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  1. Well in that case, long may be continue to be lucky and flukey. It’s working for us, why change what isn’t broken.
  2. As much as the trolling attempt is poor. To fluke one national cup I could see (right draw, lucky games, tight calls, etc.), but to fluke two in the same season... I think there has to come a point where you go, actually, I think they might be quite handy in knockout football.
  3. I think saints fans have been saying it for a few seasons now, we're just a much better team away from home. Not that I think that's unusual in this league, as clearly a few teams suffer when asked to dictate the play and make something happen. The majority of the teams in this league, including saints would rather play on the break and nick goals here and there. That's not to say we cant dominate games, last season home games against St Mirren, Ross County, Hamilton, etc. we were the better dominant team for 95% of the match it was just the finishing that let us down. The addition of Rooney helped change our season last year. I like Danny Mac and he was an excellent full back, but he didn't possess the threat of Rooney. He came in and suddenly teams had to change the way they played to stop him, leaving the left hand side free and low and behold Spoony came in to his own. Subtle tweaks, but highly effective ones. If you look at this season and Rooney's average position, he's basically playing as a right midfielder, which plays into his strengths entirely and whilst teams have cottoned on to him, much like the "Spoony Chop" when Rooney does get running he's incredibly difficult to stop. Just wish he'd get in at the back post more and that we'd occasionally simply chuck a deep ball in there to try and mix things up. Assuming we get bodies in the box, he doesn't even need to win it to create something.
  4. As a neutral, I’ve seen the penalty and the fact St Mirren fans (or rather Ric) are trying to defend it is amazing. It’s clearly a penalty and Miller had already been warned by Clancy. To continue to do the same thing and give the opportunity to give a penalty is madness. Similar penalty was given on the Wolves/Brentford game, it was a clear rugby tackle and obstruction.
  5. Yeah United, Falkirk, Rangers and Motherwell all dispatched that season. Edit - aggregate score of 10-1 as well, even more impressive given 3 of the matches were away from home!
  6. I can finally come and post in this thread now since as of yesterday we brought home a rescue cat. I’d post pictures, but the little thing is currently under the spare bed and I suspect will stay there for quite some time. Stark contrast to her previous life in a house of 25+ cats and then the loud enclosures at the charity. Still I’m sure given time you’ll get to see her (whatever we call her!)
  7. Aye, Ronaldo literally hit it the one place the keeper was. Was actually a really poor finish.
  8. He was released and signed for a Spanish team last week.
  9. I’m in Dumfries on Saturday morning, so chances of making this are slim, but if I do some RG style speed driving you just never know. Either way it’ll be interesting to see what happens in this game. I don’t think we’ve got a squad of players who’ll mope and sulk, so I’d like to see some new faces step up and perform. Spoony, May, Rooney, etc could do with finding some form and quickly for our sake.
  10. It would if he were moving to a club known for developing and selling players on. Preston are not that! Only ever received a £10mil+ fee once and typically don't sell players at a high price at all. I know McCann is good, I know he'll improve and earn a move elsewhere at a higher level if he keeps progressing, I just don't think Preston are the team to capitalise on his future potential.
  11. If held off posting my thoughts last night, but you’ve summed it up. The incentives in the McCann deal better be ridiculously good for that pitiful amount to have been accepted. You’re right, no saints fan will want anything but the best for the pair of them and I’ve no doubt they’ll have excellent careers. However, what a way to suck all the feel good out of a club within 5 days! I guess at least this time the club acted and got season tickets out early before consigning this season to one of turgid football and misery. Unless this team can pull a rabbit out the hat, it’s most certainly a return to the bottom 6 and low and behold all those new season ticket holders have gone again. The sheer amount of loans we’ve brought in is frightening too; however these 2 were at the top end scale of our wage budget and having both gone, there has to be something left come January. I refuse to believe the loans take it up. So saints now have a single huge mid-season window to sort this mess out and it impacts the next few seasons as well. Right now I’m not happy, I’m worried we’re heading for a relegation battle and even if we do survive there are some massive improvements needed by the club at all levels!
  12. Unless Preston meet saints valuation, which they were informed of 2 months ago he isn’t going anywhere. They’re trying to force saints to commit and panic, when really we’ve no need. Increasing in little instalments won’t work right now thankfully.
  13. Ali knows the price saints want, clubs know the price saints want. We aren’t about to roll over and give this one up in the last seconds. We might need to revise in January, but not a chance he’s going for a million. Eric Nicholson is usually on the ball and I’d trust him over Nixon, who let’s face it is probably the one speaking to Sky!
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