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  1. As others have mentioned, the FB group is interesting to say the least. That said, I actually found her response well measured. I didnt read anywhere in the guys response where he said that her son should "absolutely come along". In fact he seemed to discourage it, likening younger fans with drums to ultras who come and sing Rangers songs. Weird response.
  2. Usual jaunt down from South Queensferry for me and 2 additional bodies roped in. Might even jump on the train to allow for some pre and post match libations. Not sure which way the game will go but I'm here for the ride with this team.
  3. Can't argue with much of what's been said on the keeper front. I thought Currie could have done better for both goals on Tuesday. First one he comes, then stops, and it's just a wee dinked header over the top of him. Not sure what happened for the second...the shot comes from about 35 yards out...I thought he could have went for a cup of tea and a cigarette and still come back to save it. That said, the boy is still young and hopefully improves. As for the forward situation, it's a strange one for me. Gal can be frustrating at times but he always seems to pop up in the right place at the right time to nick a few goals. I like Smith but sometimes I just wish he'd have that wee bit of skill to beat the last man. A few times of late he's been put through against the last man but doesn't quite have that bit of creativity to side step a defender and get a shot away. Defensive frailties and result aside, I fair enjoyed that second half on Tuesday. Just need to shore up a bit and we'll be fine.
  4. No doubt about it, McInroy is a fantastic player (at this level at least) and has been the difference in a few games this season. That said, there was life after Kyle Turner and there'll be life after Kerr McInroy. Looking forward to Maryhill tomorrow.
  5. Handball according to his Twitter. Looked a perfectly good goal from where I was sitting.
  6. Airdrie 1-0 Peterhead Dumbarton 1-1 Clyde Falkirk 2-1 Alloa Montrose 2-2 Cove Rangers Queen's Park 2-0 East Fife
  7. Alloa 2-3 Airdrie Clyde 1-2 Falkirk Cove 2-0 Queens Park East Fife 1-1 Dumbarton Peterhead 1-2 Montrose
  8. Airdrie 1 Dumbarton 0 Cove 3 Clyde 0 Montrose 2 East Fife 1 Peterhead 1 Falkirk 1 Queens Park 2 Alloa 0
  9. Alloa 1-1 Peterhead Clyde 1-2 Montrose Dumbarton 0-1 Queen’s Park East fife 0-2 Cove Falkirk 2-2 Airdrie
  10. Cove 1 - 1 Airdrie Dumbarton 1 - 2 Alloa East Fife 1 - 1 Clyde Montrose 2 - 1 Falkirk Queens Park 3 - 0 Peterhead
  11. Airdrie Utd 2-0 Falkirk Clyde 1-2 Alloa Cove 2-0 East Fife Montrose 2-0 Peterhead Queens Park 3-1 Dumbarton -1
  12. Airdrie 0 Montrose 1 Clyde 2 Dumbarton 0 Cove 2 Falkirk 1 East Fife 0 Queens Park 2 Peterhead 1 Alloa 2
  13. Certainly won't be losing any sleep with the result...2-zip flattered Alloa I thought and definitely enough in there to suggest we'll kick on. Sabatini makes my pee pee tingle!
  14. Thoughts after watching the first 4 games. Pixellot - I was pulling my hair out with it on Saturday but it was much better tonight. Picture sharpness and contrast were much better. Commentary is really good albeit slightly out of sync with the footage as others have mentioned. Robert - Underwhelming so far, hope he'll come good. Sabatini - Has had the cigar out in the majority of games. Very composed and always looking for a forward pass. A stand out. Stokes - Was impressed with him in the first game against the Rovers (his turn and finish was sublime) but was a little off the pace against QOS and didn't see much of him tonight. Mbayo - Was a rock tonight but will have to go some to replace our stalward pairing at the back. Trialists - Both shite based on the 45 mins or less that we've seen of them, especially the one that played tonight. In all honesty, there wasn't too much to get excited about tonight but it's early days so I'm keeping the faith that we'll kick on!!
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