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  1. Whether he does or he doesn't you'll still take it personally.
  2. Winning the league at Falkirk on April 15th sounds sweet to me.
  3. Good to see the free kids season tickets and Club 1924 discount continuing.
  4. Joint signing announcement(s), season ticket sales and kit launch tweet with Aime Koudou, Adam Spilcznski and the West Ham striker please.
  5. Boyd is a player I’ve always liked. He’s not had the career I thought he’d have but he’d be a better option off the bench than Jordan Allan and that 4th/5th choice forward position is a position we will need to fill. Would be very happy for Lewis Martin to come on board. I don’t rate McLean as much as some Airdrie fans seem to but no doubt he’s an effective League 1 striker. Would be happy with that bit of business.
  6. He wears baldness well though. Should have done it years ago.
  7. Upon further reading I don't think he's ever actually played a whole season of football, and he's been around for 10 years now. That's a lot of football to miss. Clearly a talent but one we'd be taking a hell of a chance on. Would genuinely be a difference maker if it pays off but could be a season defining failure if it doesn't. A part-time pay-as-you-play deal may be best for both parties. Wikipedia also says he's doing his coaching badges so even if he can't play maybe he's our man in the dugout? He fits the age profile anyway!
  8. I can't say I've followed his career closely but a cursory glance at Wikipedia (which admittedly could be inaccurate) would suggest he's struggled with injuries since 2015 more-or-less. Would be a gamble as he'd no doubt command a good wage still but he was a very talented player and is still only 27/28. Get and keep him fit and he'd be a tremendous pick up. Nevertheless this is exactly the sort of transfer rumour we're after!
  9. Dean Ritchie was the same last season. Never announced as a 2 year deal when he signed in 2020 and nothing was said about him either way last pre-season. Yet he obviously remained part of the squad so could well be Gabby is in the same position this season. If he was leaving I’d have thought they’d have announced it by now so we’ll no doubt see him in pre-season.
  10. I saw the post you’re referring to. I think it was more in jest/in hope (delete as per your interpretation) but the big man isn’t somebody I would be re-signing. He’s best left as a memory or something of a cult hero from his play-off performance. Certainly, if you got that player I think he would be a decent and effective player at this level. Only trouble is I don’t think that’s the player you’d get every week, whether it’s down to inconsistent skill, motivation or application.
  11. The Colts teams were in the Lowland League last year and we still got loan players so I don't see why it would be any different.
  12. Also I’m not sure we are shopping in the same market as the likes of Darvel, East Kilbride and teams at tier 5 and 6 anyway. Obviously you get a few outliers (Easton, the Cove team, Nathan Austin) but most of the players in these teams are pretty ordinary and would be playing at that level anyway (or the arse-end of League 1/2) and are quite rightly collecting the pay cheque. Craig Moore and probably Iain McShane and Bob McHugh would get a game at this level. Not convinced about anyone else though.
  13. TBF we’ve only lost Easton, Currie and Agnew as regular starters from last season, and lots of folk wouldn’t have even had Agnew starting if they had their way. Plus Currie obviously had his faults. Discounting the goalie we’ll be after a starting centre-half, left-back, Easton replacement and an Agnew replacement and/or another striker. Make *good* additions in these areas and then pad the squad out with loanees or young players and we’re not in a dissimilar position squad wise to last season. Indeed we might even be better given the aforementioned criticisms of Agnew, Currie and not having a proper centre-half or left-back most of the season. Would that be enough to challenge? Who knows but I don’t see why not. The league looks stronger on paper but not convinced by Kelty squad wise or the managerial merits of Potter, McPake, Gibson or Rice. Though of course we might well have our own problems in that department depending on how good McCabe turns out to be. Falkirk might be good or they might remain an omnishmables. And Queen’s Park showed you can be average the entire season, as long as you finish 4th you’ve got a chance. Ultimately we’d have preferred that plus promotion than the season we had regardless of how good it was and, whatever happens, 4th shouldn’t be outwith our capabilities. That’s obviously a positive spin on things but ultimately, you can’t make any predictions or be pleased or disappointed until the final squad is in place and league games have begun.
  14. Would personally like them to post the lottery numbers more often.
  15. But can you charge your phone in the dressing room at Broadwood/New Douglas Park?
  16. Didn’t expect Chris Malone and Paul Keegan to get so much traction! Apologies Here’s a proper one. Jamie Barjonas was at the Montrose play-off game. May well just be a coincidence as after all, the likes of Rankin and Kettlewell were all there and that came to nothing. But he did post on either Twitter or Instagram about what a great game it was. Plus he hasn’t signed a new contract at Kelty yet.
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