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  1. The whole squad is going to be out and we will have to call up the St Johnstone squad at the last minute. I can feel it.
  2. Jim Farry would have offered a decent wedge to the Croatian FA. Make it happen Maxwell.
  3. Surely we can also just agree that has Gascoigne had more talent in his little toe than Phil ‘sanddancing failure’ Foden which is where this argument seemed to stem from. Had he had the upbringing and training regime Foden has been privileged to have, the difference would be stratospheric.
  4. In any late tackle surely by definition the balls already away? Looked a stonewaller to me.
  5. Just had a look in the cupboard and someone appears to have stolen about half a bottle’s worth of Laphroig last night. Going to report it once I feel a bit better…
  6. You have to compliment both O’Donnell and MacGregor. Both been given a load of stick but played excellently tonight.
  7. If nothing else the English are showing us again why they will never win a major tournament.
  8. I’ve studied this thoroughly and O’Donnell is a much better player in the rain.
  9. There was a good episode covering some of this on the BBC World Service the other day. Think it is called Automation Nation or something- very enlightening.
  10. Just tell me where the can opener thing is
  11. Pickford’s looks suspiciously alike him - Fife relative? Luke Shaw?
  12. I’m assuming that the goal could then stand in case he was wrong. Lot of shite though.
  13. In an alternate time zone/universe, Hendry’s shot goes in the top corner. That’s the comfort blanket I’m holding on to.
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