2. She's posted the pictures of the message she's received confirming she's positive both times.
  3. An ex-pupil of mine that I'm FB Friends with has had it twice. She's in her early twenties and fit and healthy.
  4. The whole point was that at the time we didn't know it was only an infinitesimal risk.
  5. At the time, we were all being told to stay in the hoose as much as possible and only leave for essential reasons. On a personal note, I was being driven stir crazy by being in the hoose for 23.5 hours a day with two autistic kids whose entire routine had been fucked off and a four-month old, and attempting to work from home full-time. I've said it a few times on this thread, but folk look back at the early scaremongering as if it was hilarious. A lot of folk forget that last March we were seeing footage from other countries of mass graves and the military driving around streets ordering folk back to their homes. Yon GD himself was even predicting something mental like ninety billion people dead within 37 seconds or something like that. I think folk (myself included) were quite right to question why a grown man couldn't do the shopping himself and had to drive his wife to the shops to do it. There was also the scenario that if something happened to the car (breakdown, accident etc.) there were more people involved than was absolutely necessary. The absolute pinnacle of the episode was when he took an absolute cream puff and said that people who didn't understand were absolute VLs who had never had their hole.
  6. Agreed to an extent, but it's far easier to pretend that a country isn't connected to you when it physically isn't connected to you.
  7. I've heard his nephew, brother-in-law's postman and auntie's parrot are next in line.
  8. Some absolute weapon on the club's Facebook page saying they should have been following all rules and more - never visiting a pub / restaurant etc.. Swear to f**k that some folk would have everyone welded inside their fucking hoose for ever more.
  9. Rashford and Mings, yes. Kane's lily-livered "they're not real fans" doesn't achieve anything apart from allow the ever-diminishing majority of non-racist England fans to wash their hands of it and say "well, they're not one of us" rather than acknowledging that they are "one of us" and doing something about it.
  10. They're never gonna stop the racism as long as they come out with the shite that it's "a minority" and "they're not real fans". There needs to be a realisation from the decent fans and those in power that it's deeper than that. They've voted in a series of governments that are more and more right wing each time and who have spent the past decade blaming foreigners for everything. Doesn't take a genius to work out that there are a growing number of angry, violent men getting more and more right-wing, more racist and more violent
  11. I can see both sides. I fully understand that within the Laws that it is a booking, for breaking up a promising attack. I can also understand that the Laws should be amended so that it should have been a red card.
  12. Genuinely astonished that a country of 55 million folk who have consistently voted in governments moving even further to the right each time might have a large number of right-wing thugs. Did not see that coming at all
  13. Scott Brown, could have been world class but had the biggest case of Paul McStay Syndrome since, well, Paul McStay.
  14. Holy f**k. Fair fucks to him for getting away from that shite.
  15. Is that story about his maw true? Thank f**k he chose to stay down South.
  16. I’m sure that sounded funny in your head.
  17. There are an insane amount of bitter Rangers fans online absolutely apoplectic that he chose going to Norwich over going to Ibrox. Apparently playing against Ross County, St Mirren and Livingston twelve games a season is just what a Champions League winner needs to develop his career.
  18. Gaz

    Belguim v Italy

    Nah. This wasn't a bottle job. They were beaten by a very good Italian team.
  19. Just received an e-mail from our wee one's nursery saying they have received notification about a new variant with new symptoms and anyone displaying any of these symptoms has to self isolate and book a PCR test. One of the symptoms is "a runny nose". f**k this shit man. Is there any toddler in the entire world that doesn't have a runny fucking nose?
  20. Last year we were in a position where we were under onslaught from a previously-unknown virus, we were seeing pictures on the TV of mass graves around the world, the military driving around cities ordering folk to stay in home and wall-to-wall TV coverage of ICU wards with folk tubed up dying as doctors and nurses were getting overwhelmed. We're in a much better position now, but it's easy to forget how terrifying last year was for some folk. We were being told to stay in the hoose as much as possible and you had yon Pozbaird waltzing up and down shopping aisles with his wife arguing over biscuits and Old Man Danger driving his wife to do the shopping as seemingly the thought of him doing the shopping himself was an alien concept.
  21. One thing I've noticed is that over the last month and a half of shambles for pupils at school sitting 'exams', and the unbelievable stress they have been under, the folk at "UsForThem" have been virtually silent. It's almost as if getting kids back to school to stop the disruption to education wasn't their actual priority.
  22. You fight like a dairy farmer!
  23. A mate of mine who teaches up North has said about 100 pupils from S2 are isolating, but one pupil who was 'bored' at having to self isolate stuck her uniform on and came in to sit with her mates at lunch. So now all that group are having to self-isolate as well.
  24. Marshall is 36 and Gordon is 38. We don't have an up-and-coming 'keeper anywhere near their quality. That's my main worry over the next few years.
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