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  1. I don't disagree, but if you're John SQA, looking at two sets of results from two schools you've never heard of let alone know, how do you differentiate?
  2. Projected grades based on teacher judgement to be reinstated.
  3. Me and all my mates are in our late 30s now and due to various different circumstances we all drink at different paces. On a night out we'd maybe double up but doing rounds is a thing of the past.
  4. But it's a swear word, as well as a racist one. If the victim had been called a "black c**t" in the attack, would the BBC reporter have been correct to say that at half past ten in the morning? Wouldn't that be perfectly valid in demonstrating the nature of the incident?
  5. But what if, say, it had been said at 10:33 in the morning?
  6. If the person was called a "black c**t" should the BBC reporter have said that?
  7. Conspiracy theories are popular because they allow thick people to believe they are smarter than everyone else. It's pretty similar to Dunning-Kruger.
  8. Imagine it's looking back over its shoulder
  9. No masks. We have to attempt to socially distance from pupils and other members of staff.
  10. It's not going to be as simple as that. I've used the example in this thread of a pupil being in class one morning and then the next again afternoon being found to have Covid. By then they've been in contact with 20 members of staff including teachers and auxilliary staff. That's 20 members of staff that need to go into self-isolation. There are numbers of staff required in schools to meet legally-set teacher/pupil ratios. It could easily lead to a school shutting as there aren't enough staff to keep it open.
  11. There is a massive pressure group called "UsForThem" who have been piling untold pressure on both WM and HR to get the schools back open. Indeed they have said that schools should not have been shut in the first place.
  12. Peter Ebdon has always been a knobber. Jim Corr (the non-hot one from The Corrs) is also an absolute mentalist.
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