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  1. Aye Cleary had clearly been told to get forward, same with McCart, he hasn’t ventured past the half way line in months. So that was obviously what Davidson meant when he said the players weren’t doing as he asked, for all the good it did!
  2. We are just so easy to play against. We’ll work the ball to our wingbacks who will inevitably be closed down by 2 players, forces the ball back to the centreback and then hoof and repeat. Fucking hell, I could have set Dundee up not to concede last night, so of course McPake could figure it out, along with all the other competent managers in the league. I was all for giving Davidson this game to get a reaction, which he did to an extent from the players, who looked more determined. However he himself has yet again done nothing to change us and the players are suffering from it.
  3. Relegate both teams now. By far and away the worst teams in the league and the most clueless managers bar maybe Courts.
  4. Yeah I’m pretty please Hendry is in from the start, he at least gets on the end of crosses. Plus he’s always better in a 2 and should allow Cifiti to float around a bit, or you know bite folk..
  5. I'm annoyingly away for work down south right now, so I've got no idea how SaintsTV works, I assume that I only get Audio if I log in from my English location? In other words, I either pay the stream price, look elsewhere or pretend to be elsewhere? Confirmation would be greatly appreciated. Edit - Never mind, I'm an idiot, as I'm a season ticket holder I get it for nothing!
  6. That was my thoughts at the time. Cleary definitely went in to win the ball, which he did. Austin had his studs raised slightly and he kicked through the ball on to his foot. I actually thought Austin was lucky not to be carded at the time, but no blame to Cleary at all for that one. From the limited views I’ve seen of Cleary, he gets up the pitch more than the other defenders we’ve got. He also fired a few passes to feet instead of going long which is what we need. Obviously needs to settle and he’s in a poor team, but looks promising so far. Hopefully him and Mahon are up for the fight in a way McCart just hasn’t this season.
  7. I'll make a bold claim and say Callum Hendry will score more goals in the league by the end of the season than Stevie May! I was still on the fence with May, but he needs let go in the summer. He's lost all confidence in his body and the way he is shitting out of all physical contact is totally detrimental to the team. At least Kane, Eetu, Cifti and Hendry put themselves about and give defenders a battle, even if they're not good enough.
  8. I held off from posting last night for a variety of reasons. Having stood there in the cold and the rain watching what was on the pitch my first thought was how little effort there was from the majority of the team and coaching staff. Davidson made a point of thanking the fans after the game and whilst the young lads were once again excellent, where I was, was anything but. I don’t think anyone in the saints end actually expected to win and that speaks for itself. I want him to turn it around, but he looks like a defeated man and if that’s the case then he needs to fess up to this or leave, as if he’s not part of the solution he’s most definitely part of the problem. I think unless a great escape happens I’m resigned to fighting it out for 11th at best, so to be there’s little point rushing to appoint a new manager if he goes, give it to McLean and Craig until the end of the season, who knows maybe they’ve got their own ideas on how things should go. I won’t lie, the scenes at the end were uncalled for to an extent, but that’s 6 months of frustrations boiling over. That set up shouldn’t be allowed in senior football, but credit to Liam Craig especially for showing true leadership qualities in the face of that. As for Zander getting angry, he’s clearly as hurt as the fans watching the insipid, scared, identity-less performances in front of him. I think it’s been touched on a million times, but we don’t have a squad full of bad players, there are some technically good footballers capable of performing, the issue is they’re not being set up to do so. I actually thought the likes of Gilmour and Butterfield were ok yesterday for the most part; however neither is creative so you’re then relying on Brown and a debutant left wing back. Brown can’t play that position and Gallacher looks decent whipping balls in the box, but he’s possibly another Tanser. I said this as I watched yesterday that Davidson’s subs only weakened us, I can’t remember a game he’s positively influenced in a long time. I didn’t want to see him go, I wanted him to turn it around and if he’s willing to admit he’s wrong and change things I think it could still be salvaged. I just don’t think he’ll do that and I don't think he’s got the fight left any more. I get the fans are angry with the lack of effort and crap formations, etc, as everyone has a right to be, but the reality is I think we all knew this day would come. The biggest problem with that, is it’s totally self inflicted for a number of reasons top to bottom. Instead of people at the club scrabbling and disagreeing with themselves, if ever there was a time to pull together and come up with new ideas it’s now, but I don’t see it happening. The signing of McPherson sums it up. I don’t necessarily thing he’s a bad player, I think he’s got potential; however he should be coming in as a squad player at best. We’re going to need 3/4 midfielders next season irrespective of our division, but he’s not worth paying money for that’s for sure. I don’t want us to go down, but it won’t stop me supporting the team. I’ll never boo them or any of the players and staff, but that’s just me, I get why others do. I think if we are to go down, then the least the fans deserve is some fight and passion in the next 15 games, the players and management owe us that’s. If anyones not up for the fight then they can go as far as I’m concerned, high earners, seasoned pro’s or not. That is the unforgivable thing.
  9. Aye O’Halloran went off injured, or at least the massive limp he had suggested so, maybe he just wanted off the pitch!
  10. Spot on @RandomGuy. People are moaning about saints not spending the money to get these players in, but ultimately we’re still a business. The deal has to be right for everyone, ok we may need to pay slightly more than we’d like to get guys in, but it’s ludicrous to think we’ll spent 300/400k on guys who’re out of contract. I’m happy if saints walk away from deals if they’re not in our interests, it’s just clever management. The likes of Deas and Rudden aren’t saving us from relegation, they’re ones for the future. I’d like to sign them for their potential, but realistically neither have played at this level and likelihood is they’d be let Championship players. So if we do want Rudden, I’d save the transfer fee, agree the PCA and then spend the fee on someone’s wages for 6 months, who might just save us.
  11. Have we even agreed terms with Forrest yet? Seems all a bit pointless to bid for the player if he's not even spoken with us about signing at least in the summer. Might be a slightly underhand tactic, but if he agrees a PCA, are Livi really going to want a guy kicking around who could disrupt the team harmony and there isn't 100% guarantee to try his best. Not that I'm saying Forrest is like that, but you can see how speculation and future moves affects players, just look at McCart as a prime example!
  12. Still maintain the best keeper we had in that spell of a couple of seasons was an 18 year old Alan McGregor on loan. Unbelievably good for 6 months, then he was replaced by Craig Samson, what a downer that was!
  13. If we’d had Main in goals that season we won the league. Instead we had a crocked Kevin Cuthbert, Bryan Halliwell and Michael McGovern on loan for a few games where he still managed to chuck the ball in the net. Great fun watching us that season though.
  14. Manager changed the formation I think and played McCann at right wing back for a game where he obviously didn’t perform. Dropped since then, but a quick look on the Preston forum sees the fans wanting the manager to accommodate him and get him back in the team. When he’s played he’s impressed down there. Always the same when a new manager comes in though and tries to make a mark on the team.
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