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  1. Genuinely shocked at that news - fucking hell Didn't watch much BB but really liked her on it.
  2. Anyone had a go on the Virginbet Fives thingy? I realise it's free to play and offers real cash rewards but fucking hell I think I've more chance of scoring than the choices it 'randomly' selects for you - and it's ALWAYS for £1 My current hopefuls:
  3. Operation Forth Bridge should really have been called Operation P&B.
  4. I don't see it as a civil war, it's the guys who sniped from the sidelines throughout the inquiry and are now sniping from the sidelines despite proposing an SNP constituency vote. I've exchanged views with a few and ended up blocked by some and today I'm enduring a slufest with a guy whose timeline has absolutely nothing on it attacking Unionist accounts but lots having pops at Indy ones
  5. I've skipped most of the thread but will catch up tomorrow - just popping in to say I'm utterly sick to the back teeth of virtually everyone defending/supporting Alba on Twitter Do any of them ever go after Yoon accounts? Bellend candidates, bellend supporters.
  6. Has anyone had the bet365 in-play deal recently? Not had one myself for over a month.
  7. Kinda, but no. In 2014 I fully expected Salmond to convince me to vote Yes even though I was totally against the idea - in reality he kept stepping round from behind the podium to talk and mentioned something about aliens - he actually further convinced me that my politics were right.
  8. SNP majority & Yes ahead ... According to THE EXPRESS!!!! https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1415512/Nicola-Sturgeon-news-SNP-scottish-election-latest-independence-poll-survey-alex-salmond/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  9. I could see that the media in Scotland was skewed in favour of the Union when I was a Tory voter - at the time I felt it was simply because the Union was 'right' and therefore it was virtually impossible to report it as anything else. In 2014 some of the reporting was so skewed that it started to piss me off, I watched a debate or listened to an interview and then the subsequent report was so wide of the mark that it was almost a fabrication - it actually played a small part in me switching.
  10. A bit like Sarah Smith (whatever happened to her?) telling us they focussed on devolved issues during a General Election debate because people didn't know the difference
  11. Keir Starmer - with every post I'm reminded of another fucking w'nker who tried to stick the boot in Kier fucking Starmer ffs !!
  12. Kirstene Hair was personable - just thick as mince. And an advisor to Dougie Ross.
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