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  1. Few rumours in the local that Strachan (Gordon) has decided that he wants to return to management.
  2. This reminds of the newsagent in Dundee that used to sell lucky dips porn packs. Was a random selection of magazines and a friend purchased said pack only to find the October edition of The Rubberist. Quite an eye opener.
  3. It looked to me like Dodds just took a risk by trying to give some players a break for the second leg. Got lucky in the end.
  4. Does anyone in Scottish Football (apart from their circa 375 season ticket holders) want St Johnstone to win this?
  5. The most concerned people tonight might be the auditors who signed off Sevco's last set of accounts.
  6. Kenny McIntyre struggling to get the words out on Sportsound. What an evening.
  7. Hungbo, Doyle-Hayes (loan), Considine and Spittal are all close to signing.
  8. I fear the igloo's days of usefulness are numbered.
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