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  1. Was never a great fan of Donald Findlay but he made a complete mess of Levein and English.Lesson is don’t get into a debate with a QC.
  2. Think Murdoch is our best right back by far.At the moment this is bald men arguing over a comb. Real question is whether there will be any football in league 1 and 2 next season.The best placed lower league clubs are those without any players under contract.Others will run out of money quickly and need subsidies even to exist on care and maintenance basis .
  3. Clubs may survive but if you are a decent player and the club does that you sure as hell aren't going to sign for them again when they want you back... If there is no football this year,which is more than possible,how do you expect them to pay players with no income.Just about every club will do this.If and when we get through this players will still have to accept wage cuts.
  4. If the Govt stops the job retention scheme in June,having players under contract will b put the club at greater financial risk.Being punished for forward planning but clubs where all the players are out of contract will be better placed to survive.No one is going to be signing players just now.Presume clubs will use the supposed get out clause in contracts to enable them to survive.
  5. Have no problem with Raith being awarded the league but the Chairman comes over as a bumbling ham.He better hope Raith are not in the same leajgue as Hearts ,Dundee or Falkirk.There must be someone more competent at the Rovers to speak for the club.
  6. If the existing board had followed this policy after the previous board’s fiasco,there currently wouldn’t be an East Fife.Their substantial financial input and the sale of land saved the club.It seems a bit much not to back them now .
  7. The final score line bears no relation to the game.Stranraer should have scored early on but gave up too many chances to East Fife.At 4 -0 East Fife must have missed 4 or 5 great chances ,then proceeded to gift 2 goals in 30 seconds to Stranraer.Chris Higgins has been outstanding this season and had a good game today but the 2nd goal was ridiculous..Fear for Stranraer,they are just a bit short at both ends of the park. Can’t say they aren’t playing for the manager though.
  8. Peterhead had some decent spells of play but other than Longs save from Lyle created very little.East Fife missed a series of great chances which made it more nervy than it needed to be.Pleased for Ross Dunlop who was rock solid after his mistake against Dumbarton.
  9. Think Wallace and Agnew are our 2 best footballers.Find Anton Dowds being left out a strange one.Sure opposing teams are pleased with that decision.
  10. Other than Ross Dunlop and Kevin Smith getting some game time,that was an absolute waste of time.One of the worst 90 minutes of football ever.
  11. Very fair summary though I think you’ll find more clubs are joining East Fife in realising that in the main pensioners are no longer the poorest section of our society.
  12. Thought it would have been a travesty if East Fife had lost today.We are stiil losing cheap goals from set pieces.Don’ t see either team winning the league.Airdrie seem to play for long throws and corners which worked for them.Have to say the officials were atrocious.The yellow card for Dunsmore was one of the worst decisions I ve ever seen.
  13. A horrible evening weatherwise and the game wasn’t much better.Highlight was definitely Darren Young roaring “Anton” to the subs warming up behind the goal then realising Anton was sitting in the dugout behind him.
  14. Well done to BSC .From the first whistle they showed an appetite that East Fife never matched.BSC deserved their win although the idiot shouting from the directors box needs to learn how to behave. The goals East Fife lost were unbelievable and their display was shameful..
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