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  1. I've got money on Nice ffs - wtf happens if it's suspended?
  2. Thst'd be a Deadly Duo shot for myself and @expatowner but there's still no uk obit RIP etc.
  3. That makes sense - was the winnings from a free bet anyso so no outlay - will see what they say. Ta.
  4. I guess I've missed something here but I noticed 'mental' odds on a volleyball game so took a punt (there are two bets cause I only had £1.81 in the account and the odds improved after my first £1 bet) The third set finished 25-20 ... my winning margin of 2 bet is good!? (Virgin are looking into it for me)
  5. The mother of one of my in-laws tested positive after a bus trip to Blackpool My brother-in-law, who'd been driving her around, went to work regardless but was eventually sent home after casually mentioning it to his employers in passing - he got a test on the way home. Even though he and his wife were in the house yesterday they sent their daughter to stay with his Covid positive mother His test from the other day came back negative so he's away back to work this morning even though he's still been in contact with his mother and his daughter spent the day with her I fucking despair.
  6. Forget the detail, not that you'll be able to work it out anywho, but I've attached an example of what passes for standard social media posting in this country. I actually think it might be a positive message of some sort but it fucking bothers me that someone who went through the same education system as me ends up posting a mixed up jumble of words and letters without any sort of apology for the mental gymnastics required to work out what the f'ck it is they're actually trying to say Mind you - the replies are full of folk who know exactly what he's saying so maybe I'm the fucking dafty
  7. And highlighting that cases have risen whilst not on BBC1
  8. Does anyone know what Ladbrokes vouchers can be redeemed against ? I'm due a £15 one as a prize from their 5-a-Side thingy but their info page is a bit wishy-washy with regards to what I might expect. (They'll e-mail me within 24 hrs apparently.)
  9. He's sitting there thinking this is going to end up on Pie and fucking Bovril
  10. After flashing his knickers at them for months on end he ended up with a guest slot the other night - apparently there's a quote from Andrew Neill somewhere saying he doesn't rate him (I might have fallen for internet bs with that one though)
  11. This was the one I had bookmarked - quite happy to post in the other one.
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