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  1. Fucking simulated crowd noises!! I hate it with the football and I hate it with the NBA - we are in unique times ... why 'pretend' there are folk there. Gianis looking good ... some dubious calls though. Planning on sitting up for the Texas match-up but pretty drunk already it has to be said.
  2. Tip-off the night. I'm off for two weeks so will probably sit up and watch a few. Houton are gonna win this.
  3. Human rights icon John Lewis has passed: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53454169
  4. Flying ant day folks, so many of them apparently they were picked up by rainfall radar.
  5. Ta - found I also had a no risk £5 bet, turned them into a £15 profit.
  6. Turns out my first post is remarkably similar to my last couple of posts ...
  7. Well - IIRC - the Portuguese police didn't initially go for a prosecution charge as they deemed us Brits leaving our kids alone as something peculiar to our culture. I've said in the thread before that we've met couples doing it.
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