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  1. Just flicked over at half-time ... what the actual f'ck with that pitch ?
  2. They upped mine to £10 from £5 so I did the usual and guaranteed myself either £2.85 or £15 Thanks for the couple of bottles of free wine 365
  3. It's reopened apparently. Storm Dennis on the way though
  4. I'm still fairly new to Twitter Someone quoted me on their timeline without me receiving a notification that they had done so, how can that happen? Have they muted me? It felt a bit sneaky cause it felt like I was being berated in a way that wasn't giving me a chance to reply.
  5. Good game, impressed by NOP - Harden back on form and free chicken!!!
  6. This is the first time I've seen Zion Williamson play - he's fucking incredible!! What a player. Decent first half so far in Houston, Pelicans careless in a three point game.
  7. BBC reporting 9 dead 🙁
  8. Yip - genuinely shocked ... feel a bit sick tbh.
  9. Trending like f'ck, penny drops for Brexit party MEP - although her boss never bothered going to the meetings anyway: https://twitter.com/june_mummery/status/1219267050574618626?s=20
  10. She didn't call him racist - she claimed racism had a part in the criticism of Megan Markle and he dismissed that and said the UK was very welcoming She hit him with white privilege for that which he defended by claiming that he had couldn't help being born white.
  11. Yes, very laid back and articulate Haud oan ... what the what now ? Celebs preaching about flying was a good retort but actually dismissing white privilege WITH white privilege was utterly staggering.
  12. This still gives me goose bumps and I'm not even a Raptors fan:
  13. First time Rockets have won when I've been watching for feckin ages 20000 career points for Harden & free chicken for the fans.
  14. Ta, appreciate the reminders even though I usually forget to follow up on them.
  15. Ta, not so sure about this years squad though - especially with so many folk upping their game Good luck to all.
  16. Might as well re-post the Laws Of Dead Pool whilst Miguel is busy (or perhaps not all that busy) collating this years entries: Worth noting that last year one of my picks, my Vice Captain, was already dead.
  17. Outstanding year - it's always been serious business but f'ck me THAT was serious business - congratulations Pete and special mention to Miguel who ran the show superbly Top 10 again for me - very happy with that.
  18. Turns out you can turn the commentary off - Prime is the absolute dugz bawz
  19. So I thought I'd switch over just to see how Prime do it and it turns out they do it with Glenn Hoddle!!!
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