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  1. He was very selective about which ‘class’ of human life he valued.
  2. Him and his ilk are responsible for many more deaths than Coronavirus in the UK. What’s become abundantly clear is that the austerity project was just that. Pulling billions out their arse to bribe the bigots in Northern Ireland while essential services are slashed right, left and centre. If he does croak it commiserations etc but the biggest tragedy will be that he will just be replaced by another pernicious c**t. They have successfully hoodwinked enough people that by buying enough shite on tick they are a ‘middle class citizen’.
  3. We can’t draw any concrete conclusions thus far.
  4. Surely bad news? Might have whittled them down a fair bit....
  5. After getting in yesterday, I went into the kitchen to do the all important hand wash in the kitchen and the mother in law’s bra was in the sink soaking. It was like a whale trap.
  6. You don’t have a vial of Coronavirus in the stock cupboard do you?
  7. Does it make a difference if the sofa bed was manufactured around the time you were an apprentice? And if a four yo is nicking the bedsheets?
  8. What if you’re stuck on a sofa bed at the mother in law’s because you can’t move into your new house? Can I moan about that because by Christ I need to moan to someone.
  9. So much for all our nurses not having any protective gear....
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