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  1. Devlin getting a cap ahead of Findlay is frankly hilarious, so I do feel for him!
  2. Widge

    FIFA 20

    I’m just happy I haven’t bought it this year. Seems to be the general consensus that it’s the poorest it’s been in a while.
  3. Saying decisions went against them and that it wasn’t a penalty. Except the fact we missed it and it had no bearing on the game. [emoji23]
  4. Hey small steps, we took the lead in a league match for the first time this season!
  5. You know what, people are going to have ago at me here, yes our defence is bad. But we’re missing sitters left right and centre, all we need is one to actually go in and get some confidence in us. We’re still creating chances despite being allegedly awful!
  6. One day we’ll actually score a penalty that’ll mean something in a game! [emoji23]
  7. This is gonna be a reversal of the cup game I can feel it!
  8. Last game I saw in Dingwall, Chris Kane span a defender and put a last minute winner straight into the top corner. Pretty sure I didn’t dream that...or did I?
  9. My biggest gripe with O’Halloran and it’s always been the case, is that he never goes on behind. He’s always looking for the ball short and take the whole team on, every so often if he runs in behind it allows a defender to flip a quick ball into the channel for him to chase. It’s infuriating watching him with 3 men on him running laterally across the pitch.
  10. Yeah that was my thoughts, he steps in and wins the headers a lot of the time. Doesn’t allow himself to go up against a standing jump very often at all.
  11. Yeah, that’s the one thing Vihmann was good at when he played, was winning headers. Not sure he actually got beaten in the air. Clearly he isn’t going to be good at playing the ball on the deck, but I’d rather a solid defender who clears his lines at every opportunity (ala Frazer Wright) than one who gets caught on it time and time again. From what I saw, him getting caught on the ball wouldn’t be the issue, it was the fact he kept putting the ball out of play or over hitting it. I’m our current predicament I’d rather it was safe like that, than an overconfident youngster losing it and giving teams a free run at out back line.
  12. The correct way to sort this out is clearly to ask FIFA. Sorry but your boy Power is slow by comparison to MoH.
  13. Maybe, but he’s either going to have Michael O’Halloran or Drey Wright playing in front of him, who will show this Power fella what real pace is about.
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