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  1. Nacho King https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wired.com/2012/03/march-1-2006-english-wikipedias-millionth-entry-pulls-into-the-station/amp
  2. It was about a train station IIRC - posted by a St Mirren or Morton fan I think Can anyone help me out here?
  3. Fun fact: a P&Ber posted the 1 millionth Wiki page
  4. Anyone know if the South Stand bar be open for the Alloa game?
  5. Thanks Dave, I'd assumed, wrongly it appears, that the Sheriff's Office dealt with the Confirmation - are you saying that I will need to contact a third party?
  6. My brother-in-law works for a pension company and has been dealing with that side of things. Thanks though, I don't think I'd have chased it up if he hadn't asked.
  7. This is one of the things that had been confusing me - I'd initially read up on applying for Probate without realising that up here it's Confirmation and is slightly different - I think phoning the Sheriff's Office will be my first step Thanks.
  8. Thanks, that's helpful - My Uncle's is classed as a Large Estate (albiet only just), he has no property but leaves a cash sum - his will states that the cash should be split evenly between his nieces & nephews I think it's quite straightforward and had considered not getting a lawyer - sounds like he'd take all the strain though - can you remember if he was expensive?
  9. My Uncle passed recently and I'm Executor of his Will - I've only just began to look into it and it seems both fairly straightforward and also pretty complicated at the same time Obviously the first place to ask for advice is P&B - anyone done it recently?
  10. Getting it on Android here: https://247football.net/live-sport/ukraine-vs-scotland-1629115097.html
  11. Canny get any streams to go - anyone having any joy?
  12. Len Johnrose at only 52 - another footballer to MND RIP etc. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11113579/amp/Tributes-pour-former-footballer-Len-Johnrose-died-long-five-year-battle-MND.html
  13. Nice one folks - I'd already heard the Spanish Steps were rank and we'll most certainly add the Pantheon to the list. I've been before btw, but it was about 35 years ago and it was basically just a massuve piss up, so I'm looking forward to actually seeing some of the city this time.
  14. Heading to Rome later in the year so hopefully ok to jump on this thread... Omnia Travel Cards get absolutely shite reviews (are they indeed shite?) - I'm thinking of just buying a Vatican (etc) queue jumper and using public transport as and when we need it (most stuff within walking distance anyway) - any thoughts? Looking to do the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Trevi & the Colosseum - presumably they're the must sees!? Is there anywhere else we should be looking to go? And any food/restaurant recommendations greatly appreciated Ta etc.
  15. It was already bad that Trump buried Ivana on one of his golf courses but it turns out he did it for tax purposes! Get in the hole indeed.
  16. I used them very recently, thought they were sound, in fact compared to going into a dealership I thought it was feckin great. I've got a mate who's a car salesman and he couldn't fault the price or any aspect of the sale. The actual online purchase took some time but mostly on the finance part - IIRC there was a message stating it would take around 15 minutes but it actually took about 45 When we went to collect the car we just wanted to get it and go so we were quite quick but I believe they'd have gone over all aspects of the car if we'd wanted - they take a picture of you beside the car for their records btw Surprise wee bonus of a goody back in the car with branded brolly, water bottle, air freshener etc. Thoroughly recommend them.
  17. Ta, I didn't see any cameras so guessing I'm ok. (Not a taxi - I was dropping off a relative for an early train)
  18. Turned onto Princes Street this morning by mistake after an early morning Waverly Station drop off - can I expect a fine? (Turned left at the Mound, realised my mistake, then spun round at the next lights)
  19. Yeah, same here. 33 is no age at all, what an absolute sin - young family 'n all - heartbreaking.
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