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  1. That's because League's better. Well that's the first two rounds of Super league nearly over and there's been some crcking games so far! Crusaders have won and gave a good account of themselves against Leeds ( the champs). Speaking of Leeds they got beat by Castleford who the previous time they went to Headingley conceded more than 70 points! Turn around or what? Also Warrington, Hull, Wigan and Huddersfield have looked impressive which makes me believe this will be the most open Super League in ages because of course even though Saints and Bradford both lost in the first week I still epect them to be strong. COME ON YOU SAINTS!
  2. I wish I was at that party the Masoods had. It looked really fun and the dancing was great. Chelsea looked nice in her outfit at the party . In Eastenders I'd get it going with Chelsea, Stacey, Roxy, Ammeria, Lucy, Whitney and lauren ( I'm under age so it will be no problem with the latter three ). peter crouch's birds fit
  3. I think Bradley will get caught for the murder because his dna will be on Archie but I don't think it was him as he'd already hit him and I don't think Bradley would have it in him. I don't think it was Phil because it's never the character that you'd think would actually do it in cases like these. Mind you where did the blood on his shirt come from? Phil though like others have said is class drunk . Ding ding and col mustard . Janine and Peggy looked genuinely upset although Janine certainly has it in her and Peggy's leaving soon. Ian got the laptop which is all he wanted so it wouldn't have been him. That leaves us with Sam, Ben and Tracey. I don't Ben would have been strong enough to push Queen Vic over. Sam has previous so it may well have been her and Tracey well she had her reasons. So my conclusion is it was Sam or Tracey!
  4. Tyrone obviously really loves that karoke machine . I think he bought it more for himself than Molly tbh. Graham's one lucky fellow getting a birds eye view of Rosie's tits and those pictures . Wonder how Ken will get on with his petition .
  5. Getting the Rugby League yearbook for christmas . It gives you the details of all the English clubs Super League to amatuer leagues and it also gives you details on the international scene.
  6. I love Rosie . She's got some pair on her .
  7. 4th of January should be intresting. Bret Hart going back to RAW and Hogan debuting on TNA! I'll definitley be tuning into both shows. I hope Hart does something with the Hart Dynasty. It makes sense plus it would give them a massive push. I liked someones suggestion of Hart Dyansty/w Bret Hart v DX/w Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania. It would probably be a top match (imagine the Hart Dynasty on one of the top matches of Wrestlemania)! Not only that but you have the three guys involved in the Montreal screw job and also it would be intresting to see how DX would get along with McMahon seeing how DX have spent most of their career together taking the piss out of him! If it's not that it will be Hart v McMahon in some form with HBK some how involved (perhaps he could be the referee) or, Hart and McMahon could pick people to represent them and HBK would be the guy McMahon picked.
  8. I've really enjoyed the tournament so far. The Bates match was great i thought Klassen would win but it's nice to see Bates do well. How funny/frustrating was it when they kept on missing doubles. Taylor was good enough to get through against Monks who TBH I wasn't to impressed with. Good showing from Peter Manley and like others said had a good post match interview in which he was totally honest about his chances of winning and, it's just not been Mardle's year has it ? Can't wait to see the muffin man's entrance and it's also good to see the girls (the dancers and the ones who lead out the players) are still as stunning as usual .
  9. Hopefully anyone but Taylor will win this year but no doubt he will . As for Terry Jenkins getting to the final I'm not to sure but he's a good player and certainly has a chance. Taylor V Hanky . Would certainly be an intresting match but I think Taylor would win.
  10. Super League fixtures came out earlier this week. Saints have Hull at home in the first game which will be an alright game. We should win it though. Intrestingly though it will be Sean Long's first game against us at Knowsley Road since he left! Speaking of Sean Long has anyone else got his book Longys? If you haven't you should get it. It's a great read and it's really funny ! The magic weekend fixtures are out to ( That's when all the super league games are played at a neutral ground in a different country this year like last year it's Murrayfield) and, I must say I'm dissapointed they didn't arrange any derbys ( like last year we got Saints-Wigan ) for it as that would have the weekend even better. I'm still going though it was class last year ( even though we got hammered by Wigan) and I'm sure it will be again .
  11. . Sadly he's the sort of guy TNA would go for.
  12. Yeah that was some piece of skill from Slater for Smith's try. As you say playing for the whole game was really the difference between the two sides but I also thought that the skill and technical levels were better to from the Aussies. Their tactical kicking, running into space and that skill from Slater was outstanding!
  13. I see Tony Smith resigned. Wasn't a shock really as there was rumors going about he would leave even if England had won. The candidates so far look to be Justin Morgan ( who wouldn't be a bad appointment), John Kear who's been it before and failed but he's improved as a coach since then, Steve McNamara and Brian McDermott who are both probably to inexperianced to get the job but hey coaches have to start somewhere and even Ellery Hanley has been metioned as a candidate.
  14. Some game the final was. England played really well but like the Aussies always do they pulled away in the last 10-20 minutes and scored something like six trys in ten minutes which meant they made it look like a complete massacre. I'm not saying England were the better team and Australia were bad as the Aussies were the better team but, I do think winning by thirty points did extremely flatter them.
  15. Desmond Wolfe is class. Best thing in TNA just now even though his name's Desmond.
  16. Unlucky to the Scotland team who narrowly got beat in the European cup final by Wales. Scotland were winning and were the better team until the 2nd half in which Wales just seemed to do everything right. Some of the Scotland team also look as if they could play at a higher level. Those players are Mick Nayn, Gareth Moore, The Henderson brothers although I think they may play Wakefield now but I could be wrong and James Nixon although, he could be in Super League and so could Steve McCormack the Scotland coach if Barrow apply and they get in.
  17. Four nations final tomorrow and England have named un-changed side from the one that beat New Zealand last week. Can't wait for the tomorrow! If England play to their best then they may still not win ( unless the Aussies have a complete off day) but they should still be able to put in a respectable performance but, if they crap and the Aussies are up for I can see a massacre coming on.
  18. Tony Smith has changed his right hand side completely replacing Smith and Briscoe(?) with Bridge and Fox. He's also dropped McGuire and is starting Eastmond with Tomkins his other half-back.
  19. Scotland beat lebanon 22-10 yesterday to get the European cup final ! The final is this Sunday against Wales in Wales and it's on sky sports 3 at half past three if anyone's intrested. If Scotland win not only will they win the cup but they will qualifiy for the 2011 Four Nations ! Imagine Scotland playing the Aussies, England and the Kiwis! They would be unmissable games!
  20. That was a good game. At half-time I thought Australia would go on and totally embarass England even more but England raised their game in the 2nd half and managed to restore some pride in themselves. Burgess has been great this season for a very poor Bradford Bulls team and, he should get even better from the experiance he'll get in Australia. Just like Gareth Ellis has. I think the Aussies will beat France but England will need to play to their full potential and they'll also need to play well in the first half not just the 2nd half if they want to beat New Zealand.
  21. Matty King's done well this season. he scored a hat-trick in the challenge cup semi for Warrington to get them in their first final in twenty years. He's a good player from what I've seen of him.
  22. The mighty St Helens . Of of the best if not the best Super League team of the decade. I see you follow Melbourne Storm. From what I seen of the NRL this year they were easily the best team. Are ESPN going to be showing the whole NRL season this year? I hope they are last season what I seen was superb and I would love to watch it every week like I do with Super League. Can't wait for England -Aussie tonight and Scotland - Lebanon tomorrow. Should be a good weekend of Rugby League .
  23. The mighty St Helens . Of of the best if not the best Super League team of the decade. I see you follow Melbourne Storm. From what I seen of the NRL this year they were easily the best team. Are ESPN going to be showing the whole NRL season this year? I hope they are last season what I seen was superb and I would love to watch it every week like I do with Super League. Can't wait for England -Aussie tonight and Scotland - Lebanon tomorrow. Should be a good weekend of Rugby League .
  24. I really thought the Aussies were going to beat New Zealand but really they were fortunate to come away with anything. I do expect though if England play like they did against the French the Aussies will hump them!
  25. First games on the 4 nations with England getting off to a pretty comfortable start beating France 34-12. The scoreline may suggest France got a bit of a humping but they actually played really well and they gave England a scare when they were up 12-4 at half-time. It's going to be Australia's title I think. Their squad just looks unstoppable with guys like Haynes, Slater, Smith, Lockyer and Inglis in it. They'll play New Zealand or England in the final. I don't really see France getting anywhere and they will likely get a dooing in both or if not one of the games against the Aussies or the Kiwis.
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