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  1. The crossing isn’t great but if we actually put someone on the front post at set pieces we might actually get away with it. I’m assuming Clark’s hand in the air means it’s going to the first defender.
  2. I see the silly Dees mouthing off last week have been left a little red faced.
  3. Which is much more just outcome than those businesses who would have went under had they not been compensated for a service they paid for.
  4. This is pretty much my favourite gif. Can anyone remember the first use of it?
  5. I’m not stating anything new but why can’t Scottish Labour get their head round the fact that around 50% of Scots want independence? They can go through another 1000 leaders and nothing will change.
  6. hospital, those who were unable to move freely due to concomitant osteoarthropathy or immobile before or after
  7. Why does Wotherspoon suddenly turn into Juan Roman Riquelme as soon as he plays Utd? Every fucking time. ETA That ref was horrendous for both sides.
  8. The commentator seems to think this Utd team has reverted to Jim McLean’s finest. Utterly bizarre.
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