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  1. Could it be an age thing? Italians tend to live a bit longer after all - although not as long as folk from Forfar obviously.
  2. Just flicked over at half-time ... what the actual f'ck with that pitch ?
  3. They upped mine to £10 from £5 so I did the usual and guaranteed myself either £2.85 or £15 Thanks for the couple of bottles of free wine 365
  4. It's reopened apparently. Storm Dennis on the way though
  5. I'm still fairly new to Twitter Someone quoted me on their timeline without me receiving a notification that they had done so, how can that happen? Have they muted me? It felt a bit sneaky cause it felt like I was being berated in a way that wasn't giving me a chance to reply.
  6. Good game, impressed by NOP - Harden back on form and free chicken!!!
  7. This is the first time I've seen Zion Williamson play - he's fucking incredible!! What a player. Decent first half so far in Houston, Pelicans careless in a three point game.
  8. BBC reporting 9 dead 🙁
  9. Yip - genuinely shocked ... feel a bit sick tbh.
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