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  1. New material would more than likely be shite. Just do the tour and after go your separate ways. Really hope this tour does happen. Never got to see them in their prime and like others have said would be a dream come true.
  2. RIP Betty. Corrie legend. The show won't be the same without her or her hotpots.
  3. Going to The Specials tomorrow night, The Vaccines in November and Kasabian in December. Buzzing for all of them!
  4. Would love it if it's true and they were to reform. Would it ruin their legacy? Quite possibly. But I was too young to see them when they were in their prime, but still listen to and appreciate their music, and so would definitley go see them live.
  5. Sadly never managed to watch it but got the a bit of the 2nd half on the radio and it sounded like some game! I've always wanted to go to the cup final. Maybe next year
  6. Got to love Stephanie McMahon. Not many of the current divas can hold a candle to her. Even now. Anyway will be interesting to see where this angle with Punk and Nash does go. Certainly most interesting storyline would be if the Kliq were to reform, fued with Punk and run the WWE with a Cena heel turn and becoming a corporate champ. But this won't happen as the WWE won't turn Cena heel even though his character has been stale and shite for years though. EDIT: Thought you were dead
  7. How can anyone not love Chris Masters after this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84VGkbnQ994 and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vBvqmtu7iA&feature=related
  8. Wouldn't see a footballer do that would you? But yes very irresponsible. Not posted on this thread for ages. So looks like Melbourne have the Minor Premiership wrapped up in Australia. But who do we think will win the play - offs? Melbourne are the form team and have a good squad but Manly are a good team and you can't count out St George. As for the Super League it's between Wigan and Warrington for first place with the game between those two in a few weeks crucial in deciding who is (ie who ever wins will be top). No idea who it will be. Both teams are the form teams, Warrington are scoring for fun but Wigan aren't too shabby on the scoring front either and they have the best player in Super League presently (as much as it pains me to say it) Sam Tomkins. Who'll be top who knows but I for one can't wait to see the epic battle fought out between these two teams for it! Then on to the play - offs where once again Wigan and Warrington will be favourites but you can never count out St Helens. We've got a good young squad, which has been hampered by injuries all year, but now key players are coming back to fitness at a crucial time in the season and this could make all the difference in the end of season play - offs. Of course Huddersfield, Catalans and Castleford are good strong teams too and wouldn't count them out of causing a shock in the play - offs and reaching the final (it could happen) or perhaps better! Don't see Leeds, Hull or Hull KR/Bradford doing well in the play - offs this year and will more than likely fall at the first hurdle depending on who they get or the round after that. None of them will reach the final.
  9. Cm Punk, Sheamus and Christian for the wins tonight please.
  10. Quotes of the night from John Stape last night: "what goes on in your head sometimes?" "You're a bit of a nutter" Both directed at Fizz by John. He's some man.
  11. Also it's a shame to see what's happening at QOS. Always liked QOS they're a likeable club with a good old - fashioned ground and decent supporters. Hope the problems going on down your way can get sorted (sorry don't know the ins and outs of it). Best of luck for this season.
  12. Also it's a shame to see what's happening at QOS. Always liked QOS they're a likeable club with a good old - fashioned ground and decent supporters. Hope the problems going on down your way can get sorted (sorry don't know the ins and outs of it). Best of luck for this season.
  13. Like others have said Willie McLaren on his day can be an outstanding player and can win you game single handedly like he did with Airdrie. However he does have an attidude problem and can just not turn up (literally) during games and is apparently a bit of a ned. However if he was to screw the nut he would be a great player and would be a stand out at 1st div level. Queens fans, we are interested in signing David Lilley. From what I've seen on here he had a good season the season before last but last season had injury problems and, was quite poor. However some said he'd still be able to play at 1st div level so would he be a stand out at 2nd div or would he just be a good signing? Thanks.
  14. RIP Macho Man. A true legend. It's an absoloute disgrace that he's not in the Hall Of Fame considering some of the people that are in it. Some aren't even wrestlers FFS! RIP
  15. Yeah there was only one team in it in the second half. Well done to St George. Oh well internationals coming up now. Hopefully Scotland can do well in the European Cup and maybe even win it and if they did they'd be in the Four Nations next year! England have some good young players coming through and I actually think we could beat Australia in the next few years! If Super League stays as competitive as it was this year, we put even more young players through and we get a more competitive game for England mid season then why not? One thing that has been discusses though is bringing back GB and the Ashes Series! I think this is the right idea as watching GB is better and more exciting than watching England and it also widens the talent which means we have more of a chance of winning!
  16. Saints never turned up on Saturday night but well done to Wigan they deserved to win and, have been the best team all year. Sam Tomkins is outstanding. Is there a better young British player out there just now from either code of rugby? Hopefully Roye Simmons can come in and add that extra something. There was something missing last night. Saints just didn't look as up for it as Wigan did. Keiron Cunningham = LEGEND! Thanks for the memories and I'm sure we'll see you back at Saints in a coaching role hopefully sooner rather than later.
  17. RIP Terry Newton . Great player who sadly near the end of his career started feeling tired and hurt all the time and thought the best solution would be to take Human Growth Hormone. He then got caught, got a two year ban which stopped him playing the game he loved. He had already been on anti - depressant following the death of his sister so with this probably still on his mind and not playing rugby it obviously became too much for him. RIP Tezza I'll always remember your try against the Aussies at Hull!
  18. Plus wee bro was mascot so I got to go round with him! What a day!

  19. Once again quality Super League action over the weekend! Saints beat Warrington 26 - 24 in an absoloute cracker and Warrington still can't beat us. Also the Hull KR - Castleford game was meant to be really good and that also came down to just two points, and Catalans beat Bradford! Which means Catalans are off bottom. Harlequins are bottom now though they have a game in hand against Crusaders this week and, if Crusaders win they're in a play - off spot which is remarakable given they were bottom last season or, if Harlequins win they're off bottom. Challenge Cup Semis this week ! Saints v Leeds and Warrington v Catalans! Saints - Leeds should be another cracker and who knows who the winner will be and, Warrington should beat Catalans but, the French side have won their last two games where as Warrington have lost them! Another fantastic weekend of rugby league coming up!
  20. Big Willie Mason could be going to Super League. Huddersfield and Hull KR are intrested in him. No idea what he's like now but in his prime from the little I saw of him he didn't look like someone you'd want to mess with.
  21. So will we get another fantastic weekend of Super League action? I'm certain we will as tonight we have Leeds v Wigan and, tomorrow we have Wanky Wanky Warrington v Saints ! The last few weeks we've some absoloute crackers of games with Leeds v Saints, Saints v Wigan, Hull v Hull KR, Wigan v Warrington and, last week Wigan v Hull (yes it was one sided but Wigan were simply outstanding) and Hull KR v Bradford just because it was sheer bonkers! It's fantastic to see our club game is getting a lot lot better and is getting more like the NRL in terms of competetiveness (hopefully the skill levels will become just as good too although the skills are improving). Now all we need is our international game to (bring back GB,) and to get rid of the stupid franchise system and then we our game will be even better.
  22. Yeah it was good NSW looked more up for it but Queensland are still better in every department. That drop goal was sheer class! Lockyer is the best player of this generation. I see Melbourne are going to play Widdop at stand - off now and not Full Back. This happened with Lockyer so hopefully Widdop will turn out to be just as good.
  23. Yes I follow Scotland Rugby League. Yeah it probably will be at Old Anniesland again. Yes it will be hard to qualify for the Four Nations as like you said France are the best team in it and Wales are good too but Scotland aren't bad and you never know! I couldn't imagine Scotland playing the Aussies, the English and the kiwis! We'd be on the end of three thumpings but still it would be fantastic seeing Scotland play the very best of the best and the best players in the world!
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