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  1. 2 bottles of Curries Red Cola per player and the love of the club[emoji106]
  2. Credit where credits due, good post and suppose it comes across that all Glens fans are the same. I know that’s not the case and a lot of good junior fans and committee members who work hard to keep the club going. Just an element of the support that the club needs to deal with. A few clubs have elements to deal with we are no different at times when emotion gets the better of some people.
  3. Storm in a tea cup over some discontent with some fans over selling a player. Minority discontented but even them not calling for his head. Everyone has been behind Tucker from day 1.
  4. Lower league fans back on a Talbot thread
  5. Love reading a Cove report after a defeat, comedy gold!! If it’s not an imaginary slope, it’s “no complaints” but let’s complain about injuries, sending offs, and dubious penalties [emoji23]
  6. Bit extreme he does loads of work for the team, prefer him down the right
  7. Yes was in there for one, we were in the town centre before that
  8. Enjoyed my trip to Gayfield, very friendly locals and a good set up, glad the wind didn’t blow!!! This was a game too far to Talbot and the chance was missed on Saturday. You don’t get two opportunities like that against Championship teams. As always very proud of my team and proud of the size of the traveling support. All the best to the Lichties for the rest of the season.
  9. Is there a planned inspection before we head off?
  10. Sarcasm about decline of an industry, class patter!!
  11. Thought Talbot out worked Arbroath all over the park, never game them any time on the ball to get any fluency in their play. Talbot scored a great goal early on which probably resulted in us sitting back too much but we were very hard to break down. We created a few chances on the break in the second half and couldn’t see where Arbroath were getting an equaliser from and ultimately it took a penalty which some are saying was soft but it was the opposite side of the pitch for me so I’m not sure. Sore one in the end for Talbot who were on the brink of a great result against a team flying high in the Championship.
  12. From a Talbot fan this is a bit embarrassing, we got a player sent off and lost the game. Nothing will change let’s move on.
  13. Players get a game on merit, don’t think we have anything to complain about what those players have achieved.
  14. Talbot are a different animal to Bo’ness. The only prediction I make is that Talbot won’t disgrace themselves.
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