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  1. Pollok goal had a suspicion of off side in the highlights. People not happy as Talbot haven’t really seemed to get off the ground yet, but take that to the side a point at Pollok never a bad result. Think the difference is that Darvel have taken it to a new level of investment and depth which is shown by their results and domination of teams. Talbot do need a few players and have a massive couple of games coming up in both Scottish Cups.
  2. Time will tell who wins out of this, Darvel will have paid a significant fee for a player who hasn’t been a regular starter for Talbot this season. The reasons for not starting regularly are unknown but think Talbot will need to move on. I question the timing if he was unsettled I thought the summer might have been the time for it. Tucker will need to move quick though as think Talbot are a few players short at the moment. I don’t think it’s been a secret that Darvel have been desperate to sign a Talbot player to make a statement, I’m disappointed to have lost Jamie Glasgow but things happen in football. With Darvel having as many players now they should have enough to see the season out and play all the competitions that they have entered.
  3. What’s a bit weird is a good player in his prime asking for a transfer, we should be building a squad not losing good players
  4. It’s far more than 8 seasons to be honest, but this is concerning if he leaves the club without plans to replace him. We have lost loads of goals in the past few seasons with the loss of Pee Wee and even Pooe who popped up with goals from full back. Tucker has been an expert in the past in deciding when to let a player go but Jamie is only 28 and is in his prime. Boys like Mason and Taylor have great potential but the club needs to keep players like this.
  5. To be fair the level of Talbots performances have dropped and any league wins are just scraping past teams. I don’t recall the last time we had a negative goal difference, which tells me we are not scoring enough goals. Improvement is required which the manager and players will recognise.
  6. Family matter I heard. Cheers hopefully everything ok
  7. Any idea why no Wardope today for Talbot? Thought he may have started.
  8. Did you go to the AGM and take your opportunity to ask questions directly to the manager?
  9. He played just about every game of the season and never improved so its fair comment. That’s where we differ as I seen improvement as the season going on filling big boots Pope left behind.
  10. Targeting young individual players out of order in my opinion
  11. Will your club ever get near to the bed to be able to shit it?
  12. He is 20 year old with most of a season under his belt, now good competition for places with Crawford, and hopefully a new left back to compete with Wilson, Stafford also able to play cb so good cover as you won’t sign one that would put our other 2 out the team as they are the best at what they do at our level imho. Think we need to get behind some of these boys and be more encouraging remembering they are just starting out in the game.
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