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  1. This is the thing, I think people are liking the concept and it had the potential to be a cracker; however they've missed the mark totally, which given it's Joma isn't really a surprise.
  2. I'd expect some things to start happening next week once the players and staff start coming back from a well deserved break and time off. Someone might need to start looking for Shaun Rooney now though, he's probably gone awol. I'm back on the "What does Widge want in the transfer market" train of thought today. Here's where I've gotten to - At least 1 back up centre back. Ideally someone early 20s to play 4th choice, but also learn the system and eventually is able to step up to the starting XI Back up fullbacks. Now it depends whether we're looking at Brown seriously, I've no reason not to sign him, other than the fact he's average, but he never let us down. I guess if he's on a cheapish wage and happy to be second fiddle it's all good. We definitely need someone to cover left back, since Booth can be a little injury prone and if the worst case scenario of McCart getting injured happens, he's likely your back up left centre back. Wide forwards x 2. Essentially replacements for Middleton and Conway. Ideally you get Middleton back and bring in 1 more. Striker. We need another one, two if Hendry leaves, but that'll depend on his attitude, it might spur him on to improve. If I was being really greedy, I don't think 6 new players is enough, I'd be looking at getting 1 more central midfielder in, who can play as a 2 or potentially further forward as a 10 when Spoony needs a break. Craig, Davidson and Bryson are all the wrong side of 30 and Gilmour and Ballantyne have the grand total of 1 senior top flight game to their name. I'd be trying to get Ballantyne and Ferguson out on loan to the Championship, arguably a team like Raith would be a great fit for Ballantyne, dunno how his numbers stack up, but he seems a similar sort of player to Hendry in that he's progressive and somewhat creative, but with poorer defensive stats. If all the above happens, you'd have a senior squad of 22/23 with as many of the youngsters out on loan as possible. This obviously doesn't account for us losing McCann, which still seems a possibility.
  3. Aye that was the one. Mid august and glorious day for the football. I remember it cause I went to the game on my own then ended up at the festival with a few mates and got steaming. Usually hate the festival but on that particular occasion it was a good day.
  4. Well I don’t think it can be unless we’re bringing out another coloured kit too. Whoever signed off on the half and half blue/yellow kit was an idiot.
  5. I’m guessing we’ll get a different coloured away kit this season purely because we’re in Europe and can’t use yellow twice. Then again who knows if our current yellow kit actually complies given how much blue is in it!
  6. I’d have taken Kiltie, but the reality is he’d have been coming in as back up for Wotherspoon, which probably put him off. Also happy for St Mirren to put their budget into players who’d be back up for us, but we really do need to start fleshing out the squad a little more. Not that I’m worried, Davidson will be on the case now, he’s allowed a little break to say the least.
  7. Even if you guys go down again in a fiery blaze of glory, I’ll be hoping you beat United each and every time. Don’t ask me why, they’re just really insufferable as a team.
  8. We ended up with £800k initial fee and then an extra £200k from sell on clause, from a year left on his deal after 1 terrific season. You'd be looking for roughly the same for McGrath I'd say, but it depends if he's willing to sign an extended deal. As much as we all love to value our players highly, you're not getting £2million for a guy with a year left on his deal who's free to speak with clubs in 6 months, clubs who'll turn his head and make it an easy decision no matter what contract you put in front of him.
  9. Thing is we were running with a squad which was probably 2/3 bodies too light anyway, so having the majority of the squad signed up makes sense. Replace the 3/4 you've got leaving plus the additional numbers and I'd say we're still looking for 5/6 players minimum, depending on where Davidson sees the youngsters fitting in. Realistically Ferguson is going out on loan and I suspect ideally you'd have Gilmour and Ballantyne out for 6 months to the Championship to get game time after the European qualifying fixtures.
  10. I'm nonplussed to be honest. I'd happily have seen him away and I don't think he's done anything to deserve a 2 year deal. However if that wage of his has been reduced then I'm probably fine with it, we know what he can do and he's a useful impact sub for the last 15/20 minutes of a game if we're winning or losing to be honest.
  11. What’s Kiltie like? I’d assume he’s coming in to play the Wotherspoon role in our team as we have no back up when he’s unavailable. Neat and tidy on the ball, with a bit of skill and a goal or two in him from what I remember seeing. Sort of guy I’m happy for saints to be linked with, especially since he’s still not that old and a fresh start might kick him on another level.
  12. If we end up back with Joma I’m going to be very, very upset!
  13. Actually it wasn’t, we’d had a perfectly good goal ruled out when Callum Hendry was a yard inside. Ohh how his season might have been different if that had stood.
  14. We deliberately bought a small set of drawers for the spare bedroom for all of the make up, hair, nail crap that my other half possesses. It all fits in, I've seen in there, quite happily tidied away (by me). Every single day the place is left like an absolute bombsite and I can barely see the carpet. Problem is, I've asked her nicely a hundred times to try and be tidier, only to be met with "well it's my house too, you're not my parents". Doesn't help that I'm a bit of a tidy freak when it suits me, but one day I'm going to throw half of it out and see if she even notices.
  15. Can only echo what others have said, get a decent Mortgage/Financial Advisor and they'll point you in the right direction. Having just gone through it all 3 months ago on my first house it's certainly confusing to say the least at the start. Think my partner and I both have a combined life insurance policy and I've got income protection which I pay for separately; however my partner can't get a policy right now as she's awaiting medical appointments, etc to diagnose a long term issue. I've heard some utter horror stories from people buying their first house though, who've used a friend of a friend and ended up buying a place an not even having home and contents insurance set up, let alone income protection and life insurance to cover an unfortunate incident. If I'm ever asked for advice, in the future it will always be go with someone recommended and that you can trust who's got your best interests at heart. Got to say, with the way the market is right now, we were incredibly fortunate with how everything went for us and the way it landed.
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