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  1. Was it not him that played a pearler of a ball through to Harkes that set up the penalty last week? Was a lovely touch. I think there were a few commented on it predicting that Harkes would strangely look better in the league above. A bit more time on the ball and he is starting to look like a prospect. Needs taken to a proper ‘barber’ though.
  2. I refuse to believe a good single malt wouldn’t comfortably see off a shitey virus like Covid. Pack them in...
  3. I remember when Ardbeg got up and running and it was lovely and a reasonable price but it is rarely under £30 now, even on a special offer. I miss it.
  4. Shambles on the stream. John Boyle should come out and apologise.
  5. Distinct echoes of fans piling on the handicap betting when it became known that Ryan Stevenson was playing in goals. Torn betting slips everywhere after a 1-0 defeat. I’ll be putting a sizeable wager on 1-1.
  6. It could be my favourite strip. I think it’s tremendous.
  7. Does this mean Aberdeen won’t be able to play next weekend or does the testing exempt them from it?
  8. Budge will no doubt try and appeal under the premise that despite getting a C in the prelims, they were anticipating an A+ in the exams.
  9. Well I’m not sure you can claim to know the topic inside out then, surely?
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