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  1. Took me a minute to even get my head round it, I'd have put my mortgage on there not being stairs there. Thanks for the confirmations chaps 🤯
  2. This picture turned up on Facebook and has confused the utter f'ck out of me Was there a set of stairs at the back of the Hope Steet end? I stood on that terrace for about 20 years and don't remember seeing them!
  3. This the same BBC that had Farage on QT about 150 times🤔
  4. Just had a search through my posts from 2014 and found that the Yoon me referred to P&B as 'Aye & Bovril' Both pleased and annoyed with myself 7 years on lol.
  5. The Salmond/Robinson exchange sticks out for me. I listened to it live on the radio when I was in the car - at the time I was intending to vote No and remember thinking it was a doozy of a question but I was really impressed with Salmond's answer, he broke the question down, ripped it to shreds really. Even as a Yoon I was gobsmacked by how it was reported on the news, it fucking angered me tbh. I put a weekend with some good friends down as the clincher for me with regards to Scotland running itself but it was sh't like that that had me on my way.
  6. Why though? I genuinely have no idea why they'd want to do that.
  7. Fair dos but he did genuinely and regularly rattle Unionists with valid, fully referenced, points - shame he's lumbered into a position where he's quoted and retweeted by them. Daftie indeed.
  8. Thanks for the replies folks - I was slow to Indy and thought I was possibly being slow to something else. (I certainly couldn't work out his stance)
  9. Can anyone give me an idiot's guide to what Rev Stu/Wings is these days? I followed the old Wings account before it was punted but didn't bother following any new incarnations (if any) He'd already started ranting about trans folk - what's his gripe with them? And I believe he's still pro-Indy but anti-SNP - what's his gripe with them?
  10. Ok, right, should've read to the end of the thread before posting - turns out he's blocked a few. I followed Wings old account before it was jettisoned, even interacted 'positively' with him a few times, can't say I've had anything to do with him since. It's uber annoying to find you've been unceremoniously blocked by folk you didn't even know existed - especially if you go on to find you've similar bios.
  11. Turns out that account has blocked me despite no interaction between us ever. Is he a Unionist?
  12. Not sure he'd be welcomed to a truce carrying a rifle either. Or be much of a help during a kick about. *it's making me angry now*
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