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  1. Could you please find me a post I've made where I've said anything even remotely similar to this?
  2. I've no idea if they're the main driver. I think it's pretty obvious that they're not the zero-transmission hubs that the various governments would have us all think, however. As if the virus is some kind of vampire that can only enter a school building if invited.
  3. Those graphs are a reet puzzler. Can anyone think of anything that might have happened about three weeks ago that could have led to a reduction in transmission and cases? At a loss here.
  4. How are they going to enforce that? Your school might want all pupils to wear masks, but the law is going to be S4-S6. How are you going to get the BGE pupils to wear them?
  5. I've just had a message from Donathan's mate saying he thinks Donathan's a fud and has been deliberately giving him false information
  6. Interesting. Did you know if you spell Atari backwards you can play NHL 94 (Mega Drive edition) and Crash Bandicoot (PS) on it. NHLPA '93 was / is the pinnacle of ice hockey games.
  7. This is important news, can anyone confirm?
  8. I can exclusively reveal that our new signing is none other than ex-Falkirk stalwart, Jean-Francois Lescinel.
  9. Pupils in this kind of situation were never asked to be at home instead of at school. There were hub schools for vulnerable pupils and, in the blended model, those would continue to have existed. Blended learning does not mean chucking every kid to their own house for 24 hours a day.
  10. That's exactly how it comes across in umpteen posts ! Can you find me one of these umpteen posts where people are calling for schools to be closed or moved to blended learning so that pubs can be open?
  11. Literally no-one on this thread wants schools to either close or move to blended learning so pubs can be open.
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