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  1. Everyone agreed that Crusade was the best.
  2. Mate of mine been laid off from Rolls Royce. Unsure if he could have been furloughed as he's technically a contractor supplied by an agency. Anyone else in a similar position?
  3. Was just going to say this. These adverts will have been scheduled weeks, if not months, in advance. TV companies have two choices - go with what's scheduled, or make up some new material to fill the gaps. What's easier?
  4. I'm not sure what percentage is lower, the Covid-19 mortality rate or the nurses posted on this thread that are actually wids.
  5. There is, but the problem is that it doesn't block it when people reply to them. Like, you could block me, but if someone quoted one of my posts you'd still see my drivel.
  6. I mean, that's how I understand it anyway. Yes, it might not kill as many people as the 'flu, but the 'flu doesn't spread like wildfire with the potential of hundreds of thousands of more people needing hospital stays.
  7. Surely the whole thing about Corona isn't that its more deadly than the 'flu, but that it's so fucking infectious that left to spread unchecked would completely overwhelm the NHS with people needing treatment, and thus would stretch it so thin that more people would die from, well, everything?
  8. He knew how to run? Everyone knows how to run. He knew how to run pretty well.
  9. No, but getting good at it and understanding the link between nutrition, physiology and anatomy is. And he was pretty good at it.
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