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  1. After taking about a year and a half to get over the passing of our last cat Chester, we took the plunge over the weekend. Brother and sister.
  2. We are windae fitters, we only fit the best...... ’I wish they would stop singing and dancing and pit the bloody windae in’
  3. It’s good to see in a year where everything is strange St Johnstone are sticking to their normal game plan of kicking anything that moves.
  4. Wighton not celebrating because he played on loan for Arbroath for a bit is peak modern football.
  5. 2020 has brought us some strange situations so far but the thought that someone might have a pillow with Derek Lyle’s picture on it is certainly up there.
  6. Makes sense with this visit of the hammer throwers from Tynecastle. I think I might apply. Only way to get to the grounds sadly.
  7. A vital point today. You can pretty much define our season with the next four fixtures. St Johnstone, Ross County, St Maureen and Hamilton. Win three out of four and we’re coasting for the rest of the season.
  8. Fair play. There was a bit of daylight robbery there but it could be a vital point come the end of the season.
  9. Connolly’s Cryuff turns are becoming a tourist attraction for visiting teams. Get him punted.
  10. Has that Hedges been good for Aberdeen recently. Looks a cracking player on today’s evidence. Running the game.
  11. Rope a dope working perfectly here. Utd comfortable win in the second half.
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