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  1. Well done today Talbot, been a long hard season for our boys back from a season out. We have no right to win any game, two massive games to come
  2. I want my club to naturally find its place in the new pyramid structure. Think going into the SPFL would be exciting however this should have more radical and the lowland league should have immediately have been set up to incorporate the licensed clubs to give a realistic chance of quicker progression, the current promotion and relegation bottle neck and the guest clubs scenario have turned it into a farce.
  3. Some Talbot fans have been called trolls for being critical, I don’t think they are, I think they are loyal fans who pay their money and are entitled to their opinion. My only observation is their is a far larger presence on threads after a defeat than a good victory and this tells me one thing. We have been spoiled repeatedly after consistently successful seasons, there is lots of supporters who expect to win every game, every trophy playing good football but in reality it doesn’t work like that. I spoke to some Talbot fans at the beginning of March who predicted there was no way we had the depth of squad to win the league, they rightly base that on evidence of previous campaigns when the 3/4 games a week start we drop points. Think there is a few things at play here Talbot usually run a squad of about 18, that’s the budget obviously, when we are in the winter and 1 game a week we are fairly settled on the park but usually means some players are not getting game time which tells at this stage of the season. If the manager rotates early on and we drop points the team selection would be criticised as perceived better players are not playing to keep everyone match fit. Fair credit to Darvel they have been free scoring at the business end and look as if they will get over the line to the play offs. I think some other things need to be put into perspective a 20 team league of 38 games after the team took a year out was a big ask to play at the top of their game at all times, I think we have seen that playing out in some games. You have clubs now struggling to put a team on the park, using youths and even trialists at this stage of the season which for me shows the 20 team league on top of cups was a big ask and we need to cut the club some slack over that and pull together to try and get some silverware which I think is still a good return for the first season back after a year out.
  4. So do I doesn’t mean I’m not interested. He is a volunteer who I’m grateful for his highlights. Don’t know why you would target him.
  5. I asked the question and you provided an answer, which makes sense and appreciated. I just don’t think other clubs should be mentioned privately or publicly to clubs and it should be the decision of the club themselves if the wish to make their transfer business public. This type of thing can unsettle players and squads at this stage of a season. I’m maybe old fashioned when it comes to these values and not a fan of it.
  6. Why would the Darvel manager know Pollok or Talbot’s business and who they speak to?
  7. Leave the backward junior set up and it will all be ok was the shout
  8. Great result can see why lots of good fans don’t read or listen to this forum
  9. The Pollok result was massive but feel that yesterday could be really big when the prizes are given out at the end of the season. Good to see Shankland back, need to get him fit as massive games coming up. Would like to see us sign a couple of good players to get us through the season. Midfielder and another defender for the squad.
  10. You’ve got to allow for some inconsistency with young players, also don’t go for slating any Talbot player in public.
  11. Think he will end up having a good career. Lots of potential who can get up and down the pitch.
  12. I also considered how East teams performed in the junior cup for the last few years and when that gets to the quarters (in the old format when every team was in) was dominated by the west teams. All the best to your team trying to progress as this is a bit of pointless chat as it won’t change anyway.
  13. Agree with a good bit you are saying as was surprised where Bo’ness were sitting, kept it quite simple removing the B teams and naturally the top 3 without them now LL stalwarts, I went with as many WOSL teams as I personally think the standard has been good in the first season I think if you put in any of the top 11 clubs into the LL this season they would be top half, all about opinions as I would like to see good competitive sides like Bo’ness and Berwick in the league.
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