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  1. Ta, I didn't see any cameras so guessing I'm ok. (Not a taxi - I was dropping off a relative for an early train)
  2. Turned onto Princes Street this morning by mistake after an early morning Waverly Station drop off - can I expect a fine? (Turned left at the Mound, realised my mistake, then spun round at the next lights)
  3. Yeah, same here. 33 is no age at all, what an absolute sin - young family 'n all - heartbreaking.
  4. Modest points missed as one of my picks, Isreal Dresner, fails to land a UK obit - was always going to be a struggle but he had featured in a couple of UK articles fairly recently.
  5. A movie I could watch over and over - the slap was ad-libbed apparently. They called him Mr Tibbs.
  6. Anyone else get an email from Ladbrokes detailing their year? Apparently I made £93 using free bets, £94 using cash & £16 from their 1-2-free game.
  7. Yer still good: Captain Bonus - You can nominate a captain of your team who receives an extra set of Base Points added to their score. Inherent Vice - You can nominate a vice-captain of your team who receives an extra set of half Base Points (rounded up) added to their score. (If you do not nominate a Captain or Vice-captain, I will consider the first and second respective names on your list for these positions)
  8. Boom Journalist Gary Burgess dies aged 46 | ITV News Channel RIP etc.
  9. Looks promising but I reckon there's still time for a very late solo, captain, last-gasp, deadly December pick to be announced that'll pip me.
  10. I've got money on Nice ffs - wtf happens if it's suspended?
  11. Thst'd be a Deadly Duo shot for myself and @expatowner but there's still no uk obit RIP etc.
  12. That makes sense - was the winnings from a free bet anyso so no outlay - will see what they say. Ta.
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