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  1. Yasssss You'll get to continue your Jordan Rhodes argument on WAP!!
  2. I don't disagree that he's got ability in abundance. I'm just not sure he's the right fit for our squad. As Randomguy says, I'm not sure he's got any passion or love for the game left and he's never struck me as a team player. At least with the likes of Wotherspoon and Swanson previously there was always a desire to work backwards and defend as part of a larger unit. I'm not sure Stewart has ever had to do that or wants to do that. He's a matchwinner alright, but I think he'd end up being another McFadden, someone who's lost what little pace they have, is on a large wage and is shoehorned into the team without producing anything.
  3. Davidson's system requires high levels of energy and a defensive ability to know exactly when to close down and press. The wide players in that formation need to have great energy levels, stamina and pace. Stewart has none of those things and would most likely end up a man down at times.
  4. No thanks. Lazy, paceless waster who doesn't fit into any formation we play!
  5. Taking him on trial suggests he isn't the one who's close to signing. Given there was hope from Davidson that whoever joins would be available straight away for the semi on Saturday, doubt given how risk averse he is, he'd even contemplate putting in a guy who's not played this season and has only played 21 senior games into a cup semi. Either way sounds like a replacement for Bryson/Craig long term which is quite good, suggests some forward planning. Chances are he'll be on a lower wage and that long term he's maybe one who earns a bigger move. Pleased to see Davidson looking at younger targets too, try to dispel the myth he was only interested in raising the squads age.
  6. Post Split 2022 So with 5 games left of the season, we were kind of playing for 4th once again, not much chance of us catching Kilmarnock and virtually no way for us to be caught by Motherwell, so no real improvement placement wise, but I definitely think much better play and squad wise. Ohh dear, our regular loss to Rangers, but at least we scored some goals. Beat Hearts after being 1-0 down at halftime. Then I realised our position was pretty much set and decided to play some youngsters, fringe players and give Davidson a fairwell tour basically. It did mean that we scored no goals and didn't win any of the games, but it is what it is, we were safe. So that left the table like this... So the title race was a lot closer this year, Rangers have regressed. Kilmarnock absolutely smashed it under Derek Adams which was a bit of a surprise to say the least! Either way I'm happy in 4th, we've improved last year and will get another attempt at Europe, hopefully we last a little longer than last time, as I think we'd be better prepared with a larger squad. Team Review That was the best XI for me this season apparently. No issues with any of them, except maybe Kelly, who in the end was replaced by Jamie Lindsay. Biggest surprise this season and one of the biggest positives, definitely the form of both McCowan and McLennan who performed above and beyond expectations. Finally a big shout out to my boy Dan N'Lundulu, one man wrecking ball at times either up front or out wide. It's making be wonder if I need another striker next season (I've got someone big in mind) or whether I just get him on loan again and hope when his deal expires in January he'll sign on permanently. Think it's safe to say bigger clubs than me might be after him since he finished the leagues top goal scorer with 23 goals. Interestingly enough for a free transfer and only £600/week, Luke McCowan is now worth 1.8million. @RandomGuy. scouting obviously paying off in many ways!
  7. January 2022 - March 2022 So into the new year we went looking to carry on our decent form, results below. In all honesty, pretty poor. Our form dropped totally off a cliff and we were dumped unceremoniously out the cup at home against Rangers (I hate them!). We seemed to have developed a habit of drawing games we should have won. For example that last game against Aberdeen, we conceded in 97 minutes, after only 5 were added on, safe to say I was raging. Stand out result definitely beating Aberdeen 4-1, absolutely battered them in the first half and I'm only annoyed we stopped slicing through them at will. Back to back losses against the bottom 2 teams was having me tearing my hair out. Big Dan N'Lundulu stepping up once again with the goals, the lad is unstoppable and for someone with 7 composure he's not exactly guilty of missing chances. That leaves the table below.... So same position as last season so far, but much much better places. Kilmarnock are the biggest surprises for me, they've been incredibly good. What I will say, the league is a lot more open this year, all the teams have lost and drawn games against each other which kind of gives me hope. There's a few players out of contract that I've got my eyes on and who knows maybe I'll finally be able to get Jake Doyle-Hayes from St Mirren, but he's probably not good enough for my midfield now. There are certainly a few areas I need to improve and once again there are several older players to phase out and move away from the team.
  8. Coming off a long term contract at a Championship club, no way we could have afforded him! Maybe latterly towards the end of the 7 months, but central midfield wasn't somewhere we needed an extra player for.
  9. I'm still of the opinion we jettison O'Halloran now, he's not worth the wage and frankly his best days are gone. Davidson isn't going anywhere and I'm sure he'd accept reduced terms, especially since he's due a testimonial I believe?
  10. If and this is a humungous if! We don't get relegated, are safe from the play offs with time to spare and by then Kane and Melamed have 5/6 goals each whilst playing with each other, what do we do with Stevie May? He's on a fair whack by all accounts, we're not getting an output from him (same as O'Halloran) and he'd be a very, very expensive third choice. He's regressing back to the start of last seasons form, you can see the brain is there and the ability for the most part; however, there's a lack of pace, lack of dribbling, lack of open play goals from him. I love the guy, but it's just not happening again for him and we cannot afford another season of non-scoring strikers. I was critical of Kane, still am for some of his deficiencies, but right now he's playing himself into a new contract and is finally looking a better all round player this season.
  11. I’ve watched it numerous times and can’t see a touch on the ball at all. To say he clearly got it, is madness. Inexperience showing with that tackle I’m afraid.
  12. Time to unleash the Rooney at right wingback!
  13. Neither needed, or necessary to say the least. Couldn't bear the thought of him sitting in Ireland all bored and alone, so looks like we're getting the band back together guys!!
  14. Jason Kerr in the background of the training photos posted today, so I assume he’s back fit and available.
  15. I remember we tried that on here years and years ago, with a few of us, was good fun but didn’t last nearly as long as you’d hope for. If I wasn’t so busy right now I’d have joined, I say update the thread with how it’s going to be honest. I’d be intrigued to see what happens.
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