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  1. One of our best central midfielders of the past 20 years was David Nicholls, who barely seemed to move an entire game but was hard as nails and did the simple things very well. He played with us until his mid-30s as well.
  2. Wonder if it'll be changed in time for the Linlithgow / Bo'ness gala days.
  3. Maybe. I just get the feeling that a lot of folk are expecting nothing short of the French Revolution, where instead the most likely event is that nothing changes, or he's replaced by another Vile Tory who's just as bad, if not worse.
  4. Surely no-one believes anything will actually happen to him, do they? His entire career is built on lying and deceit, and thinking he is better than anyone. Tory voters love him. He's not going anywhere.
  5. I've heard this as well, dunno how true it is though but it definitely sounds plausible. I'd have given you extra points had you replaced Jimmy the Snitch with Frankie the Squealer though.
  6. Who'd have thought that a man with a history of lying, cheating and incompetence would be a lying, cheating, incompetent prime minister? Staggering stuff. Anyway, this will drag out for another few weeks, Russia will invade Ukraine and Boris will have a Falklands Moment and save his job.
  7. I call them steamed hams tbh I'm from Albany and I've never heard anyone use the phrase 'steamed hams'
  8. I haven't ever seen any instance where it isn't clearly labelled. My daughter gets the very same ham and cheese toastie from Costa fairly regularly and it's labelled 'vegan'. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Why should they have to drop the 'ham' from the name but not the 'burger'? Both names are human inventions.
  9. Why? Words like 'sausage', 'bacon' etc. are human constructs. So are 'burger' and 'rib'. The animals don't call themselves sausage and bacon. Anything can be called whatever you want it to be. What would your proposed alternative to a vegan hamburger be, for example?
  10. I haven't heard any vegans get anywhere near remotely as angry as perma-seething meat-eaters when it comes to vegan food. A typical interaction goes like this: Gregg's: we're introducing a vegan sausage roll! Vegans: nice one, cheers! Perma-seething meat eaters: BLOODY VEGANS EATING ALL OUR FOOD IT'S CALLED A SAUSAGE ROLL HOW CAN IT BE CALLED A SAUSAGE ROLL IF THERE'S NO SAUSAGE BLOODY SNOWFLAKES LOVE A BACON SANDWICH ME
  11. People raging about veganism and vegan food in general is far more tiresome than actual veganism and vegan food
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