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  1. This is what happens when you appoint a series of unproven youth coaches doing their work experience instead of actual football managers and allow them to fill the squad with absolute garbage year after year. If McGlynn can dig us out of this he deserves a knighthood.
  2. Try Stardew Valley. I'm currently playing Stray on the PS5. It's great fun.
  3. Currently one hour past the time my wife said all kids were going to bed as we've had a tiring day, she is currently sitting on her computer. The wee one is wandering around causing mischief and keeping her two sisters from settling down. I reckon it'll be 11pm before she finally goes upstairs.
  4. Ended up not making it today but from what I'm hearing a general summary is that we are much more organised that last season but suffering badly from a lack of creativity, that fair?
  5. I've no idea what the prices in Spain currently are, just that one of them was saying it was 1.89 euros which "in their book" isn't any cheaper than what we're paying here.
  6. A mate of mine's Dad posted a thing on FB the other day about how Brexit has went badly, and immediately a few of his gammon mates leapt to its defence. Some of the stuff they come out with is staggering. Saying that petrol isn't any cheaper in Europe as they're just back from Spain and (I shit you not) "in their book" 1.89 euros isn't any different from what we're paying. "In their book" they've got a whole different fucking exchange rate to justify their absolute bollocks.
  7. Presumably he was still okay with hating the Catholics, blacks and Jews.
  8. Absolute halcyon days. He had a bit of a set to with another poster (HGG I think?) claiming she was lying about her driving test as well, only to pull an absolute strop when she posted a picture of her actual driving test to show that she hadn't been lying at all. A strange, strange man.
  9. This is absolutely hilarious. He's going to survive this. Of course he is.
  10. Surely I'm not the only one who believes he'll survive this, yet again? This is who he is. This is what he does. And we (well, not me) made him PM. Everyone knows this is what he's like. He's never hidden it. This has a whole "electorate votes for lying, cheating charlatan to be PM, is amazed when charlatan lies and cheats".
  11. Absolutely loving all these closet Tories claiming that Sunak / Javid have shown moral fibre in resigning from Johnson's cabinet. Johnson has a history of lying, cheating and corruption. He's been fired for lying from multiple jobs. He conspired to have a journalist assaulted. He cheated on his wife while she was undergoing treatment for cancer. He is a man of no shame. This is who he is. It's who he's always been. Sunak and Javid were happy to serve under him all this time. The only reason they are resigning now is because they suspect he is finally done, and both want his job. There's no moral fibre in their choice. It's purely self-centred, eyeing up a possible promotion. Never trust a Tory.
  12. This is worse than some of your posts on the early days of the COVID thread
  13. House prices have risen all over, not just in London. Allowing a property to remain empty means you get the benefit of the rise in house prices with absolutely minimal maintenance costs that would otherwise be incurred if someone was living in it. Capitalist wankers
  14. I couldn't tell you the last time I bought a new replica kit but I usually get each season's when they're discounted for fives / running / gym
  15. I am also not a fan of red on our kits apart from tiny wee highlights. The classic early 90s Hummel number being the exception. This season's top is a slightly smaller logo away from being a 10/10. Would have far preferred white shorts though.
  16. We took our daughter to the pub for a lunch when she was like 3 days old, she slept through the whole thing apart from needing fed once. Don't really see much issue in taking her to a pub quiz unless it was in an old man dive bar.
  17. I parked up in Laurieston at the back of Laurie's and walked down from there.
  18. I'm still overwhelmingly confident that absolutely nothing will happen to him. He'll win this and ride it out.
  19. It's a toss-up between that and Anakin / Obi-Wan at the end of ROTS for me
  20. No he won't. He is utterly shameless. A lying charlatan, sacked from multiple jobs for lying, inciting violence. A history of mysognistic, racist and xenophobic comments. His reward is taking up the highest office in the land. He is absolute teflon.
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