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  1. Whilst saints probably could and should have helped Danny our in this instance. Saints have bailed him out numerous times in his career already and he should possibly remember that if he goes down the route of criticising the club, which he hasn’t done yet.
  2. 40 odd games. Given he only played 15 last year and the chances of him playing games is only getting slimmer, don’t think it’s a record he’s getting past.
  3. 3 points ahead with a game more played with the 2/3rd form team in the league chasing you definitely means it was your position for sure. [emoji23] Either way, it’s a shame we’ll never have the chance to find out cause it was shaping up to be an interesting battle to end the season with.
  4. Given we hadn't won a game against anyone all season (except Brechin who were bottom of League 2) after playing 13 games, you really did us a favour in that first game, despite us doing our best to throw a lead away!
  5. It was funny, watching the cup final again I forgot how good James Dunne actually was. Now should we have broken the bank for him, not in the slightest, but he's the kind of combative midfielder who'd have been well at home at saints. The fact he was up against Paul Paton in that final, just showed how much better a player he was than PP who we'd eventually sign. Gary MacDonald was just the quintessential nothing player, he also had that annoying habit of letting a throw in roll across his body for some reason and would inevitably have it taken off him and we'd be broken on. Also totally forgot that Paton had a shocker of a two footed tackle in that game and was lucky Thompson was having a lenient day!
  6. Aye and his 15 minute cameo is as unforgettable as his entire saints career, bar 1 goal!
  7. Nah I'd try and keep Wright, appreciate that he's probably on the high side of our wage bill, but I really like him as a player. Does he contribute enough in terms of goals and assists, no. His work rate and application is second to none and his pace is always an out ball if he gets going. Plus you just need to look at how utterly dominant he was against Greg Taylor in the cup to see how good he can be. Celtic fans pretty much wanted rid of Taylor after his display, which was totally down to Wright since the same Taylor had the freedom of the pitch in the league game. I can understand why folk wouldn't be fussed, but he's entertaining and at the end of the day I'd much rather watch someone like Wright trying little flicks and nutmegging folk, than go back to watching a boring defensive option in front of a fullback. Fair enough, you probably have a better handle on it than me. I agree with the play them and see option. There's no harm in having a couple of the kids on the bench, giving them 15/20 minutes over the course of a few games to try and force their way into a starting spot for a run in the team and ultimately if they're not up to it, then we jettison them. Put it this way, the youngsters can't be any more of a passenger in games than Gary MacDonald and Lee Croft (second spell) and that never stopped us winning games of football.
  8. Played it through with Yennifer this time, not that I had any say in that outcome. 😂
  9. Finally got round to working my way through Fallen Order again after not playing it for a while. Also trying to get 100% on Witcher 3 with the girlfriend, that's proving very time consuming to say the least!
  10. As in O'Reilly? Now I know that it's not a fair measure of judging players, but 3 senior games for a 20 year old doesn't strike confidence he'd be ready for the first team and top flight. Then again this may need to be the way saints go down now, more young lads and get them as much exposure as we can and hope a few can swim and not sink. That being said I think the age group below that under 17s have a number of very good players who are promising and hopefully that can transfer to first team players.
  11. It'll need to be O'Halloran I'd imagine, Wotherspoon is pretty much a nailed on starter on the left for me. He was arguably our second best player after January and really stood up to be counted. In fact it was the same for most of the season, he provided crucial goals and assists, yet once again he's hated and abused from the stands. When he eventually goes I hope the idiots in the crowd suddenly realise how good he is and can be and that he's an asset to the squad no mater what role he plays. Whether or not Wright signs on again or not though, any new manager will need to be on the lookout for at least 1 wide player, if not two as that's the area we're shortest in. I don't think any of the youngsters are out and out wide men, may be wrong though.
  12. Genuinely think those in talks will all sign, you’re better the devil you know right now and a secured wage is better than being out of work with very few teams willing to sign or commit until they know what’s actually happening. I echo the statements about keeping the out of contract players on the payroll, at least until they’ve got a new club signed up, it isn’t going to cost saints a great deal, if anything so no harm in doing the right thing. Ando especially, and Swanson to a lesser extent deserve that at the very least.
  13. Nah it’s been working for me since the start, took a second to warm up, but fine since then.
  14. People have been predicting our downfall for seasons now, yet here we are, still a top 6 team. Our time will eventually come to an end in the top flight but given half the teams in the league may be scrambling for a squad whenever football restarts and the fact we’ve got essentially all of our players signed up. I’d wager for at least another season we’ll be fine, unless we appoint Alan Stubbs.
  15. I'll be honest I totally forgot about Rooney, but I'd still say we need another defender who can cover right back, unless of course Wright stays and he'd likely be your back up.
  16. Tbf there’s only 4 players out of contract who you’d think based on appearances last season you’d offer a deal to (excluding Davidson from this). Wright, Booth, Kane and Craig are the only ones I’d hope were speaking with and even then I’m not that bothered if they do go. Callachan, McMillan and Swanson are all dead certs to go, which is quite a big chunk of wages going out the door, plus the loan guys heading back to their clubs. Leaves us needing a new right back, central midfielder, winger x2 and a striker for next season as a minimum I’d say.
  17. Nah you've managed almost a full season and got Stevie May scoring, I'd say that deserves kudos.
  18. Glad to see you're finally having some success at saints on FM, after many years of heartbreak and sackings!
  19. Widge

    FIFA 20

    If they’re SBCs or objectives they won’t appear in packs or player picks.
  20. Insightful contribution as ever, I apologise for my phones autocorrect. Now if you're not going to add anything, back down a league you go Ludo. You've turned into the Dundee equivalent of RG!
  21. I remember at the time we were really close to agreeing a deal and it was one which was truly exciting at the time since he was this young up and coming goalscorer with attitude. Especially after he ended our long unbeaten run when playing at Livingstone (hell of a volley that!). Dundee gonna Dundee though and we missed out on having a terrific player and one who'd have made us a fortune moving on for sure.
  22. For the same reason Wright has left, to be worth his family more, it would be the same thing that would draw Davidson back. His family are all still in Dunblane and not London.
  23. She can tout it all she likes, the backlash from the players and fans should be enough to stop that in its tracks before it even gets off the ground. The main economic benefit for the likes of Killie and Livingston is that it can be rented out during the week to generate additional revenue. We've already got a synthetic pitch which we do that with and I don't believe it is ever fully booked, so we've no need for it. Plus the thought of Steve Brown shelling out 500-750k in one go for something like that which isn't likely to generate any additional income is never happening.
  24. GK - Gillespie (Motherwell) CB - Gallagher (Motherwell) CB - Findlay (Kilmarnock) CB - Guthrie (Livingston) RM - McGinn (Aberdeen) CM - Christie (Celtic) CM - McCann (St Johnstone) CM - Jack (Rangers) LM - Lawless (Livingston) ST - Hendry (St Johnstone) - f**k it I'm allowed to be biased, plus the only other options are Dykes and Obika and their goals per minute are way off. ST - Edouard (Celtic)
  25. The difference in journalism right now is frankly staggering. You’ve got Thompson and Nicholson seeing who can put do each other and put negativity into this. Whereas of all people you’ve got Tom English writing an excellent article with nothing but praise and the likes of Jim Spence who are following suit. Thompson is simply trying to drag this out and get as many words out of it as he can. By making it seem a massive deal and issues, it’ll take up more columns that simply stating Wright felt it was time to leave for his own health and family life and give him a good send off.
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