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  1. It's always seemed to me that the best players can get paid more in the likes of Spain but if you are the level below you will probably get more in the EPL. Plus you don't have to live in England.
  2. Tough day again for these two after a night on the lash.
  3. Agreed. The worst bit is that it seems to aimed, at least in part, at the fans that do go which is bit silly really.
  4. That Hallberg is an utter arsehole. Can we swap Harkes for him please Saints?
  5. Graham needs to be rested for a bit. Trying to continue with a back three in this situation is suicide. Go to a back four. Neither of our wingbacks can take a man on so why bother?
  6. Only noticed one. BBC regionals is not where my ire was directed either.
  7. It's horrific. As mentioned though it's refreshing to see questions which they have not been pre-warned about. Looking at you here, BBC.
  8. Annual reminder for Utd fans not to look in the general direction of any visiting fans.
  9. Well done Porteous. Fair play - thought he was excellent.
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