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  1. Got beat 5-0 by Dalbeattie the day. Also, one of our players got a horrible injury. A guy went in studs up on him and caught him under the shinnies and sliced his leg open, you could see all the muscles and right through to the bone.
  2. Got beat 4-2 by Creetown at home the day. We had to push for goals and left it open at the back and they scored a couple near the end because of it. Am absolutely shattered as well.
  3. He was actually. He 'scored' in the last minute as well. He hit a free kick, it deflected off my head, and went in.
  4. We got beat 6-0 by Threave today. Shit performance all round.
  5. So have I but it is starting to get later each night. Last night I didn't get to sleep until 5.30 and I had to be up at 9 so I got 3 and a half hours sleep. I've also got work tomorrow.
  6. This is the 4th night in a row I have been up after 3am and I can't sleep.
  7. I respect referees when I play and I respect players when I referee. B)
  8. I'm not that experienced so bottling the big decisions is my main attribute.
  9. I usually enjoy it but it's first years I ma refereeing the morn and they are a bunch of wee p***ks
  10. Got a day of refereeing tomorrow and then off to work straight after it.
  11. Surely there's still some light? It doesn't get dark here for at least another hour.
  12. Erm, none of that can be used. He's 17, been in trouble before(I think), part-time at a shop, no kids and he's not receiving any therapy.
  13. He got about 30 feet up his street then tried to reverse and buggered it up. He went through a fence, in to the garden and then got close/hit the house.
  14. Exactly! That's what I was like at first but he is pretty fucked.
  15. My mate tonight thought it would be a good idea to drive his mum's car while drunk and before taking any lessons. Needless to say it didn't end well and he could face hefty fines/jail time.
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