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  1. Wait a minute, earlier on he was only a 'replaceable, solid, mid table championship' player; but now he's 'a very decent championship midfielder...good at breaking up attacks and has a good range of passing.' Come on, which one is he?
  2. But not on chances created. PTFC deserved to win this game: more incisive, more chances created. The only time ICT looked like scoring was when they had a set piece. And to add: teams that 'park the bus' don't create more chances than the opposition.
  3. Tam O'Ware played very well in midfield today. Gave us protection and physically that we have sorely missed .
  4. Nonsense. McCall is widely credited for laying the foundations of one of our most successful periods. I was disappointed when he left and I'm delighted he's back.
  5. Did Archie not get us top six with a squad of journeymen and inexperienced lower league players?
  6. Osman Kakay has just signed for Partick Thistle. I see he was at Livy for a while. How did he do with you?
  7. I'm confident we'd have won the game 11 against 11. We had the better of the play and the better chances. Ayr were pretty poor. No surprise given the quality of the players that have lost. Indiscipline cost us the game.
  8. McCall saying Ayr United winning 4 on the bounce at Firhill is an indication of how far we've dropped and how much Ayr have improved in the last few years. That said, I thought Ayr today were a shadow of the side that almost managed two promotions in in a row last year. We were the better side with eleven men.
  9. There were certainly one or two of things to be concerned about last night but I'd disagree that there's zero creativity. There were plenty of chances created last night from a number of areas. Cardle, whilst having a good game overall, at times impeded our creativity by taking the wrong option:being greedy, shooting when a quick pass was better.
  10. We created plenty of chances for a team with very little creativity. Pace is an issue up front, no doubt.
  11. Caldwell should be judged at the end of the season. Until then we get behind him and the team.
  12. GC starts with a more robust formation/line up is because the last time we started 433 with Cardell etc we got beat 4.2. Starting well, going two up but then getting run all over in the second half and losing 4 goals. That team lacked 'legs'. Yesterday we hoped to be more solid and hope Alloa would tire in the second half and then take advantage of this, which we did. Am I right in thinking that the wasps had the best run of form of all in the league going into this game? Well done Gary Caldwell.
  13. A decent game of football. The game changed on switching Cardle into the wing back role.
  14. True, we don't. We play two up, or one up front and two off. They can both be accommodated easily in either formation.
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