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  1. We’ve actually had some attacking intent in this half! Tanto certainly has something about him!
  2. Positive is, Callum Hendry is looking like he’s learnt the role well and is adding some quality up front. Just need to prevent this getting out of hand, because everyone will talk about Rangers walking over us, when in actual fact we’ve played pretty well and it’s literally our 2nd competitive game of the season when we’re clearly behind all the other teams. The worry is we need to get up to speed quickly, as we don’t want to get left behind.
  3. Entirely this. It’s annoyingly as if we were half a yard sharper we’d be causing Rangers issues. It’s refreshing to see we’re actually trying to play the ball around and keep hold of it in tight situations. Can’t help but think O’Halloran would have had joy in this game with the space in behind Barasic, which Conway hasn’t quite exploited yet.
  4. We’re putting that down to a lack of match practice. [emoji23]
  5. Aye it was a great challenge from McCart took the ball clearly and fairly, if forcefully.
  6. Dare I say it was Harkes that was causing us the issues. Butcher was taken out the game. RandomGuy will be enjoying this for sure, you can see the press in operation and it is definitely working. Rangers have had to go long on a number of occasions, exactly like his little diagram suggests it should. Shame the secondary play in finding a man hasn’t quite happened, but a bit of luck and it might fall to McCann with clear grass ahead of him.
  7. Worth noting that we’re playing practically the same team as against Dundee United and they created a lot more against us in the first half an hour. Suggests that the shape and extra training on where to play has helped.
  8. Harsh, he did really well to tie the defender in knots and did the right thing going across the goalkeeper, good save. If he’d smashed it near post he might have taken the goalie by surprise, but he played the percentage game.
  9. I suspect it’ll very quickly turn into a 5-4-1 tonight with the two wingers doubling up on the Rangers fullbacks and hoping Hendry can close down the centre backs. Not a lot else we can do with a decimated squad.
  10. Tbf to Davidson he did say that earlier in the week we had to play 6 vs 6 cause that’s all the fit players we had in training without knocks! We need bodies in the door and getting back from injury sharpish. The likes of Kane, May, Davidson and Clark would make things look a lot better. Same with O’Halloran not being suspended!
  11. That bench [emoji23][emoji23] I knew we had injuries, didn’t expect it to be this bad already! Man we need bodies back or coming in the door soon.
  12. Anything respectable given the total lack of game time and injuries we’ve had is a success to me. Rather get minutes in the legs and treat this as a sharpness exercise, cause realistically we’d need a full team and be in form to cause Rangers issues on paper.
  13. You’re right about that, I’ve seen enough roofs in Edinburg to know they’re in bad condition no matter where in the city you are. Should probably clarify that I’m on the first floor of a 4 storey tenement, if water finds its way to me, something’s gone horribly wrong! Absentee Landlords and buy to let doesn’t help either, as they’ve no interest in work getting done and that simply slows any process in place right up.
  14. Lucky you, I’m at the bottom of one and the street outside was practically a river for the best part of 20 minutes earlier. Still happy to be stuck in a stone tenement at times like these. [emoji23]
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