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  1. Did I imagine it or did the magnificently horrific Jane Lewis really talk about a team being like hot butter through a knife? Think it was Friday night
  2. All that's missing is that dirge of a brass band.
  3. The biggest unknown is a reaction to Russia 'accidently' hitting one of Ukraine's nuclear power station.
  4. I don't know if it counts as a chocolate bar but a curly wurly was decent, as well as dispelling the myth that chocolate should be kept in the fridge.
  5. Negative. The SFA refused to offer double time.
  6. A stirring rendition of 'The Bonnie, Bonnie banks of Balmoral' by the sounds of it.
  7. Why would you actually go out of your way to request this? It's utterly mental but can only assume that this has come unofficially from those in the SFA with a penchant for orange. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that the place is riddled with them.
  8. Was watching an Airwolf this morning and they've pulled it halfway through to stick up an image of the old boot.
  9. Looks like another entry into the 'we should have won by about five, but er, didn't' drawer from the 'Well.
  10. Just wish they would plant her so we can all get on with our lives.
  11. Real positive from the performance of Sadat. As for the minutes silence not my preference but not particularly surprising when you try and ram it down people's throats when they rightfully don't care about the death of a 96yo billionaire who tried to hide and increase her wealth at every opportunity.
  12. I can assure you I haven't, nor won't.
  13. Out of interest, what's the charge here? Just read the article. The sooner that wide ranging nonsense charge is removed from their armoury the better.
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