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  1. I’ve worked from home before, I’ll do it again, but I’m just nowhere near as productive as I would be even sitting alone in the office. A simple report which should take a couple of hours takes twice as long. However the most frustrating thing is the fact that the foot and a half stone walls to my flat block all telephone signal except right next to the window, which I’m never at. Makes it impossible for people to call me and vice versa. The gf is loving working from home for the first time in her life, but I’ve always hated it. Not helped by the fact her job requires her to be on the phone constantly, so she’s at the window talking away in the same room as me for pretty much 8 hours solid!
  2. Given how much Livingston fans and all those connected with the club defend their pitch, to hear Gary Holt use the pitch as an excuse is just wonderful. It’s also a hell of a stretch to say Livi controlled any part of that game. They had the ball in the air (just as we were guilty of) more than it was at anyone’s feet!
  3. Best manager St Johnstone have ever had and he’s presided over part of our most successful ever spell as a club, so I doubt you’ll find any sane saints fans with a bad word to say against the man. He’d get a statue in his honour if we did that sort of thing!
  4. It was an awful game of football. I’m well happy though.
  5. Jones on the bench.....it’s happening.....
  6. May have been the case saints asked to get him back since he’s probably 4th choice now with the purchase of McAllister. Either way he’s a young kid who actually got some game time and scored a few goals, so no real harm done. Suspect we’ll want him out at a League 1 team next year.
  7. If we beat both Hibs and Livi, then we at least make it interesting. Frankly I’m just happy people are now talking about the table up the way and not looking behind us. Given where we were 4 months ago, to be where we are is a fantastic effort from the team. The really annoying thing is, that all the teams above us are stuttering and a little crap tbh (as are we I’ll admit). Had we showed what we could do in those first 12/13 games this season, you’d be touting us for a European place which is madness!
  8. Wasn’t really intentional so don’t think a second yellow was necessary tbh, given he’s already awarded the penalty.
  9. 110% Allan was being a fud with a hand above his head.
  10. What’s the deal with retrospective action these days have they stopped doing it? Cause that’s as clear a red card as a ref is likely to ever miss!
  11. Awww what happened? Was looking forward to a maverick winger with no fear.
  12. Suspect we’ll make changes given the number of games we’ve had and coming up again. The likes of McCann we’re running on empty yesterday. Holt, Craig, Booth, Kane all likely you come back in I’d imagine. Possibly O’Halloran and Ralston as well, so more than half a team.
  13. Do we think Drey Wright might be a better right back than a winger? Defensively he’s sound, he’s quick, physical and has a good engine on him. Would take away the need for him to supply goals and assists and he’ll still be able to cross and run at people so long as he’s covered in behind? He was very, very good yesterday and if he does sign up again may be an option, appreciate we’ve signed Rooney up for next year, but would save needing a backup as well. Assuming Booth gets a new deal, we may not be looking for any defenders next summer.
  14. Widge

    Doctor Who

    I’m glad they didn’t shoehorn Captain Jack into it somehow. Shows that they thought about it instead of throwing a lot of stuff at the wall and hoping it stuck.
  15. Aye torrential rain and constant playing on it has left it pretty cut up, but hey we’ve had a winter break that’s the main thing. [emoji23]
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