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  1. O'Donnell wiping out Grealish was hilarious but that clip also shows why Grealish isn't trusted enough. He had about ten opportunities to pass but wants to do it all himself. That might work when you're your club's best player but not when you're playing for England.
  2. Oh absolutely, but that's the ideal scenario and isn't going to happen under Tuchel.
  3. Southgate is in that job not because he's a good manager but because he's the quintessential straight man. He's a decent guy and will bring absolutely no controversy. He's never going to upset a clique of players or be caught on a camera making dodgy comments. He's the sort of manager your Gran would love to have over for dinner.
  4. Said this last night. A loan move for a year to a mid-table EPL team (or even abroad) would be the best thing for him (and us).
  5. A mate of mine who watches much more EPL than I do pointed out that Kane is absolutely lethal from anywhere around the box, but the longer a game goes on without scoring the further deep he drops and the less effective he becomes.
  6. That's exactly how we got onto it! We were quoting Airplane quotes at each other one night and when we got to the Turkish prison quote he wellaxshuallyd us and gave us some utter ridiculous story.
  7. I have a mate who is an utter fantasist. Amongst his wild claims are: He invented the Rotastack but had the idea stolen from him at a trade fair He has spent time in a Turkish prison He was on a boat that capsized in the middle of the Atlantic And various others.
  8. This is me exactly. My mental (and physical) health has taken an absolute shoeing over the past year. I'm now double-jagged, most of my mates are now jagged at least once (and will be double-jagged over the next few weeks). I was looking forward to being able to go to the football and spontaneously decide to go for a game of pool or a few pints. Another ten weeks? Over summer? I don't think I can take much more.
  9. I for one am utterly shocked - SHOCKED, I tell you - that our lying charlatan fraud of a PM has backtracked on his promise to have everything open next week. Did not see that coming at all!
  10. Yep. I like Clarke but this isn't a 'beaten by a better team' result, which are always disappointing but tend to happen at all levels of football quite regularly. This is a game that we could, and should, have been going for but selection and tactics were all wrong.
  11. Grant Hanley been following Alan Hutton's fitness regime
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