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  1. I would have been happy with Dobbie playing off Hamilton. That is what worked with Dykes partnership and I think gives him more time and space than playing sole role up front. It didn't work today and I thought at time his first touch and lay off were awful. It takes time to form partnerships and I though Hamilton did OK. He didn't gave centre halves time to settle - just take time to forge that partnership
  2. Pybus got booked today agin... really doing well in midfield, a bit like Bowser, a box to box player and not frightened to put in a challenge. What is new ruling on bookings, is that 5th booking and now due a suspension or do they get wiped after half a season? Also though Lyon done a great job in midfield today, good positional sense and good passing options
  3. Do Queens players get a bonus for playing? Are things so tight that we couldn't afford to bring on any subs today. I thought after 65-70 mins and as the game went on the game was dying out for change. Maybe Paton in midfield or Hamilton up front to offer some height and a focal point. Even when we went 2 up I would have put a sub on to rub down the clock and break up the play
  4. Any news on injury front for tomorrow - will Pybus or Dobbie be back
  5. Queens and Ayr United have both been served a notice of complaint by the SFA for allegedly failing to control their players during the ill tempered championship clash on 9 November. A principal hearing ahs been set for a week on Thursday.
  6. Meant to ask last night what are the rules of the game surrounding the use of the match ball? In second half each ball boy had a ball and when ball went out of play they would throw ball back they were holding to speed up the game. The ref and Queens Park players insisted the 'match' ball was used. Do you have to the use the match ball all the way though the game or can you use a multiball system at teams discretion? Are there different rules for different competitions - sure at International matches they use multi ball system? I realise if ball goes out the stadium then another ball can be used
  7. It's the fact both games over lap rather than no game being played. Nothing you can do about UEFA scheduling (that's another issue all together and that also reflects dwindling attendances at International match along with success) but why not move it to 4.30pm give supporters time to get from pub or home to the match or the Friday night, sunday option
  8. A fair few Queens supporters away to Cyrus this weekend so will miss the trip. Why oh why do they have a Scotland match on Sky at same time as all lower league matches. That is not going to encourage extra crowds with premiership games being postponed. I know Scotland aren't doing too well but I guess a number of supporters of all teams (specially away teams) may just decide to have a afternoon in the pub instead of going to a game TV wins again
  9. How many attempts did Dobbie have tonight - 11?? I'm sure he would have taken some of these last season. Thought all threat went in first half when Hamilton was pulled out right midfield and Pybus went centrally and when Hamilton went off.
  10. How close was the chance late first half to being a goal - lots of players appealing that ball had crossed the line
  11. Thought we showed something upfront with young Hamilton yesterday. He was causing the type of problems Dykes was 18months ago. Is it coincidence that when he went off Queens never looked like scoring. The last 15mins were woeful from an attacking point of view. Defensively they had good shape but we continually cleared the ball back to Patrick 40 yards out. Last 5 mins had a couple of chances to run the clock down by running into the corners but they didn't, sure someone crossed from left into middle when we had no one in the box, only for their keeper to start another attack. Also our keeper launched ball deep into Patrick half when surely at that stage centre halves and full backs should have been going wide to receive the ball. I don't think I was only supporter waiting on the final whistle through closed eyes
  12. Murray and Oliver were not fit to play but were named on the bench
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