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  1. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Rearranged games Tuesday 26th Feb v Stirling Albion Tuesday 19th Mar v Elgin Hopefully Goodwillie will be available for both.
  2. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    1 0 Clyde Rankin
  3. Get yer cheeseburgers ready - Clyde vs Peterhead

    Just noticed the Man of the Match results on the OS, I know it was difficult picking them on Saturday. but FFS , 1st Syvertsen was blowing out his backside after 20 minutes. 2nd Grant he didn't move fast enough to be blowing from anywhere. 3rd Rumsby that shows how much trouble we're in.
  4. Edinburgh City v Clyde

    Seems to make an impact from the bench, not had many starts but hasn't really took his chance when he has.
  5. Edinburgh City v Clyde

    Currie Cuddihy, Rumsby / Cogill, McNiff, Stewart Nicoll, Rankin Syvertsen, Lamont, Love Goodwillie No place for Grant or McStay until they show some effort , time we had 11 men on the park, it's hurting us playing with 9 Toss of a coin with Rumsby and Cogill, Rumsby been making mistakes lately , but has more experience than Cogill Rankin in by default
  6. Get yer cheeseburgers ready - Clyde vs Peterhead

    Grant is one of the weakest, pathetic players who has pulled on a Clyde jersey. Lazy cowardly player , who has been try in midfield and left back, failed miserably at both. McStay can't be played in games that you have to battle in, he's a man down. Best thing about Lang is he can't play next week. There was not a big difference between the teams today (apart from taking chances) but Clyde let themselves be bullied all over the park. Surely Danny must see we need to toughen up, or we'll just have to accept performances like that every week.
  7. Get yer cheeseburgers ready - Clyde vs Peterhead

    Clyde sign Norweigian forward. 20 year old Kristoffer Syvertsen
  8. Queen's Park vs Clyde

    Yes very sporting, but I don't understand why he didn't throw the ball to an outfield player, rather than a goalkeeper who was taking a good minute to take every bye kick. As for anyone booing don't understand that either.
  9. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    I always felt one of Duffy's failures was that he had his clear favourites, and was very loyal to them even when they were having a stinker, they were never hooked. He also had his whipping boys who he screamed at the slightest mistake they made.
  10. Clyde v Elgin

    Thought it was self explanatory, do extra large people not get the same protection as other people seem to get. What did you think it meant?
  11. Clyde v Elgin

    The history between him and Love, earned the abuse from the fans nothing to do with racism, and during the game the nasty side of St. Omar came out. The loudest abuse I heard during the game was for the XL Craig Beattie, poor Craig no one trying to defend him, wonder why? Maybe he's not a protected species.
  12. Clyde v Elgin

    I think the ref gave a foul on Love before the tackle, by Omar. Don't know if I'm allowed to say that, don't want to upset anyone, but there was a clear foul on Love.
  13. Clyde v Elgin

    I proudly and loudly booed when the pathetic figure walked from the park, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, how bad am I
  14. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Moore was taking the warm up as usual, yesterday