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  1. Just to clear something up, we’ve a squad of 18 senior players so definitely do not have a larger squad than County.
  2. Well this has proven to be wrong within 10 minutes. Given Perth and Kinross is being treated as separate from Dundee and the Central Belt and is indeed a whole Tier level below. Not that I think it makes any difference, but the chances of fans back in Perth are significantly greater than Dundee right this minute.
  3. Nah, nobody at saints loves any of our goalkeeping options. We realise we can do better for sure, but we’re stuck with them for the time being.
  4. I've read it and see it a little differently. I think he's almost saying that the players need to chose the correct time and position of when to cross the ball rather than punting it in from deep, as happened too much on Saturday. He's probably telling the wing backs and wingers don't bother putting it in the box unless we've got numbers in or there's no other option. Rather look back the way and try and build and create something. Or at least that's what I hope he means!!
  5. Whilst there is an element of this, we’ve forced the Seigrist into several good saves, had Kerr and Bryson go inches past the post and I’d be intrigued to see the penalty claim again. The less we say about Dallas the better frankly, but nothing we hadn’t already come to expect from the incompetent fool.
  6. Yeah I suspect he’s still feeling the effects, it was a hefty dunt he took in the back and he certainly felt it last weekend. He’s played a lot of football recently including international games, so a wee break to let it recover isn’t the worst idea in the world.
  7. Who the hell do you think you’re playing? You’ve referenced St Mirren twice now in this thread alone. Never a good look when you make a complete arse of things, but please feel free to try and make it a hattrick.
  8. Another excellent Eric Nicholson article in The Courier today analysing Murray Davidson's new role in the team. Key points to highlight were - Only 3 touches in the attacking half all game on Saturday He basically played alongside Liam Gordon for the match, offering protection and allowing the other centrebacks to push forward His dual success rate was over 70% and only really bettered by Liam Gordon as well The days of him going box to box are almost certainly over It allows Ali McCann/Craig Bryson to push forward and act as the link player to the forwards. All of this makes perfect sense to me, whilst incredibly fit and robust, getting back to prevent counters has never been Murray's strong point, often he picks up cards from lunging in from the side on the stretch as he doesn't have the raw pace to get back quickly. He's also never been a natural finisher, in fact I can think of very few of his goals which he has caught cleanly or with good technique, rather they're headers, close range finishes or sclaffs. Not that this is a bad thing, but I'd rather have McCann/Bryson in he box shooting, as they've got better technique (we'll ignore Bryson's miss vs Brechin for now). By sticking so close to the central centreback it almost blocks the striker from things like goal kicks, as Davidson can shield the striker and Gordon or who ever can simply focus on attacking the ball, which I think saw us launch a few counter attacks on Saturday. Murray's game has always been a case of keeping it simple, win the ball, be combative, play it short and to players with better vision or range of passing. At the start of the season I'd have said that we were missing his aerial ability in an attacking sense given the number of crosses we were putting in; however in recent weeks we've changed that style slightly and from what I can see are now looking for counters, quicker build up around the box and trying to get it in the 6 yard box with pace and low. Given his ability in the tackle then it makes perfect sense to sit him further back and cover the defenders as best he can. Maybe others will agree, but he's better at winning the ball back than McCann in a defensive sense and he's better in the air and physically than Liam Craig, so to me he's now a first choice defensive minded midfielder. In doing so I'd hope it'll allow McCann to go box to box and we might see similar sort of play from him which lead to goals such as vs Aberdeen and Hearts last season and I think given where he was when he assisted Wotherspoon on Saturday this maybe backs this up. He fell out the game when he took a heavy knock, but for the benefit of the team and in the long run, moving Davidson back and swapping him and McCann's roles will only be a good thing.
  9. Jesus Christ this threads an absolute shitshow already. Either way, we charge what we charge for PPV so not to make a season ticket worse value for those who support the club every year by buying one. Saints explained this and to me it’s fair and reasonable. Plus so many fans are getting worked up about the costs of streams and forgetting that it’s not just a ticket price they’re saving on, it’s food, travel, parking, drinks, etc. I’ve bought every other teams stream this year so far and it’s probably been 50% if Olmert less of the actual cost I’d usually spend and I don’t even get to all the away games. As for the football, if we play the same way as we did against Hamilton I’m confident we’ll score goals. Hopefully United stick Shankland up top on his own and our three centrebacks can deal with him, best way to get at us is to have a go and play 2 up top so we don’t always have a spare man to bring the ball out of defence.
  10. Yeah he was also very, very good at saints for the half season we had him as a 19 year old. Outstanding keeper at that age and first division level. We then replaced him with Craig Samson on loan and the difference was very evident very quickly.
  11. Don't you'll get RandomGuy started!! The thing with Clark is, he doesn't make any "over and above" saves anymore. For example when he was playing well and keeping clean sheets, there were numerous games you could look at and say he's made a match winning save that a lesser quality keeper wouldn't. Now he doesn't make these saves where you think wow, he only makes the saves you expect him to. I don't for a minute think the Clark of 2 seasons ago lets the Hamilton header in. Whilst you can't blame him in any way and fault him for not saving it, it's one where if he's playing like he can do he does save simply because he's capable of being better than average. Does that make sense? He's gone from making Enkleman like saves to being more steady. It's similar to Alan Mannus, he never made any truly miraculous saves, but was instead a solid dependable keeper who'd almost never lose goals he was expected to save.
  12. So in one game, Craig Conway produced more than Drey Wright managed in 2 seasons. I’ll let Radford have his say on that matter! I know a lot of people don’t like him much and yes he’s a bit slow, but I remember saying at the start of the season I’d be ok with Wright going if we bring in a lesser player who contributes more, which I think is exactly what’s happened.
  13. From the outside, I think you’re over rating your wide players and full backs somewhat. As for the striking options, Shankland should be scoring goals, but he’s not and I don’t think you’d find many Hibs fans upset about McNulty not returning. Add in the fact that Clark has never played top flight football and I’m not sure your strikers are as enviable as you’d like to think. Of course if Shankland starts scoring then sure many teams would want him, but as yet it’s not happened.
  14. I think my biggest concern yesterday was the performance of Jamie McCart. I'd say the first 2 goals were his mistakes and generally he looked a little all over the place. Needs to get back playing like he was at the end of last season, otherwise there might be an argument for giving him a rest and playing Callum Booth in at left centre back for a bit. The one advantage of that is offensively, but defensively we'd probably suffer.
  15. They actually managed to miss out 3/4 really good chances on top of the ones they showed. There could easily have been 10 minutes worth of highlights on it if they’d wanted to.
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