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  1. Last Book You Read....

    I gave The Silmarillion about one page before ditching it, really wanted to like it, really didn't like it, ditched it. Same with Moby Dick "I've read this damn book 22 times Charlie and I still don't understand a thing" In fact I think I'll give Moby Dick another chance, it's a fucking classic right !?
  2. When did you join our online community?

    As I've mentioned before P&B once earned me a trip to see HR when the Cock Racing thread triggered some sort of IT alarm.
  3. Next Scotland Manager

    I guess 'cause you could get round it quite easily!? Appoint someone who meets the criteria whilst the desired foreign manager is making all the key desisions in the background.
  4. When did you join our online community?

    Joined 16 years and 1 week ago (member number 181 btw) 1 username Used to change my avatar every now and then but stuck with this one for quite a while, was Anna Kourakova sookin a lolly for ages. (and a gif of a fat couple humping for a time as well IIRC )
  5. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    I know, imagine leaving your kids like that and all that happens is one of them gets abducted. Lucky b*****ds.
  6. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    It's because of the feckin German's that we're a nation of midgets, a generation of prime Scot's breeding stock is scattered over the fields of France & Belgium* *I dont actually believe that but it sounds kinda plausible-ish
  7. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Yip, McLeish somehow turned out to be a lot fucking worse than we even expected ... to the point where I'm actually agreeing with fucking Pars fan.
  8. Next Scotland Manager

    So long as the jakey c'nt gets tae f'ck I really couldn't give a shit. Imagine McLeish turning out to be worse than we expected - what an utterly decrepit auld useless fucking w**k sack!
  9. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    Ken, leaving the kids for 30 minutes at a time was/is inexcusable - they're fucking paying for it now though That's no really a stretch from what they were doing to be fair! Christ on a fucking bike - 2 fuckin' hours !! C'nt!
  10. Question Time

  11. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    Before folk embarrassed themselves with Brexit they embarrassed themselves with the McCanns.
  12. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I loved Stainrods wee tricks, he'd have his back to a defender, put the ball one way but turn the other way himself leaving the defender for dead. Beautiful And he did this mad thing where it looked like he was going to control the ball with his chest but he'd duck down and let the ball skelp over his head then he'd turn the baffled defender and scurry off with the ball. Remember him scoring at Broomfield where the ball broke to him with just Martin to beat, I reckon every other player on Earth would have ran on towards goal to close the distance but he just fucking smacked it from where he was, a fucking belter, and then off to try a somersault. Hero.
  13. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

    Ooft, there's been some absolutely bonkers passings recently. I seem to remember Channel 4 (or was it the Beeb) gave her an advance on her wages to cover her drug habit!? RIP etc.
  14. Omfg lol Epic Morton fannydom over the last few pages. Keep 'em coming lads, never change
  15. Offensive behaviour

    Folk get up in arms any time offensive behavior at games is mentioned - stuff about what's offensive and about police abusing their powers - and yet, in nearly 40 years of watching football, I've never done anything that could even be twisted into being offensive or that even the most bent copper could try and lift me for. Go to the game, cheer your team on and get the f'ck home.