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  1. We pay players wages patter is poor from any football fan. Players are part time and human at the end of the day. We are not entitled to beat any team and disrespectful to other teams. It was a cup game we are through move on. It’s just not realistic to win every match in style by goals, remember these boys also had a season out. Fans have also a part to play when teams are not playing well by encouraging and getting behind the players.
  2. Disappointed for the unbeaten run to end it had to sometime, just disappointed it wasn’t against a team further down the league. I would have grabbed your hand off at the start of the season to be where we are now. I’m not sure how you can manage the expectations of some after one defeat, but need to keep everything in perspective that we are the team that everyone else is chasing down.
  3. Guy does lots of good things for the club and as someone who doesn’t get to every game really appreciate what he does. Don’t get why you would be negative towards a club volunteer
  4. You will need to double that for me old pal
  5. Is this a parody account?? I don’t even think it’s a Cumnock supporter
  6. Not much TV money that round clubs would make more hospitality on a Saturday
  7. The name has changed but the game hasn’t, genually think some people thought that the product would be different with a new name!! You need to win the battles at this level before you get to play, that’s what’s great about it.
  8. A lot of this sums up the way Darvel have decided to promote themselves. Very visible and in my opinion attention seeking. I fully support clubs improving facilities and infrastructure and I fully salute them for that, however the playing side has been different and right in everyone’s faces with some unbelievable statements for intent to progress. I think I even remember the chairman on the telly saying that they were being called the Man City of the “Juniors” embarrassing stuff which builds you up to fall. The people I feel sorry for a the genuine Darvel fans who have followed them all their life through thick and thin, real fans who have had their hopes built up by the unrealistic vision given out by the club.
  9. They all remember the famous draw which caused wild celebrations!!
  10. We don’t like the Astro as much as yous don’t like the draft when the trophy cabinet gets opened!
  11. Remember it well, game was played on a Sunday not to clash with the Montrose game the day before. 3 in a row year.
  12. Why are you so disrespectful to a football association that accepted your club as members when you had nowhere to go? I also watched an excellent junior cup final in 2009 where at least 4,000 Clydebank fans were there. I take it you weren’t that bothered that day about winning the Scottish Junior Cup?
  13. I’ll trust the manager to know what he is doing think he has earned it
  14. Yip Boyd & Robbie McCracken have been very poor as has Aidan Wilson. We have been out for a season, sitting joint top of the league not even out of August yet. Don’t think there is any need to slate young boys on here, who are still developing, get behind them all
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