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  1. Gave it a go. Got to say it's playing fine. Would add it's slower than last years game but that's it. So who are the gems to sign for the championship...?
  2. Finally got round to installing the game and was wondering if the game is still for of bugs. Was reading reviews on various websites and it seems everyone has been complaing. Has there been a patch released or should i stick to FM14?
  3. I wouldn't mind getting back into this. Not played football for around 8/9 month!
  4. Sidney Samson (Halloween at the Arches) Laidback Luck (19th November) Deadmau5 (17th December)
  5. Off to Zante the night for 2 weeks so nae cunto better text me as we will both be bumped off the orange basturds!
  6. Anyone able to get a hold of mick and tell him i'll give him a lift?
  7. More I think about it I'm just going to give it a miss tonight. Had about 2 hours sleep last night and would rather wait till the stitches are out.
  8. Nah I just got some plastic surgery to fix my lip that i fucked last year.
  9. I went for a operation this morning and don't think playing football is the best of ideas atm incase i get hit in the face. I'll decide in the next hour.
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