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  1. How Max isn’t playing ahead of Crawford is absolutely criminal! I’d rather be gets 15/20 minutes off the bench to try something rather than watch Crawford contribute nothing.
  2. Agreed about Mahon getting another chance, one bad game doesn’t make a bad player. Same with Gallacher, he was showing signs of having something before his injury.
  3. I think the short kick outs were a necessity @RandomGuy. Remi Matthews is clearly still struggling with his hip and was wincing every time he kicked the ball. Had that not been the case I imagine we’d have gone long more. That being said, I think today there were some tired legs. Clark, Considine and May all looked a little jaded and out of sorts, same with Gordon.
  4. Why Crawford and Brown came on ahead of Max and Gallacher is beyond me!
  5. If you’d offered me 11 points from the last 15 I’d of taken it without doubt, but can’t help but feel that’s an opportunity missed today to get another win. Kudos to Crawford for possibly his worst 15 minute cameo ever!
  6. I noticed that and also noticed the fact that Remi's left footed kicks were barely any different to his right. It's actually impressive that in 3 months of a season I don't flinch every time a ball goes back towards our goalkeeper now. Clark was notoriously poor from the ground at times!
  7. So the last game for both teams before the winter shut down. Both teams in that large hunch in the middle, looking to pull away as much as possible. Saints unbeaten in 4, Motherwell almost the opposite. Still these are always tightly contested games and usually end 2-1 so that’s probably the result one way or another.
  8. Agreed, he’s the only player we’ve got in the squad who can go past a couple of men on the turn and get you on the counter. He’s a bit hot and cold, but then again that could be his career in a nutshell. Either way I’d rather have Murphy playing than O’Halloran!
  9. I was sceptical about signing Nicky Clark, but the boy knows where the net is. He’s scoring the goals to replace Hendry’s whilst also being a very accomplished partner for May.
  10. He wins the ball and his momentum takes him up as he tries to slow down, he’s high, but it’s not out of control and forceful. The moment it went to VAR referee was never not changing his mind.
  11. I mean that shouldn’t even have needed VAR to have been given, how the referee didn’t see it immediately is even more bizarre. Edit - I should say that I’m not sure it should be a penalty ever, but under the new rules and the recent awards it is.
  12. May being out is unavoidable if he’s picked up a knock, these things happen. But it’s unforgivable that Brown has once again gone to left wingback, has he genuinely not learnt anything. Even if Montgomery isn’t fit to play, he’s got Gallacher!
  13. We saw last season how it panned out with Parish in goals, so why not just play Sinclair if you’ve recalled him? I know he played yesterday, but he’s actually got game time behind him this season.
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