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  1. Other than Ross Dunlop and Kevin Smith getting some game time,that was an absolute waste of time.One of the worst 90 minutes of football ever.
  2. Very fair summary though I think you’ll find more clubs are joining East Fife in realising that in the main pensioners are no longer the poorest section of our society.
  3. Thought it would have been a travesty if East Fife had lost today.We are stiil losing cheap goals from set pieces.Don’ t see either team winning the league.Airdrie seem to play for long throws and corners which worked for them.Have to say the officials were atrocious.The yellow card for Dunsmore was one of the worst decisions I ve ever seen.
  4. A horrible evening weatherwise and the game wasn’t much better.Highlight was definitely Darren Young roaring “Anton” to the subs warming up behind the goal then realising Anton was sitting in the dugout behind him.
  5. Well done to BSC .From the first whistle they showed an appetite that East Fife never matched.BSC deserved their win although the idiot shouting from the directors box needs to learn how to behave. The goals East Fife lost were unbelievable and their display was shameful..
  6. Montrose were the hardest working team I’ve seen this season and we’re very well organised.2 bad misses in the first 5 minutes came back to haunt East Fife.Yet another gift at the back for the Montrose goal and after that it was huff and puff.
  7. Thought Docherty played well for a Forfar and bossed Agnew.Great to see out the win but we can’t keep missing great chances.It is putting pressure on the team .Well done to Jordan Hart who made a couple of important saves.Thought Chris Higgins held the defence together.
  8. Think people were a bit frustrated on Saturday after the jaded second half performance.Dont see how Darren Young can make changes when we are still unbeaten,though the subs did show rustiness when they came on.Frankly, with only 500 regulars the club is performing well.
  9. This is as good as it gets for East Fife fans.Lets hope some extra supporters will turn up next week.
  10. Would worry more about your own managerial situation.
  11. Great to go into a game with the Ragged Rovers expecting to get something from the game after all the years when we expected to lose.Darren Young with backing from the board has built our best squad for years.Deserved win ,long time since we scored 4 against these hams (should have been more).
  12. An awful display.Dont blame the young lads that came in.They got no help at all..The attitude of most of the senior players was poor,particularly those who have not been regular starters.Perhaps the squad isn’t as strong as we all thought.
  13. 2 points dropped. Dominated the game but couldn’t finish.We really have to do better with our corners.To have so many and barely create a chance from tthem needs sorting out.East Fife will play a lot worse and win and Peterhead will play better and lose.
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