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  1. Aye he is just now getting the dressing room tour.
  2. Talbot have not asked for a space in the Lowland League.
  3. So this thread has basically been accusations against Talbot and Pollok, without supported evidence, people encouraging a boycott of away fans at games and requests for Talbot giving up a place in the Scottish Cup. Oh dear
  4. Is that the same Chris Strain who wanted to draw a line under it on Wednesday?
  5. Went to Livingston to play Shotts and Linlithgow Rose I recall
  6. Auchinleck Talbot are a club with an unbelievably hard working committee, ground staff, coaches, players with fans who spend their hard earned money watching them. When they were juniors they brought nothing but good publicity to that level. They never wanted to win the league that way, they are not responsible for a global pandemic!! The anti Talbot section on this forum is out of order.
  7. Heard that many times before, some size of a bubble now!!
  8. South Challenge Cup looks all right who do we get in the final?
  9. That was the 88 final against Petershill, 3 in a row season
  10. There is more important things happening in the world just now than this obsession about leagues
  11. Just bin the full season, turn the console off at the wall without saving and jump forward to 20/21 season
  12. It does and you are very welcome on there.
  13. Is it not something ridiculously cheap like £15 to watch Dortmund? Surely if prices were lower crowds would go up, all about opinions I suppose
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