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  1. My main contention seems to that a lot of these new veg products claim to be unsuitable for freezing. I’m not sure if this is genuine or the companies feel they make more money by suggesting this.
  2. Last seen in the bushes in the grounds of Ninewells hospital.
  3. Have any P&B’rs ever run away before? I’ve been tempted in the past if only to see the description put out. ‘Fat, not as old as he looks and should not be approached’.
  4. I’ll be honest and say I was pleased to see the result today.
  5. Noticed that the yellow price timetable has been adjusted. Furious (Dundee).
  6. Stick me down for this category. Hate not getting a penalty shootout after sitting through full games like that.
  7. Football is back and I’m going to offer lovemaking to everyone that attends Tannadice tonight.
  8. The f**k do you work? The British Heart Foundation Morningside branch?
  9. Self nomination. The British Heart Foundation in Lochee is going to be burnt to a crisp very soon.
  10. £110k was the fee agreed. Probably hacks supporters of both teams off. Eta - £75k up front with the remainder based on reaching a set number of goals against Motherwell during the remainder of the season.
  11. Scored a hat trick in the two touch bounce game at the end.
  12. That’s, by some considerable margin, the longest sentence I’ve ever read.
  13. Should this poster really be starting threads about potential disasters…?
  14. Fairly strong rumours The Rangers will offer Hearts £4.2m to get John Souttar in January. Would any of this head our way?
  15. More ‘hasn’t he already suffered enough’ sycophancy from the BBC. Stick him (and the others) in a burial pit along with Witchell and his protege.
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