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  1. Middleton has played himself in to a start by virtue of the fact he was the only person on Sunday actually attempting to create anything and all our best moves involved him. He's also the only one willing to run in behind a defence and I just think he's only going to need 1 moment against Broadfoot where he's squared up to go past him. It should be the same team as against Aberdeen without a doubt for me.
  2. The fact that Parish was arguably at fault for all of Scott’s goals should realistically signal the end of the road for him. It won’t, but it really should, I’d have made a better stab at saving them all.
  3. Our cat has finally had her outdoor jabs and can finally go outside. I say finally, she's 3 years old and has never been allowed before, but since getting her we were adamant she would get the chance. So far so good, she's curious when we leave the door open and will go outside, but I doubt she'll ever venture too far as she's still a scared little thing, probably dating back to before we rehomed her. Still it's nice not having to worry about the door being closed for the summer!
  4. If this wasn't technically a home game for me, I doubt I'd be going, but as it is and at the risk of us not playing in the Premiership next season, I've forced myself to buy tickets. I'd imagine that this will be a really dull game lacking in any real support or atmosphere, when it should have in reality been a lot of fun and a great way to finish the season, such is how both teams seasons have panned out.
  5. I think once of the biggest reasons we looked better last night was getting Hallberg higher up the pitch where he can use his running and size to get beyond players. He's much more effective there than being pushed wide, as it allows him the freedom to find gaps. The fact that we've persisted with Crawford and MacPherson there is even more infuriating, given how much more comfortable he looked. It also allowed Hendry and Middleton to press more from the front, as Hallberg is very good at the pressing side of the game. As a result we looked better back to front and more like the saints of old. Sure we've still got scoring issues and the system needs to be sorted, but there's signs that some of the players can still flourish. That being said, it took a mysterious injury for it to happen, so it's not like we can even credit the manager for the decision. It was pure luck on his part, but hopefully he learns from it.
  6. I think that's fair. Bair in for Hendry, Sang in for Rooney, Mahon in for Gordon and it'll probably be Liam Craig in for Davidson. Clark Cleary - Mahon - McCart Sang------------------Brown Butterfield - Craig Hallberg Bair - May (if fit) To be fair, wouldn't be averse to seeing the likes of Sinclair get a shot in goals either. It's a fine balancing act between resting folk and keeping them math fit and potentially retaining momentum.
  7. I'm not going tonight, mainly because I've got other commitments for once midweek, but I think my feelings on the match tonight are the same as a lot of peoples. We're clearly going to play for a 0-0 draw and frankly that's no way to play football. I'm in the Davidson out camp for a number of reasons, but his recent interviews are showing levels of disassociation that I've never seen in a saints manager. I can't believe he thinks that this is what fans of the club want to hear, it's almost like he's gotten to the point where he thinks he's doing us a favour by being here. Any manager of St Johnstone should be proud to manage this team and be willing to fit tooth and nail for the club and supporters. I and the fan base can accept when things aren't going well or things are tough, it happens; however, what is currently happening in my eyes is unacceptable. People can cite reasons and solutions to problems as an excuse for Davidson remaining in charge, but I've got less hope about him as a manager than I did when Billy Stark got sacked and he's just about on par with John Connelly right now, which speaks volumes. Even in McInnes 23 goal season, I never wanted him out, so you've got to ask what has Davidson done in 9 months to totally alienate 90% of the support. It's not good!
  8. You’re in a catch 22, people will moan about losing him on a free as we didn’t look to extend his deal last season. Equally, his form was awful last year and didn’t warrant a new deal, let alone one for more money. He’s replaceable and we’ve gotten 5/6 good seasons out of him, which is what you hope for. Given he’s now almost 30, chances of ever getting a fee were slim, so I’m maybe not as annoyed as some of he does leave. If he had more ambition he’d be away down south, but equally United are clearly throwing money at players again.
  9. Yeah we’d looked a lot more effective down that side with Gallacher playing to be honest, he was starting to find his feet I think. Defensively still naive, but more direct and willing to run at players.
  10. The thing I noticed most on Saturday was the lack of confidence that still remains with the team. I think the system we play has its flaws for sure, but it can be effective if the players are brave both on and off the ball. If there's no confidence in the team then players wont look for the ball, or the centre backs wont be brave enough to push on and take a man on. In fact I can count the number of times a player in the saints team actually beat a man in that first half. The answer is 1 and that was McCart in his own half, but low and behold it actually created space and gave the opportunity to get a shot away which we did. The points about teams sitting their wide men on our centre backs is also correct, but if the defenders and midfielders were braver on the ball, then we'd have beaten the Dundee press a lot more and probably created more chances. It was also a slight worry to see Clark back to his flapping best, like he usually does at Dens. Dunno what it is about there, but he always has a shocker. I'd also be looking at Liam Gordon's place in the team right now, his form is poor and his use of the ball is even worse. I know it won't happen with the important games we've got, but Mahon should get a chance next season for sure.
  11. If we play Parish, we could make it a fair fight on the keeper front and see what chaos unfolds in both boxes.
  12. Nobody to blame but himself, correct decision to send him off, even if he didn’t make that much contact, he’s launched himself off the ground!
  13. Some things are just predictable.
  14. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to upset anyone in the game, whether that be other managers, players, referees, etc. For all Tommy Wright moaned too much, Davidson is far too passive at all times and it’s pretty annoying that he’s not even willing to stand up for the team when it matters. Like he should of been condemning Penrice’s tackle, it was an absolute shocker and could of broken Cleary’s leg quite easily.
  15. Yeah except that wasn't a foul. If he'd of gone down it would have been a dive and he'd of probably been booked. Just because he gets a hand on his back doesn't mean it's a penalty, even less so when there's zero force in it. Either way this is all immaterial, for all Livi had the ball and dominated possession, Clark had very little to actually do and made the same number of saves Stryjek did. We know we're rubbish, but Martindale didn't exactly try and alter the game in Livi's favour effectively once.
  16. I think the most annoying thing for me is that you can see this tam can actually play decent football when they’re allowed to. By that I mean not hampered by a pitch, referee or coach. There were a couple of times on Saturday and against Motherwell where we went through them effortlessly by playing a few quick passes with men forward. We can score more goals, but this insistence from Davidson of having 8/9 behind the ball at all times is killing this team. He needs to be braver and trust his team. They’ve got ability, he’s just scared to use it, then we’ve been saying that for months.
  17. One of the things that struck me, is that say we do finish 11th, we’re going into the games with form. There’s not many teams in recent years who’ve done that. The form table shows us in a good light and whilst I agree with Radford that we’ve been poorer recently, we’re still getting results and you can see more confidence on the team. Compared with the Hibs and Killie teams who lost in the playoffs, they were bereft of confidence and on awful runs without winning games. That’s not the case for us and if Dundee catch us, it won’t be the case for them either as they’ll need to pick up some good form to overtake us.
  18. If the form guide stays the same over the next 6 games as the last 6 games, we scrape 10th by a single point. Interestingly I had this conversation with my father , who was resigned to staying 11th at best. He was worried that Dundee can still catch us, but didn’t believe we could catch St Mirren, until I pointed out the points difference is the same for both, yet GD is negligible for us at St Mirren given it’s the same.
  19. I think I will disagree, not to be controversial, but because it was clearly a penalty against Fitzwater. As others have said, it’s a red card all day long for the Penrice tackle and it’s a penalty to Livingston for Cleary’s handball. However given some of the decisions we’ve had this season, we had to get the rub of the green eventually, just a shame the first time it’s happened was against Livi. That being said, you’re technically 1-1 for wrong match altering decisions from Clancy in this game, so maybe it did even itself out naturally today. Either way, we were awful and the fact we kept a clean sheet says a lot about how resilient our defence is looking again and how poor Livi actually were today, the boy Soto looked like a lost kid up top.
  20. Big game for both teams for different reasons. Seems that’s there’s always a game against Livi to decide a top 6 spot, just we’re not included this year! It’ll be tight I imagine, but Hendry does like a goal against our opponents.
  21. We didn’t replace it on the cheap. We didn’t put in a new hybrid pitch, but there was investment in it. It shouldn’t be in this state already as others have said, it’s not been player on that much! As Tam says, the ground underneath isn’t brilliant and fundamentally saints should pay the money to get that totally sorted if they want to continue with grass. I certainly don’t want us to go plastic, but unless the underlying issues are sorted it’s not worth constantly throwing money at the grass.
  22. For all we can say Davidson should be taking the blame himself and not directing it at others, he’s totally correct on the pitch. It’s not even the fact it’s not the best grass, it’s the fact that it isn’t even flat that’s causing the massive issues. You’re expecting a fresh air swipe from the goalies at every single backpass and watching thorough your fingers when the ball bobbles back to Clark. Irrespective of what division we’re in, we need to be spending significant money sorting it out and keeping it in good condition. If that means replacing the groundsman, then so be it.
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