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  1. Relieved to hear that Hungbo lad is out injured. Looked a good player the other night. A Spittal goal here is a certainty.
  2. I’m not sure if I had too much too much to drink yesterday but I spent most of the game lambasting ‘John Rowbotham’.
  3. I despise the Saintees but will be cheering wildly if they win today.
  4. Is there anything planned to remember Stuart Duff? Would be good if the fans did something to commemorate someone who served both teams well.
  5. Let me tell you a story, you wee shite…
  6. Boro have a new manager. It's a decent gig as well. A supportive Chairman at club level who gives you time is a rarity these days. I should have said insert random English Championship jobber type team. They were the first to come to mind.
  7. Talking of negativity I’ve still got the fear that Steve Clarke is going to leave for something shite like the Middlesbrough job before March….
  8. As an appendum to this I’ve just realised that there is further highlights on ITV. What an evening. Ah. John Collins. Makes no sense to watch it again.
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