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  1. This is worse than some of your posts on the early days of the COVID thread
  2. House prices have risen all over, not just in London. Allowing a property to remain empty means you get the benefit of the rise in house prices with absolutely minimal maintenance costs that would otherwise be incurred if someone was living in it. Capitalist wankers
  3. I couldn't tell you the last time I bought a new replica kit but I usually get each season's when they're discounted for fives / running / gym
  4. I am also not a fan of red on our kits apart from tiny wee highlights. The classic early 90s Hummel number being the exception. This season's top is a slightly smaller logo away from being a 10/10. Would have far preferred white shorts though.
  5. We took our daughter to the pub for a lunch when she was like 3 days old, she slept through the whole thing apart from needing fed once. Don't really see much issue in taking her to a pub quiz unless it was in an old man dive bar.
  6. I parked up in Laurieston at the back of Laurie's and walked down from there.
  7. I'm still overwhelmingly confident that absolutely nothing will happen to him. He'll win this and ride it out.
  8. It's a toss-up between that and Anakin / Obi-Wan at the end of ROTS for me
  9. No he won't. He is utterly shameless. A lying charlatan, sacked from multiple jobs for lying, inciting violence. A history of mysognistic, racist and xenophobic comments. His reward is taking up the highest office in the land. He is absolute teflon.
  10. I'm sure I had one of them from Burger King last week.
  11. For anyone struggling to keep up, I've compiled an exhaustive list of the consequences that will befall Johnston and his government following the publication of this report: 1) Absolutely no consequences whatsoever
  12. One of my pupils is a RR fan and was saying the same to me this morning. Could be a load of hokum right enough.
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