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  1. I'm sure no one is even remotely bothered but the character on the left - the one played by Martin Short - is Ned Nederlander. That's a Grade One Username on the Radford Scale
  2. Folk filming wide-screen TVs in portrait really rips my fucking knitting C'nts.
  3. Presumably this is just shite patter on a par with those who claim they've driven to Carlisle just to save a couple of quid on a bottle of cider!?
  4. The World's oldest female skydiver has died ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-54493897
  5. Rockets/Lakers already over at half time Lakers easily in 5
  6. Giannis goes out and suddenly the Bucks can play.
  7. Heat in the process of sweeping the Bucks Most enjoyable
  8. Some game seven between OKC and Houston - James Harden's defending making up for a poor offensive night and securing the win at the death Really could've gone either way - some series for Dort, didn't deserve to be on the losing side. A well rested Lakers should be too much for the Rockets Nae luck CP3
  9. The wee blue bar thing is a bit sh't Div. If we really, really need to have easy access to our privacy settings at any time could the wee blue bar thing no be further up the screen ... or quite a bit smaller? Translucent maybe? Just on the Home Page?
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