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  1. Get this absolute shyster out of my club.
  2. I had it for about 3 weeks, then I got better. Then a more traditional cold appeared this week and it now seems determined to burrow into my chest too. My work is rife with ill c***s as is my house. I suspect it will be thus until around April. I'm on day four and still feeling grim. What made it worse is that I've been trying to get back into working out over the past couple of weeks, on Tuesday I did a 5km run and a leg day at the gym for the first time in months so have had some absolutely horrific DOMS thrown in the mix as well.
  3. Anyone else been absolutely floored by this b*****d of a cold / flu that's going around? I feel genuinely worse than I did when I had the 'Rona.
  4. Bad teams don't tend to get a lot of luck.
  5. They’re certainly not as shite as they were 20 years ago when they were going 2-0 up against us
  6. Go West by the Village People / Pet Shop Boys was on earlier
  7. Agree 100%. As it happens our kids' schooling circumstances have changed and Larbert is a PITA for my work so we're looking to move within the next year and will actively be avoiding new build housing estates as much as possible.
  8. We're just along from you in The Inches. We'd heard about the snobbery before we moved but we needed somewhere close to where the kids went to school (not Kinnaird but another local school with autism provision). We've made some adaptations to our house / garden for the benefit of the kids and had comments directly about how we've ruined the street and are nothing but scum.
  9. No idea how that happened. The original post was supposed to say "my sister and me".
  10. Yeah that's already been checked, cheers. As said above the reason we got a home report done was so that everything's above board and my sister and I are content in feeling no-one's been under or overcharged. I'll give the surveyor's a call tomorrow.
  11. Last year my Gran died a couple of years after my Papa. They left their house to my sister and that's the estate finally settled so the house is now in our names. My sister wants to buy me out my half as it's a great house for her and her partner and too small for my family. So it's mutually beneficial all round to do so. To keep things correct we got a home report done and now have the property questionnaire to do. However, a lot of the questions are worded in a way such as "have you done x, y or z since you owned the property?" and we are a bit confused, as technically 'we' have only owned the property for a month but it's been in our family for 30 years. Do we answer the questions 100% as asked, as if we had only discovered the property a month ago? Has anyone been in a similar situation? Would appreciate any advice.
  12. What's the permutations? Two wins guarantees us 2nd place if I'm correct?
  13. He needs to leave Rangers to progress. That's my worry. Too many good players happy to stagnate at clubs they support scudding Hamilton and Ross County every week.
  14. That's probably the most entertaining game of international fitba I've seen in years
  15. Absolutely nothing wrong with that
  16. Can we try taking a corner without fouling the keeper?
  17. We don't need to win the game.
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