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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    A wee lifeline there, seems relatively rare for a scoreline to go our way these days.
  2. Alloa v Queens

    Some run by Alloa, deservedly staying up you'd have to say.
  3. Mid table mediocre Pars vs Falling oot the bottom Bairns

    Ya absolute fucking dancer !!
  4. Played for 3 or more Glasgow clubs

    Kenny Miller Rangers, Celtic, Sevco.
  5. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    I'd say rest easy Audi driver, Lyn's clearly at the bullshit.
  6. Celtic v Rangers: Mothering Sunday: Midday

    In a stadium full of absolute morons that wee tiny flag is almost peak moron It's like there's Scottish football and then this side-show of bampottery where football isn't even the star of the show, just bellends goading bellends forever and ever into eternity.
  7. Celtic v Rangers: Mothering Sunday: Midday

    Kent hit Broon that hard he doesn't even remember it lol.
  8. Celtic v Rangers: Mothering Sunday: Midday

    Ta, looks like I've missed all the fun and games.
  9. Celtic v Rangers: Mothering Sunday: Midday

    Eh, haud oan, whit!? It that it over? I'm not a fan of football punditry but surely on this occasion we'd have had a continuation of both teams embarrassing the f'ck out of themselves on the pitch !
  10. Celtic v Rangers: Mothering Sunday: Midday

    As odious as both sets of fans are there was a time, not even that long ago, when the Rangers bunch were slightly less point-and-laughable because of their lack of conspiracying and because chunks of them didn't support a seperate national team. The fact that both sets think they're hard done by in a league where virtually everything is done to accommodate and appease them shows just how thick and hard-of-thinking yer average Old Firm & 'Rangers' bellend is.
  11. The Falkirk FC Thread

    So anyhoo ...
  12. Twitter

    Two trips with this c'nt on board, including the stop in Gibraltar: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Grimson
  13. Twitter

    I know her from somewhere, absolutely definitely, some party or night out I should imagine Feel more disturbed about that than the time I worked beside a serial killer.
  14. When did you join our online community?

    Just had that exact same thought I generally picture the average user to be kinda mid 30s to mid 40s (although I'm not myself) Should maybe calm my language down a bit for the wee f'ckers !
  15. twat shows off in speedboat - kills girl

    He's returning to the UK: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-47703517
  16. Barcelona

    Hey Chaps, couldnt see another thread: Thinking of 10 days in Barcelona in August, never been before so looking for info on best airport to fly to, hotel recommendations and things to do. Any info appreciated.
  17. Last Book You Read....

    I gave The Silmarillion about one page before ditching it, really wanted to like it, really didn't like it, ditched it. Same with Moby Dick "I've read this damn book 22 times Charlie and I still don't understand a thing" In fact I think I'll give Moby Dick another chance, it's a fucking classic right !?
  18. When did you join our online community?

    As I've mentioned before P&B once earned me a trip to see HR when the Cock Racing thread triggered some sort of IT alarm.
  19. Next Scotland Manager

    I guess 'cause you could get round it quite easily!? Appoint someone who meets the criteria whilst the desired foreign manager is making all the key desisions in the background.
  20. When did you join our online community?

    Joined 16 years and 1 week ago (member number 181 btw) 1 username Used to change my avatar every now and then but stuck with this one for quite a while, was Anna Kourakova sookin a lolly for ages. (and a gif of a fat couple humping for a time as well IIRC )
  21. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    I know, imagine leaving your kids like that and all that happens is one of them gets abducted. Lucky b*****ds.
  22. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    It's because of the feckin German's that we're a nation of midgets, a generation of prime Scot's breeding stock is scattered over the fields of France & Belgium* *I dont actually believe that but it sounds kinda plausible-ish
  23. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Yip, McLeish somehow turned out to be a lot fucking worse than we even expected ... to the point where I'm actually agreeing with fucking Pars fan.
  24. Next Scotland Manager

    So long as the jakey c'nt gets tae f'ck I really couldn't give a shit. Imagine McLeish turning out to be worse than we expected - what an utterly decrepit auld useless fucking w**k sack!
  25. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    Ken, leaving the kids for 30 minutes at a time was/is inexcusable - they're fucking paying for it now though That's no really a stretch from what they were doing to be fair! Christ on a fucking bike - 2 fuckin' hours !! C'nt!