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  1. We’ve been cheated here. That’s undoubtedly a comfort blanket as Hibs absolutely deserved to win but the officials missing a blatant offside and not sending Porteus off have an influence on the game. Good luck to the opponents in the final. ^ ^ Seething
  2. I’m assuming you’re not talking about the offside goal?
  3. Madden has made a rod for his own back not booking Porteous for blatantly kicking the ball away. The annoying thing is had he not been booked already then I’ve no doubt he would have booked him.
  4. Officials need to have a long hard look at themselves tonight as do a few Utd players.
  5. Ah so it’s only a yellow card if you’ve not been booked before?
  6. And Irvine missed the ball. A clear decision that I’m mystified he was making an issue of.
  7. Boyle v Robson will probably decide the game.
  8. I’ve shot my load of Greenies far too early. They should just put this thread on the TV instead of bothering with presenters.
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