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  1. Well that was a bit of a kick in the plums. Reminded me very much of the Forfar game where we were absolutely shite as well. A couple of things that frustrated me: 1) Andy Ryan initially being played on the left side of midfield. What the bejesus is that all about? I get Murray wanted him on the pitch but you've got to play him in his best position. 2) Carrick being substituted (thought he was our most energetic player as usual) 3) Our midfield. Anyone seen them? 4) Our ever more recurring hoof ball approach from the back (most likely due to point 3 above Apart from that we were f*cking magnificent!
  2. Absolutely gutted about that yesterday. We reacted so well to going a goal down but to throw it away at the death was frustrating, albeit an equaliser was coming. Two things that frustrate about the equaliser: 1) The header came from about 4 yards out. I like Hutton as a keeper but when is he going to start coming for cross balls? He needs to be more commanding of this 6 yard box 2) Fordyce actually bends down to head the ball away and it goes over his head. Stand up straight and the ball hits his chest! Anyway, on balance of play a draw was probably fair. Just never easy to concede so late. Onto Tynecastle we go...
  3. Mixed feelings about the game today. One one hand, I feel good that we seem to be winning games where we're not at the races (eg, today and Peterhead game). On the other hand, I think there's only so long we can keep these performances up before we start dropping points. Agree with some of the comments on McKay...more often than not he's a passenger. Fordyce was an absolute rock today and Leon McCann continues to do Leon McCann things...what a prospect the lad is! Delighted for Big Nat as well...changed the game when he came on...just a shame he plays in slow motion!
  4. Not sure if there's a limit on loan players but it would make sense. I was hopeful that the appointment of Murray's old chum Jack Ross at Hibs might see us sneak a few of their up and coming youngsters. Wishful thinking I guess!
  5. Looking forward to this one. Any decent boozers close to Falkirk Grahamston for a pre-match libation?
  6. As others have called out, today was a complete game of two halves. A few fans around me giving Crighton dogs abuse for the goal but for me Hutton should be steamrolling everything in his way to get to that ball...Goodwillie was about 4 yards out when he scored the header! Second half was much better - I thought we were much more positive and direct in attack. Deservedly took the lead via Carrick and the third from Gallagher was just different gravy! Still early days with the squad. I know he splits opinion but I like the look of Wedderburn.....he's never going to turn a burst of pace and beat a player but he's calm and collected on the ball, never wastes possession and is as strong as an ox (I particularly liked today when he threw one of the Clyde players around like an empty trackie!) Also liked the look of Roberts and Thomson today. Roberts showed some great touches - he seems like a good creative midfielder which I think we need to balance out Wedderburn in there. Thomson's pace will cause teams problems too. Great to see the reception for the players at the end...well deserved after the first half showing.
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