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  1. Good to see good use of subs today. Easy to do when 4-1 up but would we have put younger players on at same stage last season?
  2. Thought the pitch looked and played better yesterday - must have been some work on it during the summer No one has mentioned the ref - thought he had a good game and several times played tried to play advantage only when none arrived did he bring the game back Seats were nice and clean - well done those who cleaned them last weekend I always thought ball had to be in play when games is finished. How often to you see a team score, then other team takes kick off only for ref to blow final whistle. Yesterday whistle went while Motherwell were still celebrating - don't think I have seen that before (good job that didn't happen in Falkirk match last season!!)
  3. Anyone know when the matches picked for TV will be announced? Are they still going to be BBC Scotland on a Friday night?
  4. That would be standard practice as normally season tickets would not be valid for play off games so no one has a seat or entitled to sit where they normally sit. I couldn't use my normal seat at Palmerton last two playoff matches as people were sitting in them and other normal season ticket seats. No big deal everyone just moved
  5. Take my hat off to our front two today Dykes and Dobbie. I thought Dykes had his best game ever for Queens and has a hand in everything that was good for Queens. A number of assists and if only he could finish like he did today he would have been approaching double figures in the league. Dobbie - what can you say. He was also up for it, another weeks recovery from his injury helped but his finished was different class. Where has he been since the Dundee cup game
  6. Need to score the first goal today otherwise I don't see us coming back. Dobbie looking for a goal to equal record and Dykes just has to convert one of the chances he has had the last few week. Murray may be a good option from midfield as I expect him to play
  7. What happens if the two games end without a winner? Does away goals count double? Is it 30mins extra time or straight to pens?
  8. I said it last week - didn't think it would come true so soon
  9. If we don't win playoff - we will have to win playoff match next season. Falkirk will be favourites to go back up and I would think everyone else is playing for the playoff. To go up next season would have to beat a team from the championship. The next 2/4 games are massive for Queens for the next 5 years
  10. Think we should get the team and management doon to Dumfries for a training session this week and to meet the supporters. They can then find out what a win on Saturday would mean to us. Come Saturday night or end of the playoff, the players/managers futures will be decided, some may be with us another season or two, others may go play at a higher level, others similar level and others may drop a level but us supporters will still be here. It's our team. Players/management come and go but supporters remain true
  11. Hope tonight is the nite when Dykes finally does the business and gets his name on the score sheet
  12. Alloa had a very narrow width to the pitch, we all knew about it before hand but couldn't Queens have made better use of dykes long throw in from attacking point of view. He would have got ball into 6 yard box easily and with Wilson, McQuire, Brownie, and to a lesser extent Todd a chance to win a header
  13. I almost agree but I go on again about it , the number of bodies in the 6 yard box is unreal and Alloa players are there to block the keeper from getting near the ball. There was a very similar corner just before the goal when keeper was blocked. Compare that with when we get a corner one or two players in 6 yard box with rest on edge of box. This allow space for keeper to come and claim the cross
  14. Is there a minimum time that TV has to give for a game to be moved to a Friday night - is the Patrick game in any threat of being moved? I do realise that all games should be played at the same time on last weekend but could they all be moved to a Friday night even at this late stage? When were Queens first aware that Ross County game may be moved?
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