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  1. We're converting one of our spare rooms into a second sitting room. Going to put a TV on the wall. Does anyone know of a way of wirelessly casting the Sky Box from the living room?
  2. It's an absolute certainty that it's going to happen here.
  3. Sherlock clearly wishing he was at home playing Fortnite instead of being dragged along to this shite.
  4. Worth pointing out you've made 17,000 posts in two and a half years on here
  5. That's a great result. A big improvement.
  6. Their keeper has been excellent. Just worry that we run out of steam and regret not scoring at least another goal
  7. Clyde's keeper has had an excellent game.
  8. What an absolute shower of no-righters
  9. I've read the manga so know how it all pans out. On the TV series I'm up to date with the English dubs.
  10. Attack on Titan is fucking brilliant. Easily the best anime I've ever seen. That is all.
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