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  1. We haven't had an email yet and I'm not massively hopeful we'll get one either before Saturday despite buying season tickets.
  2. I’d argue for Gallacher as well on that front, who’d made the left back spot his own until he fractured his leg. But yeah, 2 out of how many!?
  3. I’m not thrilled by the signing, but I’ll admit it makes sense short term. As for him being a naive OF youngster, so was Darnell Fisher and he turned out all right in the end! So fingers crossed it’s more like that than Wallace Duffy! That being said, left back should never be an issue with Davidson in charge, least of all tactically!
  4. Spot on. He really raised his form when he needed to in the second half of the season and the year we won both cups he was excellent. He’s not the biggest defender and can often be bullied slightly, but his recovery tackles and general positioning is excellent. I’m not convinced he’s got the physicality to cope in that league, unlike Kerr; however his use of the ball gives him an advantage over the usual cloggers, as well as his left foot. I suspect he’ll do alright without being amazing in that league and I’d expect him to drop down a league at some point and be a lot more comfortable. But best of luck to him, much like all the others he’s earned his chance and I’m glad he’s away down south.
  5. I’m happy to see the players go to these sort of teams, you’ll potentially have Clark and McCart joining Kerr and McCann in the Championship. It sells saints as a club where you can earn a move and teams down south might just start to take more note of our players. Not that I think they’re potentially good enough to play at that level, but the fact they’re going to get the chance is great. These guys earned themselves these moves and it’s worked out for both saints and the players. We just need to keep it up and start the build again.
  6. Yeah you'd think so, but if you don't ask the question, then you'll never know. Plus he might be looking for guaranteed games, which he probably wouldn't get at United.
  7. Would anyone here take Christian Doidge? Free to leave Hibs and whilst he maybe isn't prolific, he'd be good for 10 goals a season and is good in the air with decent link up play. Sort of player who'd get on the end of things in the box.
  8. I renewed, but then again I'm a glutton for punishment and have been a season ticket holder for that long that I'm not going to let the streak end. That being said, this was the first season that thoughts of not renewing crept into my mind and I did get a new one firmly expecting the worst and with little enthusiasm for the upcoming season! I was thinking about it today though, we've got the makings of another good young defence with Cleary, Mahon and Gallacher, Gordon isn't exactly old either. Ok that's heavily caveated by not having a goalkeeper right now, but there's enough cause for optimism based on what we've seen from the 3 newer guys. We still need midfielders that's for sure, but with a full pre-season, Hallberg should be even better and I genuinely think he's our best player by some distance. We've jettisoned the older guys, Craig, Bryson and Butterfield have all left the playing squad, although I'm not convinced Gilmour will ever make it, or Ballantyne so we still need another body in there fore sure. Up front is the biggest issue, in an ideal world, you'd be getting rid of O'Halloran from the squad entirely. You could make the same argument for May, but we can still offer something (albeit not goals). You'd assume Eetu is on the way out, which I'm not upset about from what we saw of him, but I'll say it again the way he was treated wasn't right. Who knows Bair might make a big contribution next season, as well as a returning Wotherspoon and Max. Then again maybe I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and enough time has passed that Davidsonball is a distant memory.
  9. I wonder if wee Max is the wildcard this season. He’s in the squad, he’s clearly highly thought of and you’d imagine they’d want him to get minutes. Give him the chance in the group stages against teams of a level he’ll have faced before and see if he makes an impact. If not, then get him on loan to a Championship team for 6 months!
  10. I'm not convinced that Eetu would ever make it wit us, but agree that the lack of opportunity he's been provided has been poor to say the least, at least he offered something a little different. I think it's a case of him getting better the less he played, cause lets face it, he hardly set the Irish league alight whilst there, bar 4 goals in a single game. I'd of happily given him a chance though and it's poor management really.
  11. Ohh we've got the players to play attacking forward thinking football, the issue is we don't have the midfield to allow a platform to make it work! In order to get them all in the team, you're looking at changing the shape to a narrow 4-2-3-1 which I'd love, but lets face it Davidson wont entertain that!
  12. Now take this tongue in cheek, but the most exciting football saints have played for years, was when we had Kennedy, Wright and Wotherspoon all in the same team....
  13. Clark to United is very similar to Tony Watt in January. A good player at this level who you’d want to keep, but if United are going to pay him 2/3 times what we’re willing to then let him go. Let’s face it, at the end of the season before last, we’d of all happily had a new number one come in such was his form!
  14. Normally I'd say that Burke and Davidson probably played with and against each other for years and it's just a friend letting another train and play in some training matches to keep fit, but you know what nothing would surprise me any more.
  15. All the comfy beds in the world bought for her, yet if there’s a folded blanket or clothes anywhere in the bedroom, full loaf mode is activated!
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