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  1. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    In the West we have many take your pick from Beith, Hurlford, Glenafton, Pollok who regularly challenge for honours
  2. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    An excellent post which is out of kilter, with the media reports including the Cove website which stink our sour grapes. There is no doubting Cove are a good side and the width of the post stopped it going to extra time, but Talbot had a good few chances to bury the game before then. I always thought that Cove would not be used to playing at places like Auchinleck and they didn’t seem to enjoy that type of intimate game, which was the best atmosphere we have had at Beechwood for a long time. In respect of clearing up every season, we are always there or thereabouts, but there are many good junior teams in the West who make sure we don’t get our own way.
  3. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Great result for Auchinleck Talbot and the juniors overall [emoji106]
  4. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    You are a bit obsessed, closet fan me thinks, Shankland and Gee Wilson unavailable, might bring in Samson who we have signed just in case someone hasn’t heard it mentioned!!
  5. Pollok

    Wee Tony is off according to a Pollok statement on twitter.
  6. Don’t see this anywhere else, but I would like to wish my team Auchinleck Talbot and Beith Juniors good luck this weekend. Hopefully both teams will do the juniors proud against opposition deemed to be a higher level.
  7. Cove Rangers vs Talbot in the bookies

    Still 6/1 with Sky Bet
  8. Junior Cup 18-19

    Darrel trying to get a bite out of Talbot! Who are you? Where do you play?
  9. West Fixtures

    The Cumnock trophy cabinet is starting to get nervous again as we approach bonfire night
  10. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    Thanks for the username is that a tribute to Talbot who won 3 in a row in 1988?
  11. Glenafton v Bankies 8th Sept 18

    We behave like gents with the best of them [emoji106]
  12. Glenafton v Bankies 8th Sept 18

    Did it rain ? Were the DIY SOS team on standby for the snobs?
  13. Glenafton v Bankies 8th Sept 18

    So what were you going by? Your own interpretation of regions?
  14. Glenafton v Bankies 8th Sept 18

    We’ve always stood at the opposite end from the covered stand at Loch Park, I don’t think it was official segregation but to be fair it’s not an issue the only issues historically is when we all left from the same exit however that’s changed now as well. We’ve had many a soaking there in the past, after your first pint you forget about it[emoji106]