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  1. Airdrie. 1. Cove. 2 East Fife. 1. Clyde. 1 Montrose. 1. Thistle. 1 Peterhead. 2. Forfar. 0
  2. Clyde 1. Montrose. 0 Falkirk 2. Cove 1 Forfar. 1. Airdrie. 1 Thistle. 1. East Fife. 0 Peterhead. 1. Dumbarton. 1
  3. Second half improvement from pars tv needed
  4. Ffs sat with a perfect stream last week , watching us getting horsed 5 0 from Airdrie, can’t get any picture this week and we take the lead, what a joke
  5. Surely he has to try Syvertsen close to Goodiewillie, it did seem to work, takes pressure off Goodie, its the only time in the last 3 or 4 games where we have carried any threat, that along with Cunningham looking sharp, sounds like an option.
  6. We would be better forfeiting both our remaining games, 3. 0. Defeats would be better for our goal average.
  7. If it’s anything like the last 3 game, we shouldn’t need COVID tests, as we never got close enough to anyone to pass anything on to them.
  8. That’s good we’ve got the easy game for this week out the way, on to Kilmarnock & Dunfermline now
  9. Id love to look out my old boots and have a game against Bain, Infact even if I had to wear my slippers, I think that would be enough
  10. We could always create a bit of excitement, by letting a dozen white carrier bags loose at kick off
  11. First half straight from the Chapman manual, hit and hope, not a clue what to do. Judging by the last couple of games, all we need is a right back, a left back a central defender and a full midfield that are not going to be bullied. Can’t believe how bad Bain and Shiels are
  12. Airdrie. 0. Clyde. 1 Cove 3. Forfar. 1 East Fife. 1. Dumbarton. 1 Montrose. 2. Peterhead. 1 Partick. 1. Falkirk. 1
  13. Clyde. 2. Peterhead. 0 Cove. 2. Partick Thistle. 1 Dumbarton. 0. Airdrie. 2 Falkirk. 1. East Fife. 0 Forfar 1. Montrose. 2
  14. I will really miss you when you go back to school on Monday
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